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Kick Off. The IB Diploma… Welcome… the elite! A Common Held Perspective at ISM.

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1 Kick Off

2 The IB Diploma… Welcome… the elite! A Common Held Perspective at ISM

3 Goal(s)… Demystify the IB EE, ToK, CAS, Universities, Stress! Develop Strategies for Success Develop Strategies for Sanity!

4 The Extended Essay (EE) 4000 word investigation into a student chosen academic subject Must follow strict academic investigation in line with university expectations Guided by supervisor Externally assessed Chance to develop an interest / academic depth Timeline: Info Lit / Beginning EE Proposal January 18 th Writing Day 1 April 28 th Summer – Writing Senior year – writing day September Submission Semester 1

5 EE Time Management … We are trying to make it easier… Key dates Document Scheduled Class Time Early writing day pre summer More supervisor support early

6 Theory of Knowledge (ToK)… Philosophical Investigation based around 2 key questions… What do I Know? How do I know it? Assessment 1 essay from a selection prescribed by IB 1 presentation – subject chosen by student

7 ToK - Easy Again… We have tried to manage your time again… Quarterly Schedule Q1 -Info Lit Q2-ToK 1 Q3-EE writing! (Study Hall but not!) Q4-ToK 2 Senior Year Q1- ToK & Presentations Q2 – Study hall – College Apps Q3 – Tok – Essay Q4 Study Hall – Exam prep and review

8 Internal Assessments Key dates Document Check it out… TASK! Highlight all IA / EE / ToK / IB Activities that relate to you! Underline / ring / highlight Use it !

9 (dis)Organization Key to IB Success #1… Not Brains! - Organization!

10 Time management Key to IB Success #2… Sort out your time Reduce commitments Don’t leave it ‘til the last minute Plan

11 Information is the Key… Preparation: Information Blog (High School) Notice Board Email Bulletins Mr. Relf… Office 1066 – guidance Your Teachers Other Students

12 Universities… A Final Quote to make you feel good about doing the IB… “The IB is well known to us as an excellent college preparation. Success in an IB program correlates well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Program on the transcript.”— Marilyn McGrath Lewis, Director of Undergraduate Admission Harvard University

13 You can do it… The IB is do-able… 113000 students sat the IB diploma this year… It isn’t as hard as we make it seem sometimes! Unlike some of this!... But hey you will amazed what you can do if you try! Unlike some of this

14 Exit cards…. Any Questions / Queries / Comments… hand ‘em in on the way out! I will post answers on the blog / bulletin board

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