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The Petarian Foundation Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction By The Petarian Foundation October 2005 – October 2006 www. and

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1 The Petarian Foundation Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction By The Petarian Foundation October 2005 – October 2006 www. and

2 The Petarian Foundation The Devastation A devastating earthquake registering 7.6 on the Richter scale struck the northern parts of Pakistan and Kashmir on 8 th of October 2005 Official figures state that over 73,000 people died, tens of thousands were injured, and millions were rendered homeless During the past year, thousands of people and NGOs from Pakistan and overseas rushed to provide relief. The Petarian Foundation moved to Bagh district within 4 days of the earthquake and set up camp to provide relief A year down the road, the Petarian Foundation is one of the very few NGOs that is still working in Bagh.

3 The Petarian Foundation Petarian Foundation Relief Work 8 th of October 2005 – Earthquake strikes 12 th of October 2005 – our first teams arrive at Bagh During first 3-4 weeks, TPF provided –Over 1,500 tents –Over 4,000 blankets / raza’is –Food, cooking utensils, etc –Treated an average of 500 patients a day

4 The Petarian Foundation Funds Over Rs. 22.5 million collected in cash and kind In addition, Sarbuland Village donations exceeding Rs. 100 million in kind Most of this fund has already been spent

5 The Petarian Foundation Relief Goods at Bagh Distt.

6 The Petarian Foundation Medical Relief Camp, Rerah, Bagh

7 The Petarian Foundation Eid gifts for children at H-11 Camp

8 The Petarian Foundation Agreement with Dist. Health Officer Bagh, Azad Kashmir Under this agreement, Petarian Foundation provided following services: Constructed, Managed & Operated 4 BHUs / FHPs for 10 months Average 150-200 patients per day 3 doctors Total staff 20 people Free medicines Agreement ended Aug. 2006

9 The Petarian Foundation Basic Health Unit at Rerah, Bagh Before

10 The Petarian Foundation SARBULAND VILLAGE, Bagh A Rehabilitation Project Managed by The Petarian Foundation Visit our websites at www.

11 The Petarian Foundation THE VISION A project designed to house 400-500 of the poorest and neediest families – widows, destitute and needy - (nearly 5,000 population) affected by the 8 Oct Earthquake in Tehsil Bagh, with provision for expansion. A Model Village with full amenities, training and educational facilities, medical facilities, and long term management commitment for the rehabilitation of the chosen residents

12 The Petarian Foundation Sarbuland Village Panoramic View – Phase 1

13 The Petarian Foundation SALIENTS A Private Project, originally conceived by Brig. Naeem Sadiq of 22 Brigade, based at Bagh, AJK Construction of phase 1 done under supervision and funds generated by Brig. Naeem Sadiq and officers of 22 Brigade 128 kanals (16 acres of land acquired) Allotment of homes to 400-500 Most Needy Families through computerized balloting Permanent allotment of land/homes to allottees Administrative Organization

14 The Petarian Foundation h Land Development 5 acres land was leveled

15 The Petarian Foundation Land Development Heavy Equipment at Work

16 The Petarian Foundation Each Home comprising of 10’x12’ hut made of steel structure/sheets, and wood paneling constructed by 22 Brigade 21’x8’ insulated steel container donated by Turkish Red Crescent Space heaters by UNDP with 6 month LPG supply Kitchenette LPG cookers with gas provided by UNDP Quilts, blankets, kitchen utensils, food rations One sewing machine each FEATURES - Homes

17 The Petarian Foundation A HOME hut plus container

18 The Petarian Foundation Inner View of Container

19 The Petarian Foundation Inner View of Hut with wood paneling

20 The Petarian Foundation FEATURES - Water Water and sewage system donated by Oxfam, comprising 16 public toilets and showers in four corners of Village 3 Water Tanks (total cap. 36000 Liter) Water piped in from supply source 4Km away Septic tanks Public water supply points all around the village Water heating system for showers provided by UNDP

21 The Petarian Foundation An 11,000 Liter WATER TANK

22 The Petarian Foundation Public Toilets & Showers

23 The Petarian Foundation Public Water Taps

24 The Petarian Foundation FEATURES - Electricity Village Electrification system comprising 200 KVA Transformers from WAPDA 100 KVA back up generator (need donor) 12 electricity distribution towers, each mounted with HP Sodium Floodlights for street lighting

25 The Petarian Foundation Electricity Transmission towers & street lights

26 The Petarian Foundation FEATURES - Infrastructure 30ft wide lanes between houses, with asphalting Children’s Park complete with swings, slides, etc. Cattle Sheds Mosque Garbage bins in each street corner Levy (bund) for protection against flashfloods (need donor)

27 The Petarian Foundation Cobbled Lanes Waiting for Paving

28 The Petarian Foundation Playgrounds

29 The Petarian Foundation Garbage collection

30 The Petarian Foundation FEATURES - Amenities Women’s Vocational Training Center funded by AJK Govt, Social Welfare Dept.. and managed by Petarian Foundation Primary / Middle School (up to class 8) donated by the people of Glasgow UK, and with scholarships for the needy, funded and managed by Petarian Foundation. Basic Healthcare Unit with OPD clinics, subsidized medicines, funded and managed by Petarian Foundation Ambulance (donor sought) Separate adjoining management camp for Petarian Foundation with full facilities

31 The Petarian Foundation Sarbuland School

32 The Petarian Foundation Sarbuland School

33 The Petarian Foundation Healthcare Center

34 The Petarian Foundation Vocational Training Center for Women

35 The Petarian Foundation Village Administration Petarian Foundation is providing the following: Management of Village Administration Maintenance Supervision of Basic Healthcare, Schools, Vocational Training Center, etc. Sanitation and hygiene Security Present staff of 50-60 people

36 The Petarian Foundation The Occupants First Phase – 98 Homes The balloting has been done through a computerized process. Of those selected and verified according to the data provided, 65 of the families are headed by widows, with average of 5-6 children each. All families have moved into the village. Total population of around 800 people.

37 The Petarian Foundation

38 Behind the Rows

39 The Petarian Foundation The Village by Night

40 The Petarian Foundation New Construction Second Phase – 78 Homes Containers provided by Turkish Red Crescent One room each provide by the people of Glasgow, UK. Housing around 600 people.

41 The Petarian Foundation Sarbuland Village 2 nd Phase

42 The Petarian Foundation Acknowledgements The Petarian Foundation 22 Brigade, Pakistan Army Turkish Red Crescent Society People of Glasgow, UK Abdalian Association Oxfam AJK Govt., Social Welfare Dept. UNDP Sigma Motors And all other private donors

43 The Petarian Foundation Sarbuland Village A model community A Concept in Community Development for the Poor & Needy www. and

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