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OPS Mobilization Region 5 (GTA)

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1 OPS Mobilization Region 5 (GTA)
November 2012 Presentation #1 – OPSEU Audience: LECs, General Membership Groups & Individuals

2 Sharing the vision 30 Minute Presentation with Q/A Session
Introductions with a little history on who “I” or “We” are OPSEU Mobilization Structure Explained OPSEU Bargaining Structure Explained The Goal of the Two Bargaining Unit Teams? Role of the OPSEU Member Mobilizer(s) What’s the BUZZ in the Workplace? How can YOU help the Mobilization and Bargaining Campaigns? Key background information to inform you

3 INTRODUCTIONS - Region 5 OPS Mobilizer(s)
Who I am? Or, Who are We? How did we get engaged with the OPSEU OPS Mobilization team? Who else supports Region 5 – the Greater Toronto Area? What’s our role in the OPS Mobilization Campaign?

OPSEU Mobilization Campaigns & Social Media Megan Park – Senior Campaigns Officer Jennie Miller – Social Media Coordinator (from Local 503) OPSEU Member Mobilizers for Region 5 Central/Unified Corrections Julius Arscott * Dan Marshall Cindy Kraakman June S. Morrison

5 opseu bargaining STRUCTURE
OPSEU – the Executive Board Members (EBMs) President – Warren (Smokey) Thomas 1st VP and Treasurer – Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida 2nd VP – Nancy Pridham Two OPS Bargaining Teams Central/Unified Team Roxanne Barnes (Chair) and Ron Langer (VP) Edie Strachan (Region 5 Rep – President from Local 506) Corrections Team Dan Sidsworth (Chair) and Glenna Caldwell (VP) Monte Vieselmeyer (Region 5 Rep – 1st VP from Local 517)

6 The Goal of the two teams?
To get the best deal they can get for all our 38,000 members in the Ontario Public Service (OPS)! “Elected Bargaining Teams”- their roles explained and their relationship to Region 5 OPS Mobilizers  

7 The playing field explained
Central/Unified Bargaining Team Negotiates all central issues (e.g., job security and benefits), and they negotiate all Bargaining Unit (BU) issues (e.g., wages, shift schedules and training) for the Unified category Unified Bargaining Team represents: Office Administration Administrative Institutional and Health Care, & Operational and Maintenance/Technical

8 The playing field explained
Corrections Bargaining Team They negotiate all Corrections’ BU Issues for its members (e.g., wages, shift schedules and training), and negotiate any central issues that the parties agree should be dealt with at the Corrections bargaining table Corrections Bargaining Team represents: Correctional Officers Probation Officers Recreation Officers Rehabilitation Officers and Youth Workers

9 Ops mobilizers are not bargaining Team members
Why we are here today? To provide you with the information that we have about this round of bargaining To respond to your questions to the best of our ability To hear your comments and concerns so we can pass them back to the bargaining teams To solicit your show of support for the bargaining teams in a couple of simple and non-risk ways, and to gain insight into your thoughts and reactions

10 What’s the buzz In the workplace?
Speakers’ List Record five or six comments or questions from the Locals’ membership Member Participation What are the key issues that are important to you? What are people saying around you – what’s important to them? Responses to comments or questions The presentation should provide responses or direction, or Post-presentation we will update your Local Executive Committee who will in turn apprise you, also Watch for Town Hall conference calls, and Ensure your Address is registered to receive the Table Talk Newsletter directly from OPSEU Head Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) hand-outs will be made available in response to your questions as the Bargaining phase continues

11 The “art” of influence Demonstrate “interest” and show “engagement” in what your bargaining units are negotiating with the Employer – How? United We Stand – United We Win Step up to the “challenge” of showing that you care about your own continued future (and that of others around you) by getting connected with OPSEU and staying connected and staying INFORMED Become an advocate for your own rights, and don’t settle for second-best or lie down to let the Employer walk over you Share the information you learned here today with any members who aren’t here to learn first hand

12 The “art” of influence Exhibit to the Employer that THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE TOGETHER can and will make a difference – its as Easy as 123: Proudly display the OPSEU marketing materials, e.g., pens, flags, stickers and posters With confidence wear the CHOOSE PUBLIC lanyard, and Attend the “Colour BLUE” events , e.g., designated days, Coffee/Snack or Lunch gatherings

13 The power of the people – together!

14 Your support in this round of bargaining will be crucial
This round of bargaining is not about the so-called wage freeze, it is really about a pay cut It is about preserving the quality of public services everyone in this province depends on It is about protecting good jobs that support local businesses and contribute to our economy It is about taking action to deal with the dangerous conditions in our jails. The government must boost staffing levels and give our members the personal protective equipment they need to remain safe on the job

15 Not only a smart decision – but a necessary one!

16 Fact: Ontario has the lowest program spending of all provinces
FACT: The McGuinty government balanced the budget for three years prior to the financial crisis in Our wages, benefits and pensions did not cause the deficit. FACT: The OPSEU bargaining unit has lost close to 3,000 positions in the last four years - 1,100 of them as a result of direct layoffs. FACT: More job and service cuts, privatization and downloading are on the horizon if we don’t stand together.


