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Savannah Science Seminar The Best and the Brightest And yes, its rocket science!

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1 Savannah Science Seminar The Best and the Brightest And yes, its rocket science!

2 History and Mission Ongoing since 1959 Promote an understanding and appreciation for science through lecture based presentations and then follow-up Hands On Workshops (HOWsessions). Inspire students to pursue careers in the sciences and encourage them to return to the Savannah area to increase our community's ability to foster and enhance these professional practices.

3 Organization Sponsors Coastal BETA VeriSign Partners  AASU  GTsavannah  Memorial Health  Savannah Cardiology  SCAD  S.H.A.R.K.  SKIO Lead by a volunteer Board of Directors who are professionals from education and business sectors. Includes a Student Board Member. Supported through sponsorship grants from VeriSign and Coastal BETA, the Business, Education, and Technology Alliance of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina, as well as Corporate and Educational Partners.

4 Goals and Objectives “Until the January lecture on Cardiology I had planned on definitely majoring in Mechanical Engineering, but now, a career in medicine seems to be a better choice. The session led by Dr. Rollings opened my eyes to see the possibilities in clinical practice.” ~Student Member To stimulate interest in pursuing educational studies in the physical, biological, or technology fields.  Encourage interest in a careers in the sciences.  To provide students with opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and the ability to think out of the box.  To develop natural and scientific curiosity about the world around us.  To teach methods for problem solving and teamwork.

5 Program “The professors are able to combine their expertise with fun activities that promote learning. I enjoy the Hands on Workshops because I am able to use the information I learned in the previous class and view amazing technology first hand.” ~Student Member Twice monthly meetings on a science based topic. Lecture session - Active professionals from various scientific fields present a lecture on their particular area of expertise. HOWsession – Using the knowledge gained from the lecture, students work hands-on with experiments and projects.

6 Seminars A SAMPLING OF PROGRAMS  Computer Aided Design  WEB centrification  Engineering Earthquake Consequences  Biology: Building Insect Morphology  Medicine: Cardiology  Marine Science  Custom Labs  Chemistry  Materials Engineering  Gray’s Reef  Physics: Rocketry “One of the first Seminars was on Entomology. After learning about the parts of an insect and how they functioned, we used real insect parts to create our own insect that was morphologically correct. We used science and creativity to accomplish this task.” ~Student Member

7 Selection Process Interested Savannah/ Chatham County and soon to be Effingham 10 th grade students take online test. Students meeting test criteria apply for admission to fill 30 seats. Members begin the academic year- long program as Juniors. MarchAprilMay August Students and schools are notified of top 30 students selected. Participating Schools  Beach  Benedictine  Groves  Jenkins  Johnson  St. Andrews  St. Vincents  Savannah Arts  Savannah High  Savannah Christian  Savannah Country Day  Windsor Forest

8 Savannah Science Seminar The Best and the Brightest “Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination.” - John Dewey from The Quest For Certainty

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