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MESWI (EM SPECTRUM INC.). Introduction Electromagnetic spectrums describe the different wavelengths and frequencies of light there are seven types of.

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2 Introduction Electromagnetic spectrums describe the different wavelengths and frequencies of light there are seven types of electromagnetic spectrums. The radio waves, the micro waves, the infrared lights, the visible light, the ultraviolet lights the X rays and for last the gamma rays. They all travel at the same speed that is 300000000m/s, but have different frequencies and wavelengths. They also have different amount of energy.

3 RADIO WAVES $5 - $10 The radio waves can be used on the costumers and on the future can be these possibilities: AM radio, FM radio, TV (non- cable), TV (satellite), police radio, fire truck radio, ambulance radio, sheriff's radio, highway patrol radio, taxi radio, garage-door opener, pilot's communication, pilot's navigation, Blue tooth, cellphone, wireless Internet in the house, iPhone, Wi-Fi around town, microwave cooking, microwave communication, weather radar, cellular phone, and GPS signals. This can help us on our future and on our customers because a lot of the people use these things for all the things that they need. This electromagnetic wave is located first in the spectrum

4 RADIO WAVES Dangers: You have to be aware because the energy that has the radio almost can damage your skin and lot parts of your body. That way we have to be careful with that Products: Two products we offer are a TV, which the waves can be transmitted by your food, and that will make you feel like you are inside of your favorite TV program. But be careful, too much of this can cause you to lose your reality sense. Another product we give you is called the Mohomoho. This product will allow you sending radio signals to your friends of take them away with just this hat. But be careful because too much of this waves on your head can kill your brain cells. Additional information: The frequency of the radio waves it is a range of 3m/s to 300Hz. The wavelength of the radio it is the distance from the peak to the magnetic flux to the next, or the peak of one wave to the next, and then goes through the frequency, the wave travels only one second on the vacuum 299,792,458 meters. The location of the radio waves it is behind microwave.

5 Infrared binoculars: Dreaming of war, hunting at night, you an do all these just buying this incredible binoculars that help you see in the dark. From the MASWI inc. for more information is it the page of infrared in this catalogue Advertisement

6 MICROWAVES $10 - $20 Microwaves are a type of radio waves and also are able to penetrate food. It makes that causes water molecules to vibrate and heat. Microwaves can pass through glass and plastic and are used in cellphones. Some examples of microwaves are Microwave Ovens and RADARs This electromagnetic spectrum is very interesting because you can use it to cook the food that you like so much like pizza, popcorn and a lot of more things that will make you taste and feel the food like real cooked. Microwaves also will let you communicate in an incredible way that is the Radar because some echoes are received from objects that were hit by the microwaves and is then recorded. So you can see that by microwaves you can find an easy way to communicate. In the future this electromagnetic spectrum will help you a lot because like you see it can help you in a lot of different ways that can help you in any time. This electromagnetic wave is second after radio waves in the spectrum

7 MICROWAVES Dangers: -A danger is that the waves of the microwaves can make have cancer and that can kill you. The customer can use my product for cooking or also to determine an objects’ location, altitude, direction, or speed. It can cause cataracts in your eyes, by using so much it can affect parts of your brain. So try to use it very carefully to prevent these damages. Products: Cooker communicated: This product allows you to cook and also you can communicate with it. You just need to register your contacts and is free the calls you make. Just be aware of the microwaves that have some dangers But is so fun in one object to advantages DANGER! Too much use can cause brain cells to die Radioradared: This product allows you to listen to music while you are searching for something important in your radar with your microwaves. You can download music and search for coordinates You just should be aware of the effects of the microwaves But just enjoy it is a very fun product Additional information: -Microwaves have a wavelength that can be measured in centimeters and the frequency is 1 mm to 1 m, that are frequencies between f = 300 MHz and 300 GHz. The location of the spectrum of a microwave is between the radio and infrared rays because microwaves are in the middle.

8 INFRARED RAYS $12 - $26 Infrared includes the thermal radiation (heat) that objects give off. Most objects give off some infrared rays. This can help the costumes now and in the future helping them making their food, also helping people like doctors in different aspects. This electromagnetic wave is third in the spectrum

9 INFRARED RAYS Dangers: to much infrared rays can burry you Products: One of our products is a toaster that gives off infrared Rays, as a difference from the other toasters, this toaster has a light with the shape of a toast so the toasts can heat in every part The other product are binoculars that help you see in darkness for trips to forests and outer parts Additional information: Infrared rays have a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than radio waves, λ is between about 1 mm and 0.740 nm. frequency is between 4.05 x10 14 Hz and 3 x 10 11 Hz.

