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1 Steve Maier @YsFred4, @ThoughtsPrayers, @YsApps, @AppRochester

2 About me Principal Software Engineer at InfiMed, Inc (Varian Medical Systems) WPF, SQL Server 2005/2008, WCF, MFC, COM Co-Founder of AppRochester Mobile device user group in Rochester, NY Speaker in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Boston Hold 12 MS certifications I have “drank the Microsoft koolaid” and enjoy it Worked with, WPF, Silverlight, SQL Server (co-author), ASP.NET, MVC, Linq to SQL, EF, WCF, driver development, DirectX, XNA, and many more things. 11 apps in iOS store 6 apps in Windows Phone store 2 Android apps

3 Overview About me Entity Framework Code First SQL CE Localdb

4 Entity Framework ERM included in.NET 3.5 sp1 Point EF to a database and have it generate classes and relationships for you Previous products like CodeSmith, nHibernate, etc Database First EF 4.0 included with.NET 4.0 fixed many bugs, added features like lazy loading (Linq to SQL) EF 4.1 – online download, Package Manager Adds Code First EF 4.3.1 current version EF 5.0 beta Adding migration -> versioning of databases

5 Database First Create the database using scripts or SSMS Point EF to an existing database Generated an edmx file with the model Great for adding/converting existing databases to a new ERM easily Update the model from the database Demo

6 Code First Takes the opposite approach Start with the classes that you want to store Generate the database Changing the classes can regenerate the database Migration in 4.3.1 and 5.0 is setup to handle updating the database better Defaults to SQLExpress that is installed on the system 4.3.1 will default to localdb if SQLExpress is not installed Attributes or Fluent API Demo

7 Code First Data Annotation (Attributes) Key Required MaxLength / MinLength NotMapped ComplexType ConcurrencyCheck TimeStamp Table / Column DatabaseGenerated InverseProperty / ForeignKey ErrorMessage – not really an annotation

8 SQL CE Single file, no server running – similar to Access CE 3.5 and 4.0 are common versions Can run on mobile devices (Windows CE 6, Windows Phone 7.5)

9 localdb New feature of SQL 2012 Being installed with VS 2011 instead of SQL Express Same sqlserver.exe as SQLExpress Not launched as a service but launched as a child process

10 SQL Ce vs LocalDb SQL CELocalDb 2.5 MB download size 18 MB expanded on disk Single file Privately installed, embedded, with the application Non-admin installation option Runs in-process with application Database size support – 4G Code free, document safe, file format Number of concurrent connections - 256 32 MB download size > 160 MB on disk (TBD) Multiple files Database size support – 10G Runs as process started by app Procedural T-SQL - Select Case, If, features LINQ to SQL Distributed transactions Native XML, XQuery/XPath Stored procedures, views, triggers Role-based security Number of concurrent connections – unlimited but only local Being bundled into VS 2011 Transact-SQL - Common Query Features ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1

11 Code First DEMO Converting a product with hardcoded values to a database driven model Started developing with SQL CE for small local database Simple table definitions

12 database

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