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LuxNovus Light-based Technology Commercialization

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1 LuxNovus Light-based Technology Commercialization

2 Business Confidential The Age of the Photon Is Here! Society’s need for higher technology is constantly increasing: better, more of it and faster. The pace of this demand is accelerating: – Health care... remote patient diagnostics, advanced surgery, etc. – Defense … sensing, ISR, directed energy, hyper-spectral imaging, etc. – Automotive … driver’s enhancement, displays, smart highways, etc. – Agriculture … remote sensing, autonomous navigation, etc. – Advanced Manufacturing … ultra-precise tolerances, materials processing, etc. – Communications … terabits per second required; transistor “doubling” according to Moore’s Law no longer possible; Due to this dynamic, technology-based solution delivery is moving away from electrons and toward light (photons)

3 Business Confidential Billions of dollars, at an increasing rate, are spent each year in light-based research and development. National-level expertise is scattered and in strong demand. Significant instances of light-based technologies commercialization into consumer markets are beginning to emerge Opportunity Hardware – Google Glass (Click to run Video) Software – Life Science (Click to run Video)

4 Business Confidential Target Markets MarketForecastDescription UAV/ISR :$6.0 billion -FY21“UAV spending will almost double over the next decade from current worldwide UAV expenditures of $6.6 billion annually to $11.4 billion, totaling just over $89 billion in the next ten years…”* Smart Automobile:$2.4 billion - FY17“…ultrasonic, LIDAR, radar and camera-based sensors used in automotive applications will grow rapidly, ….”** Energy Efficient and Specialized Lighting Interior LED solid-state lighting … set to expand over 15x in 5yrs in USA. “…The global solid state LED lighting market is forecasted to increase at an average annual growth rate of 30.9% to nearly $1.3bn in 2013…”*** Optical Communications: $40B expected by 2017“The Optical Communications market reached $19B in 2006...”**** Lasers:growing 14% compared to 2010 “Worldwide laser sales reached $7.46 billion dollars in 2011…”***** Electro-OpticsTotal EO global market to approach $1T in 2017 Total EO Market Trend: - 2009 at $200B - 2012 at $600B

5 Business Confidential Targeted Technologies Ultrashort Pulse Laser Micromachining Free Space Optical Communications (“Li-Fi”) Plasma Lighting Solid-State Device Innovation

6 Business Confidential Opportunity Seized LuxNovus focuses on emerging opportunities relative to light-based technologies and businesses: – Creates short-term revenue by: Executing R&D projects Creating and maturing Technologies Developing Intellectual Property – Creates long-term value by: Investing in and maturing portfolio companies Create and grow value in the portfolio

7 Business Confidential Management Team Mr. Tim Wagler, CEO – 20+ years in Defense and Government engineering services – CEO and Co-Founder of STIMULUS Engineering ( Dr. Bill Kiser, CTO – 20+ years in Life Science and Academic Electro-optics – Senior Director of the Penn State Electro-Optics Center ( – Co-Founder of Optosonics ( Mr. Greg Oates, COO – 30+ years in Defense and Automotive electronics engineering and manufacturing services – Director of Strategic Projects at STIMULUS Engineering ( – Six Sigma Black Belt, IPC Certified Program Manager (CEPM) Strategic Advisors: – Honorable Tom Ridge (Ridge Global,, 43 rd Gov. of Pennsylvania, 1 st Sec. of US DHS) – John Quain (Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC,, Former Chairman of a PUC) – Mike Murski (CEO, Murski Breeding,, Advanced Outdoors) – Bob Kruger (Optosonics,, Life Sciences) – Dr. Karl Harris (Director, Penn State EOC, – Greg Hays ( Principle of GPH Consulting,, SPAWAR/SC SME)

8 Business Confidential Business Model

9 Business Confidential Business Model (Operating Perspective)

10 Business Confidential Business Model (Holdings Perspective)

11 Business Confidential Key Process: “ Gaps Filter”

12 Business Confidential Convergence Model Maturity Approach To Value Creation

13 Business Confidential Other Differentiators Management Team: – Experience, market knowledge, access to technical experts, advisors and social networks Markets: – Extensive partner network and its intelligence, experienced in both DoD and Commercial Markets Speed-to-Commercialization: – Ability to rapidly fund and mature seed-level ventures to first round of early stage financing Cost: – Low operational overhead vs non-profit competitors

14 Business Confidential Near-Term Crane Projects (Operations) Shipboard panoramic wide field of view EO/IR imaging, persistent autonomous target detection, ID and tracking with human systems integration at tactically significant ranges. Off-board versus on-board remote weapon optical sight targeting error characterization through analysis, modeling, and measurement.

15 Business Confidential Near-Term Crane Projects (Operations) Non-mechanical optical beam steering and multi-target tracking/engagement technologies Off-board versus on-board remote weapon optical sight targeting error characterization through analysis, modeling, and measurement.

16 Business Confidential Other Near-Term Projects (Operations) DOD Rapid Innovation Fund - There will be an upcoming BAA released (target July 2012) for the next round. (See Also, here is a link describing the RIF ( Our network landed a $1.5M opportunity last year. ONR SwampWorks - innovation/swampworks-innovation.aspx. Our network landed a $1M+ project last year. innovation/swampworks-innovation.aspx ONR TechSolutions - Our network is in discussions for a $1M+ project. SOCOM SORDAC - Very target rich environment. Our network is very confident in landing at least one $1.5M project within one year. DARPA – We are aware of a specific Infrared Countermeasures-related opportunity that is Crane- related. Our network is investigating this project and a few others in the range of $1M+.

17 Business Confidential Near-Term Investment Opps (Holding) Company: Straylight ‘Tight Beam’ Plasma Lighting Commercialize plasma lighting into narrow light beam and extremely energy-efficient configurations for outside application (e.g., architectural lighting, military applications, etc.). Commercialize Crane-related ultrashort pulse laser technology for application into biopolymer stent production. Partnering discussions with a leading life science company relating to technology refinement and manufacturing are underway. Company: Aurora Life Science Product Micromachining Commercialize existing microchip integration technology. Addresses FPA manufacturing yield, planarity control, and scalability complexity. Disruptively drives down the cost of larger format arrays. Company: Indiana IC Quilted Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)

18 Business Confidential Financials $500,000 in financing is required to achieve plan. This allows for a 15% cash reserve at the low point in cash.

19 Summary Light-based technologies, particularly in the software realm, are maturing to extremely disruptive potentials. New and lucrative markets are arriving each day. A world-class team has been formed. LuxNovus is prepared to seize this opportunity. Microsoft’s new revolutionary image processing technology (Click to run Video)

20 Appendix

21 Business Confidential Target Market References * will-total-89-billion-in-its-2012-uav-market-profile-and-forecast&catid=3&Itemid=16 * will-total-89-billion-in-its-2012-uav-market-profile-and-forecast&catid=3&Itemid=16 ** *** 2013.html *** 2013.html **** ***** markets-unsettled.html ***** markets-unsettled.html

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