18 Overall goal and strategy of our union
To protect public services, and Assure fairness for public sector workers How? By bargaining quality public services – one contract at a time! By following a planned and well thought-through political strategy, with a collection bargaining strategy, and a mobilization strategy

19 What’s happening and when?
Bargaining Teams went to the table for their first face-to-face meeting with the employer on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Bargaining Campaign Kick-off Coffee and Snack, Luncheon or GMM events will and are happening across the province The experience of the doctors, teachers and AMAPCEO inform us that the government will want takeaways They will and have demanded we give up many of the rights and entitlements we fought in the past to get OPSEU Bargaining 2012 Website and FaceBook pages inform of the Employer’s demands

20 SIMPLE Facts about respect
President Thomas Premier McGuinty Has pointed out that our Union respects the democratic rights of our members Does not respect the democratic right of Ontarians

21 The premier - actions of recent and why & the blame game
By proroguing the Legislature, the Premier has acted in a dictatorial manner He hasn’t been able to get a majority through democratic elections, so Instead he is trying to gain a majority by decree

22 Union message to politicians of all political parties
Government spending did not cause the deficit Ontario has the lowest program spending of all the provinces The Liberals balanced the budget for three years prior to the financial crisis in 2008 Our wages, benefits and pensions did not cause the deficit Spending cuts will hurt workers, hurt service users and hurt the economy We will continue to work with Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP to raise awareness about the impact of cuts to public services on our communities

23 Collective bargaining strategy
October 4 – we decided not to serve government notice to bargain – Why? Government was getting ready to introduce Legislation that would, in effect totally destroy our ability to bargain a contract We were not going to volunteer to cut our own throats This was a symbolic move. Either side in negotiations can serve notice to bargain As expected the Employer did serve OPSEU with notice to bargain the very next morning on October 5

24 Premier Dalton Mcguinty’s decision and its effect
October 15 – decision and announcement was delivered re: resignation of the Premier and prorogue of the Legislature. What does this mean? No new Legislation can be introduced and/or passed for the time being. As a result, the Legislation that would have taken away our right to free collective bargaining is not an immediate threat Politics is unpredictable in Ontario – who knows what will happen – we have to be prepared for all possibilities

25 Where are we now? Back to bargaining a new OPS Agreement under the same rules we have bargained under since 1995 Employers in the private and public sectors are making workers pay for the financial crisis caused by greed on Wall Street The Union’s opening positions were presented for the first time on Tuesday, November 13 This round of bargaining is not about the so-called WAGE FREEZE on its own – it is about dismantling our Collective Agreement and threatening our Job Security!

26 A WAGE FREEZE IS A WAGE CUT – that is the reality!
A wage freeze should much like your income stay the same – it doesn’t! A freeze means your wages are CUT by the rate of inflation Inflation is currently about two percent a year Inflation is: The loss in purchasing power as a result of rising prices This round of bargaining is about protecting quality public services in this province Our contract is a barrier to the dismantling of public services and we need each and every OPSEU member to stand with us and get informed, get mad, and get organized to get what you truly deserve in way of a solid contract plus job security

27 Mcguinty’s government has cut jobs and services & their actions directly impact safety and security
Laid off 1,100 OPSEU members and has plans to lay off hundreds more In total, nearly 3,000 OPSEU positions have been eliminated from OPS since 2008 Closed two jails and plans to close four more correctional facilities when the Toronto South Detention Centre and Southwester Detention Centre are operational in 2013 and 2014 respectively Closed a young offenders facility and cut beds at two other facilities Correctional facilities throughout the province are faced with dangerously low staffing levels as a result of the government imposed three-year hiring freeze Overcrowding, understaffing, record number of violent incidents, outdated equipment and aging infrastructure are all contributing factors to our jails being very dangerous and unsafe places to work in The recipe for disaster is imminent and still the government does not act Closed the 40-year old waterfront landmark in Toronto, Ontario Place They will close a mental health centre in the GTA that helps 400 children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Complex Mental Health, Emotional and Behavioural Challenges (e.g., Thistleton Regional Centre will be impacted in 2013)

28 mcGuinty’s accomplishments in last 18 months?
His government has laid off: Drinking water inspectors Employment standards officers Staff who audited municipalities’ delivery of social assistance Air and water quality scientists The province’s last remaining senior marine archeologist Computer specialists who tracked down cyber criminals Staff who process restraining orders and court orders for child and spousal support Staff who process OHIP claims from doctors and hospitals

