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2 SAE INTERNATIONAL Table of Contents Anatomy of a Page Search Listing Page My Account Document Details Take Action

3 SAE INTERNATIONAL Anatomy of a Page ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY3 In the Global Technologies Libraries each page has 3 sections: 1.) The Header with SAE links, Search, and Navigation 2.) The Content Area And 3.) The Sidebar with News and Recent Activity

4 SAE INTERNATIONAL Anatomy of a Page: Tips & Tricks ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY4 Header Tip: When using the search bar, click your preferred content type and find your results in your chosen format Content Trick: Your header and Sidebar remain the same while your Content Pane responds to your every action Sidebar Trick: The sidebar provides a dynamic record of everything you’ve done throughout your session. To get more in-depth detail on your session, access your My Account Page and/or News Feed

5 SAE INTERNATIONAL Anatomy of a Page: Homepage ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY5 On your homepage you’ll find the following: 1.) Feature article on the latest developments in your technology Tip: Click Read More and be redirected to the article’s detail page where you’ll find the article download link 2.) Latest Published Documents This document feed is continuously updating with the latest standards, technical papers, and (depending on your subscription) regulations 3.) News Feed This displays curated articles covering your technology plus related topics from around the world News archive – find older articles here or search using the calendar widget

6 SAE INTERNATIONAL Search ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY6 The power of the Global Technology Libraries lies within its search functionality. Because of its importance, the Quick Search can be accessed directly from the page header. Simply type in a term or phrase and hit “Quick Search.” The Advanced Search feature can be readily accessed by clicking on the “Advanced” link located next to the “Quick Search” button.

7 SAE INTERNATIONAL Search: Advanced ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY7 Use Advanced Search to find specific terms within selected fields. Further refine your search by selecting a specific publishing date or date range. Tip: Preset how you want the result to be displayed by selecting the preferred “Sort By” criteria

8 SAE INTERNATIONAL Search: Managing Results ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY8 Use the dynamic set of tools to make it easy for you to manage your results: Viewing Tools Full and Short View Sort By Refresh Results

9 SAE INTERNATIONAL Search: Managing Results ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY9 Facets Each Search Result and Listing Page contains a column of tools on the left side. Each of these tools is a facet, a small window with a specific function to help filter your results

10 SAE INTERNATIONAL Search: Sharing Results ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY10 Share your results with your colleagues and peers via: Email Print File Export Tip: Export multiple results by checking the box next to the results you’re interested in and hit export.

11 SAE INTERNATIONAL Listing Page ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY11 1.) Facets – a set of filters to find what you need fast 2.) Tools – view your results the way you want: sorting options, short/full view, print, export, email Tip: See the Search section for more details on Facets and Tools 3.) Results – a list display of all your subscription’s content

12 SAE INTERNATIONAL Listing Page: Tips & Tricks ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY12 Tip: When you click on a navigation link, the quick search bar in the header changes. It adds a content filter box to indicate you are searching only a specific content type. Tip: Just click the filter box to remove it and perform a search across all content whenever you wish.

13 SAE INTERNATIONAL Listing Page: Conference Calendar ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY13 This calendar d isplays the list of upcoming conferences, their dates, and displays their location on the World map. Tip: Apply the region filter and see which conferences are taking place near you Tip: Change the screen to your viewing preferences: Rows, Grid, Map

14 SAE INTERNATIONAL Listing Page: University Listing ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY14 This page details dozens of university programs focused on your technology around the world. Tip: Region filters are available with the University listing too. Stay close or travel the world Tip: Clicking on a program opens a new window, brief description of the program, and the link to their website

15 SAE INTERNATIONAL My Account ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY15 Home for your personal user controls and contains the settings for automated Email Alerts, Saved Searches, Bookmarked Documents, and Notes left by you and members of your organization 1.) Features: Bookmarks, Notes, Saved Searches, and Recent Searches 2.) MySAE Account Links 3.) New Content Alerts 4.) Alerts for Saved Searches 5.) My Account Sidebar Tip: The My Account links your existing or newly created MySAE UserID to the Global Technology Library to provide a personal experience

16 SAE INTERNATIONAL Document Details ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY16 From the Document Details page you are able to download, print and email the document, download the citation, and view all pertinent information. Tip: Taxonomy terms enable you to discover new information you might not have thought to look for. When you find a document of interest, go to the details page and from the Taxonomy Terms section. By clicking one of the displayed terms, it will take you to a list of all the documents in your subscription that have that topic in common. Happy Exploring!

17 SAE INTERNATIONAL Take Action Now ELECTRIC VEHICLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY17 Start downloading these vital resources in as little as one day, and let this online database help excel you and your company forward. 1.) Call/Email our GTL Rep, Mike Ferketic, directly: e: p: 724-772-7559 2.) Fill out this quick form and we’ll contact you directly 3.) Or to do a little more browsing, visit us: / /


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