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SEM26-01 ETSI IN THE EU ETSI Seminar for EC Officials © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved.

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1 SEM26-01 ETSI IN THE EU ETSI Seminar for EC Officials © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

2 SEM26-01 Legal framework for European Standardization ETSI official recognition as ESO in summer 1992 Under 83/189/EEC Regulation 1025/2012 (replaced 98/34) ETSI recognised as ESO ETSI can be mandated by EC to produce standards and specifications to meet policy needs, esp. legislative needs (e.g. Harmonized Standards) ICT standardization distinctly recognised ETSI direct participation model recognised 2 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

3 SEM26-01 Co-operation with EC and EFTA EC and EFTA are Counsellors of ETSI since 1988 Full participation rights, full access, no voting rights Participate at all levels: General Assembly, Board, TBs etc. Multiple DGs participate 3 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

4 SEM26-01 ETSI INTERFACES WITH THE EC 4 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

5 SEM26-01 Mandate Process Mandate is an implementing decision Formal instrument, leading to formal standards Mandates start in an EC service Any unit, any DG Consult with ESOs at an early stage DG Enterprise Committee on Standards (B.5) For member state approval Full examination procedure (Art. 18 1025/2012) 9 months to 2 years! Mandates do not always mean money ESOs can accept or reject a mandate 5 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

6 SEM26-01 Rolling plan for ICT standardization EC standardization plan to support ICT policies EC document addressing broad range of stakeholders (not just ESOs) Developed in cooperation with ICT MSP Updated annually or by change request DG Enterprise E.4 and DG Connect (T. Reibe) Consultation with ICT MSP and other EC services All EC funded ICT standardization actions need to be linked to rolling plan Important guidance for ETSI’s work programme 6 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

7 SEM26-01 However Rolling plan does not cover: Space standardization Radio standardization Aeronautical Maritime Anything non-ICT 7 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

8 SEM26-01 ICT Multi-stakeholder platform Unique expert group comprising EC, EFTA, member states, ESOs, international SDOs, fora, consortia, societal and business stakeholders Advise the EC on ICT policy and standardization Review draft mandates in ICT domain ICT technical specification evaluation and recommendation for use in public procurement (Art. 13, 14, annex 2 1025/2012) 8 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

9 SEM26-01 Annual Union Work Programme Annual EU standardization programme Covers all sectors and industries Produced under 1025/2012 Published by end June each year (ENTR B.5) Less than 20 pages Addressed to ESOs as planning tool Seen by member states and societal stakeholders in advance ESOs have 2 week comment period 9 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

10 SEM26-01 Framework Partnership Agreement ETSI as ESO is able to have a Framework Partnership Agreement with EC and EFTA Allows EC/EFTA to negotiate and finance specific agreements (action grant, operating grant etc.) directly with us FPA sets out financial and procedural rules to be followed To comply with EC financial regulations 7 years duration Currently, no FPA since end 2013 Slow negotiations! Without FPA, no EC financing for ETSI FPA expected by early May 10 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

11 SEM26-01 Forms of financing 2 forms: Action Grants and Operating Grant Action Grants cover specific actions in support of EC policies ETSI submits proposals (based on mandates, ICT rolling plan, legislation, Annual Union WP etc.) EC evaluates If successful, Action Grant is negotiated and agreed Then work can start Working well for past 25 years New regulation requires Lump-Sum financing for all standardization actions Any action grant leading to production of standards or specifications Not Reports or other actions e.g. interop events, workshops Lump-sum financing discussions not started yet with all ESOs! Very unlikely to conclude in near term 11 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

12 SEM26-01 Operating Grant Each ESO receives annual Operating Grant Contribution towards European Standardization infrastructure In case of ETSI, cross-secretariat support to all actions supporting EC policies except 3GPP and some services ESO submits Work Programme in September for following year In support of EC Annual Union Policy Letter to ESOs 2013 was first year, policy letter written only by ENTR B. Annual reporting in March of following year Essential for DG Connect to ensure their views are included if you want a response from ETSI under Operating Grant 2014: severe cut in DG ENTR standardization budget (25%) ETSI Operating Grant cut by 1/3 (2013 to 2014) 12 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

13 Standardization instruments © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved FPA Operating Grant Action Grants Mandates ICT Rolling Action Plan Annual Union Work Prog. 13

14 SEM26-01 How ETSI uses rolling plan, work programme etc. ETSI circulates to sec, board, TBs AUWP, Rolling plan ETSI members decide which actions to propose and which WIs to create ETSI submit proposals to EC EC evaluates and agrees final grants with ETSI ETSI members may produce required standards voluntarily, no action grant request ETSI may see no member interest in policy request 14 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

15 SEM26-01 ETSI AND RADIO REGULATIONS 15 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

16 SEM26-01 European regulations on radio equipment and spectrum 16 Policy positions Legal certainty Political support Harmonized Standards and other standards & specifications to support EU legislation & market development Harmonizing National Frequency Allocations Harmonizing NRA activities Coordinating International Negotiations © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

17 SEM26-01 ETSI – Part of the European Regulatory System – EU 17 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

18 SEM26-01 Directives and Regulations (equipment) Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) Directive 1999/5/EC (replaced by RED) ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC (replaced by 2014/30/EU on 20/04/16) Radio Spectrum Decision 676/2002/EC © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved 18

