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LACA Special Ed Director’s Meeting March 19, 2008.

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1 LACA Special Ed Director’s Meeting March 19, 2008

2 AGENDA January Follow Up SSEM Statistics Known Bugs List OSBA Special Ed Law Workshop Questions for ODE Reports from DASL SSEM to EMIS Future Enhancements (Summer & Proposed) Forms Committee Future Training

3 January Follow Up Items Unfinalized IEPs 4,775 (6/4/07 @ 12:20pm) 2,784 (9/19/07 @ 12:20pm) 1,933 (11/28/07 @ 9:26am) 1,211 (1/22/08 @ 5:11pm) 954 (3/19/08 @ 7:58am) Zero Outstanding: GR, HE, JO, MA, MC, TV Under Five: LA, NR, WM INITIAL GOAL: Cleaned up by March 19 Eliminate as many problems as possible before spring IEP creation. Updated lists can be run upon request at any time.

4 SSEM Statistics July 2007 289 Districts live on SSEM across 16 ITCs Represents 488,889 District ADM January 2008 312 Districts live on SSEM across 16 ITCs Represents 493,497 District ADM

5 Known Bugs List EMIS Review Report with CM Classes. Users with case management classes only see students on the EMIS Report that are in the same building that their CM class was built in. EMIS Data Collection Form - Testing. If a student has two testing pages as part of their IEP, only the first testing page information is displaying on the EMIS Data Collection Form.

6 Known Bugs List EMIS Review Report - Transition Plan. Transition Plan is not displaying on the EMIS Review Report even when the box is checked on the selection screen. Information is still storing in the system. Finalization Errors - Phase II. Please report any errors at finalization, including the error number so we can assist in resolving these issues.

7 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp ODE covered much of the same info from Mar 10th meeting – no “official” changes released yet MUST have measurable goals AND objectives MUST report progress using quantifiable terms AND qualitative data Importance of archiving progress reports (in due process situations)

8 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp Revisions to IEP Big Changes - Amendments Minor Changes – Addendum Guidance Document Target Date: July 1, 2008 ETR & IEP form changes Optional forms

9 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp Transfer IEPs No transfer timelines (within 2 weeks) Not responsible for sins of past districts - what your district does after receiving info that matters Not accountable for parents hiding info - accountable for suspected disability and reacting accordingly

10 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp Transfer IEPs If IEP comes from another state - you are initial evaluation and initial IEP If IEP comes from within Ohio - you are the reevaluation and periodic review IEP

11 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp IEP Impasse - Getting to Yes Not just another meeting mindset “What I’m understanding you’re saying is…” Run a mock meeting that is a mess for staff to observe and learn from Prepare the parents Prepare the team

12 OSBA Special Ed Law Wkshp Canal Winchester Local Schools Joan Thorn, Supv of Special Education (614) 920-2610 Looking for someone with Stevenson Reading

13 Questions for ODE On the PR07P6 Testing Page “Met participation requirements” field, is it a specific date or will the month and year address this request? On the PR07P6 Testing Page for OGT Alternate Assessment, how should the district mark the subject of the test as OGT is “Language Arts” and IEP is “Reading” or “Writing”?

14 Questions for ODE On the PR07P6 Testing Page, if the student has already taken the OGT but we don’t know their scores (and whether they will have to retake parts) how should the testing page be marked? On the full IEP, do we have to complete and include ALL pages (ie. PR07P4 and PR07P5) if they don’t apply to the student?

15 Questions for ODE On a periodic review of an IEP, is there a maximum timeline between the meeting date and IEP start date? If the meeting occurs in the spring (April) can the IEP effective dates be for the following school year (Aug - Jun)? Can the district continue with the current IEP for the remainder of the school year?

16 Answered Questions for ODE No preschool assessments receive IEP accommodations No preschool assessments should appear on the IEP testing pages Hotfix release will be removing preschool from testing drop down list

17 Reports from DASL Student Program (Membership) Codes Home » SIS » School » Student Reports » Student Roster By Membership (R102) Student Disability Codes Home » EZ Query » Reports » SIS Student Search

18 SSEM to EMIS Process Flow presented November meeting All Districts to start Step 3: Data Clean Up Identify all special education students who should be part of SSEM to EMIS extract Verify all identified student’s current IEPs are finalized Verify all identified students are on EMIS Review Report Proof EMIS Review Report for inaccurate records (both student and effective dates)

19 SSEM to EMIS Regional Training & Clean Up Workshop Follow Up C-TEC Licking Heights Maysville Northridge Schedule Training & Clean Up Workshop

20 Summer 08 Enhancements EMIS FY09 Changes Special Education FY09 Changes Multiple Versions of Progress Report Pull DOR & DOS from demographics (pending change from DASL) Finalized Form Flag Default Testing Dates on EMIS DCF EMIS Extract by Building

21 Summer 08 Enhancements IEP Cover Page - demographics Add parent email field Add second parent name field IEP Goal Page - Services Add 215023 “Other (describe below)” Lock down field so cannot type Add “Description of Service:” to textbox EMIS Data Collection Form Remove all gray shaded areas to IEP

22 Proposed Enhancements Implementation/Conversion within next 18 months Seeking feedback now as we lay out the design

23 Task Manager Replaces the Home Page Groups forms into a task Simplifies form creation Streamlines printing Streamlines the finalization process Builds edits into the finalization process (This can ensure that all elements required for EMIS have been entered)

24 Start a New Task

25 New Task

26 Task in Progress

27 Student Form Viewer This is an enhanced version of the View Forms Page Information is narrowed down by time frame rather than by form type A task can be expanded to show all forms Special Ed teachers will also be alerted to tasks in progress and upcoming tasks.

28 Student Form Viewer


30 Work Queue New feature to help teachers manage their work The queue will show tasks that are priority, in progress, and upcoming All tasks will show the date due and % complete Teachers can mark tasks as “priority” to make them display at the top of their queue

31 Priority Tasks


33 Work Queue

34 Adobe Forms Improvements Better cross platform performance (Removes the plug-in dependency) Adds ability to fill out forms off-line Eliminates session time-outs on forms Supports scalable regions within PDF Simplifies the creation and update of forms Moves to XML which is in line with Adobe’s direction

35 Security Model Define groups of users and assign access to the group Form level security Multi-district login Plug-in with Tasks & Admin Utility More flexible model

36 Forms Committee Future work tabled until release for ODE Optional Forms

37 Future Training Opportunities District Training contact Heather to schedule/materials Dates available beginning in April Changes to 08-09 User Manual Include info from Operating Standards?

38 07-08 Meeting Dates Wed, June 11 th @ 1:30pm

39 Questions or Comments?

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