10 VISIBLE LIGHT $15 - $30 The visible light is the light you see. It has a shorter wavelength the infrared light and a higher frequency than the infrared lights too. This electromagnetic wave is located fourth in the spectrum after infrared and before UV

11 VISIBLE LIGHT Dangers: To much visible light can cause you to hallucinate colors Products: Thanks to our visible lights, we offer you much more things than just “light”. My company offers you a potable rainbow, which contains all colors of the rainbow, when you are sad, Rainbow friend gives color to your life! Another product we offer you is a light bulb, which with the different colors it will tell you what your humor is that moment, but the over use of the magic light bulb may cause you to get emotional changes without expecting. Additional information: The Wavelengths between 380 nm (violet) and 740 nm (red) and the Frequency of 4.05 x10 14 Hz (red) to 7.90 x10 14 Hz (violet).

12 ULTRAVIOLET $30 - $50 Our ultra violet is the best, it heats and it helps people do different jobs, ultra means above in this case meaning above violet that is the color with more energy. These can be used by our costumes now and in the future for making different experiments or resolving problems. This electromagnetic wave is located fifth

13 ULTRAVIOLET Dangers: UV radiation can cause skin cancer Products: The product we give, is a light that radiates UV light for forensics Additional information: Ultraviolet (UV) has a higher frequency (so more energy) than visible light. λ is between 10 nm and 400 nm [1 nm = 1 x 10 -9 m] Frequency is between 7.5 x 10 14 Hz and 3 x 10 16 Hz.

14 Radioradared: This amazing product makes you hear your amazing music while you are looking for something, making your search more funny. Includes: radio and radar, different models too. More information: visit the microwaves page of this catalogue Advertisement

15 X - RAYS $30 - $35 X - rays are lights that penetrate everything except bones and some solid things. Our x - rays are used for many different things that are helpful This wave is located sixth in the spectrum

16 X - RAYS Dangers: To much exposure to x - rays can cause cancer Products: For this spectrum we offer you x ray vision, a vision that will let you see through everything you want but to much use can make you blind so use it well! Another product we offer you is a x-ray body. You will be an skeleton, like in an x ray in the dark, but use it carefully because you can cause people to scare to death and give them too much radiation exposure. Additional information: X-rays have a very short wavelength and a high frequency they have a wavelength λ between 0.01 nm and 10 nm [1 nm = 1 x 10 -9 m] and a Frequency between 3 x 10 16 Hz and 3 x 10 19 Hz. X rays Are able to penetrate most matter (but not bone or lead)

17 GAMMA RAYS $28 - $34 The possibilities by the costumers and on the future you can use these things for we can use Gamma Rays: in a certain time the gamma rays can kill you, can help if you have cancer, can be detected your brain and heart abnormalities if you have problems too. This would help you a lot because it is telling you what you have on your body. You have to check always if this help to you and in your life This is the last wave if the spectrum

18 GAMMA RAYS Dangers: Gamma rays have some dangers that are that gamma rays have enough energy to damage atoms in your body and make them radioactive. That is a big danger but you should be aware of that like another danger that could be that it can because you cell damage and it can cause a variety of cancers. Product: Our Gamma Teleporter it will make you travel to one place to another This product can make you go to any country To any place even to moon This is a fun product but you just need to be aware of their dangers Additional information: Gamma rays here the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency. λ under 1 x 10 -11 m and a frequency of 1 x 10 19 Hz.

19 CONCLUSIONS If an engineer is looking for the perfect em spectrum to look cracks, he should maybe use the infrared spectrum because with it he can see that the part that is on a certain color, either hotter or colder, and the color will help him determinate where the crack is. The em spectrums do not need necessarily a medium to travel though because they are mechanical waves, which don’t need a medium to travel through. Fireflies in my company, will be very useful, with them we can see which type of em spectrum waves affect them the most and with that see how to prevent the human sickness for this em spectrums.

20 SOURCES electromagnetic-spectrum/1459.html black.html


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