29 More accomplishments from mcguinty’s government?
Cancelled the 68-year old Ontario Ranger program Closed 10 parks to overnight camping Laid off 75 percent of the forest fire communications staff Laid off 50 percent of the staff trained to deal with bears that threaten people’s safety The government will close area and district offices of the MNR by 2015 Closed seven Ontario Travel Information Centres

30 Serviceontario impacts – thanks to mcguinty’s government
Will close four ServiceOntario counters on or around November 23 and reduce hours at a further 22 counters with closure imminent by end of 2013 The Liberal government plans to privatize ServiceOntario, even though this government service contributes $2.7 billion in revenue to the province, as well as safeguarding Ontarians’ personal information Everyone in Ontario has to access ServiceOntario in order to get a Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence and Health Card Where is the sense in selling off this vital, money-making public asset? The Union has alerted politicians and the public to the dangers of privatizing ServiceOntario

31 There’s more … Ontario Disability Support Program is under threat. A government-appointed commission has recommended downloading ODSP to municipalities and merging it with social assistance This action a lone will leave hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Ontarians without Long-Term income support and force people with disabilities into precarious, low-wage jobs. It will result in a mishmash of services and rates across the province with no central insight. The Union is calling on the government to set aside these recommendations

32 More privatization – are you up for the challenge?
Government is looking at privatizing Truck Inspection and Enforcement, and Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations This in addition to job cuts made last fall to the Administrative Staff who supported Road Enforcement Ontario has the safest roads in North America – that record is now in jeopardy!

33 We need to Stand together on common issues that affect us all

34 United we Stand – united we win
The power of the people together!

35 The power of the people Your support will give our bargaining teams the power they need at the table to push back against concessions and achieve a fair deal What are YOU prepared to do to protect your contract and get a fair deal? Everyone MUST show their support for the bargaining team by wearing CHOOSE PUBLIC lanyards, using a CHOOSE PUBLIC pen, and displaying CHOOSE PUBLIC flags on top of their workstation dividers or desktop For Corrections – please wear your black and silver lapel pins that speak to Safety

36 OPSEU MATERIALS and their value
Local Presidents can order the lanyards, flags, and Blue shirts from the OPSEU Website noting that the pins are allocated solely for Corrections Showing your support makes a huge difference. Your Managers will report on what’s being said and what’s happening in the workplace during bargaining to their superiors Another way to show your support is by participating in any organized events or activities, especially on “Colour BLUE” days: Today’s gathering is an example of showing support and being engaged. There will be Coffee and Snack events, Lunch and Learns, Walks, or other GMM events Update OPSEU Head Office (Staff Rep) with your Personal (secure) Address to directly receive the Table Talk Newsletter and enter any of the chance/prize opportunities

37 Table talk newsletter – how to get the latest updates!
Available for immediate delivery to your mailbox (register your personal and secret Address with OPSEU), or visit the OPSEU Website to download a copy: Website navigational instructions: Click on OPS bargaining 2012 button (on the banner of the front page), or Enter OPS Bargaining 2012 in the search box (at the top left of the home page) to arrive at the Bargaining 2012 Index page TABLE TALK is the second button to the left under the banner

38 Coping with challenges and seeking information or help
Bargaining is a stressful time. Rumours can get started based on misinformation. Sometimes that misinformation comes from Managers It is important that we don’t believe the rumours Take your questions or concerns to your Unit Steward and they will pass then through the Local President to me, as an OPS Mobilizer, or direct them to the bargaining team and

39 Don’t wait for others to do what you yourself must do – GET ORGANIZED, get mobilized and united with opseu’s bargaining campaign!

40 Last reflections and comments
Please remember the teams are busy going through your demands and preparing proposals for the bargaining table In the months ahead, many factors will come into play as we move forward in bargaining. It is true that we face big challenges, but so does your Employer But the more OPSEU members understand the situation we are in, the better we will be able to navigate through bargaining and the stronger we will be

41 How do you feel about the employer demands?
Via the OPSEU Website – members can view what the Employer proposed as well as what OPSEU is proposing The DEAL ON THE TABLE is totally unbelievable and unacceptable! Sometimes a picture is best used to describe the scenario – WE are being “S - - -” on and it doesn’t look or feel right Getting MAD can be a POSTIVE thing, especially when you know that you MUST FIGHT BACK if you want to keep your present RIGHTS and BENEFITS

42 In appreciation and thanks
As public employees and as Union Members, we stand for the POWER OF THE PEOPLE TOGETHER There is no power greater We OPSEU are the GOOD GUYS and GALS! Julius Arscott Cindy Kraakman June S. Morrison Dan Marshall

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