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FLEXIBLE DWELLING Lucia Carmona OIKODOMOS URL. La Salle March, 2009.

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1 FLEXIBLE DWELLING Lucia Carmona OIKODOMOS URL. La Salle March, 2009

2 FLEXIBILITY As human beings we are flexible creatures. Years ago, our existance was based in our capacity to move, in fact, we own our survival to it. Nowadays being flexible is not only related to movement, but to change and adaptability. (KRONENBURG,2007,10-14) NORTH AMERICA, TIPI

3 FLEXIBLE DWELLING Dwelling able to change along user’s needs, as a response to changing society. In the first half of XX century a revolution happened, architects were concerned of answering human needs. Architects as Le Corbusier created first examples of flexible dwelling. 25 years +5+10 E.G. CHANGING SOCIETY. +10

4 Dwelling is flexible when it is... Adaptable Transformable Perfectible Mobile A room is forOR A living room grows Bedroom dissapears Dwelling is completed Tools Folding, pivoting, sliding elements. Mobile furniture. Not specialized room (s). Equal in size and importance. Provide general structures. E.g. Stairs. Dwelling changes its location Portable light structure.

5 ADAPTABLE/ VERSATILE Adequated space for different activities according to user’s needs. CASA RIETVELD SCHRÖDERS Utrecht, Gerrit Rietveld,1924 Free plan space, where different activities can take place.

6 TRANSFORMABLE.Dwelling able to change in it’s physical configuration. FUKOAKA HOUSING Steven Holl,1989 Pivoting walls that opened or closed the space.

7 PERFECTIBLE When basic structure is done, expecting the rest to be completed. CONJUNTO DE 93 VIVIENDAS Alejandro Aravela, Chile,2007 Construction of basic elements of a dwelling leaving the rest to selfconstruction.

8 MOBILE Dwelling designed to change its location. LE PETIT MAISON DU WEEKEND Ohio, Patkau architecs, 1998 Light folding wood structure, able to be transported.

9 POTENTIALITY Flexible dwelling should be defined by it’s potential; depending on Room’s and corridor’s size. Dinamics elements (doors, walls, furniture) Height. Multi-purpose space. Distributions. Free access to facilities. Possibility of diverse access...

10 FLEXIBLE DWELLING Today’s society demands flexible dwelling, an architect can achieve flexibility with different approaches. But, how can an architect avoid apparent flexibility instead of dwelling potentiality?

11 BIBLIOGRAPHY Bosma, K. HOUSING FOR MILLIONS. JOHN HABRAKEN AND THE SAR. Na i publishers. Belgica.2000 Garcia-Huidrobo, F. EL TIEMPO CONSTRUYE. España.2008 Kronenburg, R. FLEXIBLE. Blume. España. 2007 Monteys, X. Fuerte P. CASA COLLAGE. Ed. G.Gili. España.2001 STEVEN HOLL, Thames and Hudson. Inglaterra. 2003

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