19 SEM26-01 Aim of the RTTE Directive © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved 19 Directive establishes a regulatory framework for the placing on the market, free movement and putting into service in the Community of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment More information:

20 SEM26-01 What does a manufacturer need to do? (RTTE Directive) Meet “essential requirements” Health & safety Electromagnetic compatibility Avoidance of harmful interference Radio equipment only Possibly others, if invoked by the EC Carry out “essential radio test suites” Meet National radio interface regulations Inform member state before placing on the market If using non-harmonised radio spectrum CE (!) 20 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

21 SEM26-01 How can ETSI help (1)? 21 A manufacturer can show that he meets essential requirements by applying ETSI Harmonized Standards © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

22 SEM26-01 Harmonised Standards “a European standard adopted on the basis of a request made by the Commission for the application of Union harmonisation legislation” [ Reg. 1025/2012 Art. 2 (1) (c)] “ Where apparatus meets the relevant harmonised standards or parts thereof whose reference numbers have been published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, Member States shall presume compliance with those of the essential requirements referred to in Article 3 as are covered by the said harmonised standards or parts thereof.” [RTTED: Article 5.1] 22 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

23 SEM26-01 Harmonised Standards European Standards (EN) Produced under a mandate from the European Commission And adopted by Member States (Reg 1025/2012 ctee on standards) Implement essential requirements Adopted by National Standards Organisations Cited in the Official Journal of the European Union Member states required to presume conformity More than 185 ETSI standards listed under RTTE&D and EMCD 23 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

24 SEM26-01 Harmonised Standards (RTTE) 24 Mandate M/284 (& specific mandates) Identify « essential radio test suites » necessary before placing on the market Only the part of the standard relevant to the Directive is cited in the OJEU Identify technical requirements necessary to meet regulatory objective (essential requirements) © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

25 SEM26-01 Harmonised Standards (RTTE) 25 ETSI technical work is co-ordinated in ETSI by a Steering Committee (OCG RTTED) Commission refers regulatory issues to Member States (TCAM committee) ETSI is member of a TCAM expert group © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

26 SEM26-01 SPECTRUM POLICY 26 © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

27 SEM26-01 ETSI – Part of the European Regulatory System - CEPT 27 AlbaniaLithuania AndorraLuxembourg AustriaThe Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) AzerbaijanMalta BelarusMoldova BelgiumMonaco Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro BulgariaNetherlands CroatiaNorway CyprusPoland Czech RepublicPortugal DenmarkRomania EstoniaRussian Federation FinlandSan Marino FranceSerbia GeorgiaSlovak Republic GermanySlovenia GreeceSpain HungarySweden IcelandSwitzerland IrelandTurkey ItalyUkraine LatviaUnited Kingdom LiechtensteinVatican City © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

28 SEM26-01 CEPT-ETSI Memorandum of Understanding ETSI develops “System Reference Documents” to accompany requests for aligned radio frequencies in CEPT countries CEPT/ECC studies compatibility and develops conditions for spectrum sharing ETSI members may participate in studies and the drafting of spectrum measures ETSI is a permanent observer in CEPT/ECC groups that adopt Decisions & Recommendations on spectrum allocations Individual National Administrations may commit themselves to implement CEPT/ECC Decisions © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved 28

29 SEM26-01 But...??!! The implementation of CEPT/ECC deliverables is subject to the decision of National governments If use of frequencies is not harmonised in all EU Member States, the manufacturer is required to inform the National authorities 4 weeks before placing his equipment on the market! © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved 29

30 SEM26-01 How can ETSI help (3)? ETSI and CEPT assist the European Commission to develop spectrum measures which are binding on National governments. Commission Decisions provide legal certainty in: EU Member States EEA Countries © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved 30

31 SEM26-01 Spectrum: How do we get an ETSI input? Basic description of application Simple technical description Current ETSI standards Justified spectrum requirements Possible compatibility issues Market forecasts Traffic evaluation Economic/social benefit Market window Requested action from CEPT 31 Guide EG 201 788 System Reference Document © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

32 SEM26-01 Spectrum and equipments in Europe 32 Creation of SRDoc Creation of candidate HS Creation of Decision / Recommendation Creation of EC Decision ECC RSCom National frequency allocations National licensing regimes Citation in Official Journal of the EC Spectrum allocation with legal certainty Harmonized Standard System Reference Document (SRDoc) Candidate Harmonized Standard ECC Decision/ Recommendation EC Decision World Radio Conference (WRC) Global spectrum allocation Spectrum requirement From ETSI members, EC etc ETSI Liaison Officer ETSI Representative © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

33 SEM26-01 The Radio Spectrum Decision (676/2002/EC) 33 Radio Spectrum Committee (RSCOM) European Commission requests CEPT to provide frequency allocations in support of EU policies CEPT output codified into a Commission Decision Legal certainty ! CEPT and ETSI are permanent observers © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved

34 SEM26-01 Legal certainty in EU/EFTA! © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved ETSI Harmonized Standard and EC Spectrum Decision: access to market and right to use spectrum with legal certainty 34

35 SEM26-01 New challenges © ETSI 2014. All rights reserved Digital dividend Software defined radio New Radio Equipment Directive – assessing all current and some new HS 35

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