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Culture in EU’s external relations Mapping existing tools Giorgio Ficcarelli European Commission.

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1 Culture in EU’s external relations Mapping existing tools Giorgio Ficcarelli European Commission

2 An evolving context Barcelona (1995) and Bologna 1996: launching of the Euromed Partnership and Cultural pillar Cotonou Agreement EU-ACP(2000) European Consensus and UNESCO convention on the diversity of cultural expressions (2005) The European Agenda for culture (2007) Council conclusions on the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue (2008) The Brussels Colloquium on Culture and creativity as vectors of Development (2009) New York’s MDG Summit (2010): UN resolution

3 A new role for culture Beyond the intrinsic value of arts and culture: Stability, peace, reconciliation, intercultural dialogue Governance, democratic values, civil society development and societal changes Economic development and job creation

4 The four dimensions of the relation « Culture-Development » Cultural dimension of development Inter-Cultural Dialogue Cultural Development and Creativity Socio-economic impact of the cultural industries

5 The Cultural Dimension of Development In many occasions and in different countries, ambitious development plans failed because of : – Import of development model from abroad, not adapted to the local culture – Underestimation of the local, traditional cultural behaviours and models – Lack of perceived identity, motivation and, consequently, participation

6 Culture and Dialogue Culture can promote: Dialogue among different components of the society: inter-cultural, inter-ethnical and inter-generational Cross-border cooperation and international dialogue Prevention of conflict, peace keeping and security Post-conflict Reconciliation Citizenship and sense of responsibility towards the community

7 Cultural Innovation and Creativity Culture strenghten the identity of a community At the same time allows a better opening towards other identities Artists are at the centre of the creativity of a society Creativity favours innovation and evolution of traditional cultural models

8 Socio-Economic impact of Cultural and Creative Industries One of the most interesting markets in post- industrial societies High opprtunities for human resources training and development Employment creating and revenue generating activity Important support to a participatory and sustainable development Strenghtening democracy and pluralism

9 Thematic and geographical approaches External dimension of internal policies and instruments Culture and development Culture and trade Candidate and potential candidate countries European Neighbourhood ACP Industrialized and emerging countries

10 Culture and development 2005 UNESCO Convention perspective (preferential treatment, capacity building and strengthening of cultural policies) Inclusive policy development process (Brussels and Gerona’s Conferences) Brussels 2009 Declaration of EU/ACP professionals Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI): Investing in people, 50MEuros ( ) INTRA-ACP Culture Programme/Fund (30M) Africa-EU Strategy: partnership for Governance, Human Rights and Culture

11 How to implement the strategy National Indicative Programmes (Institutional framework, non-state actors participation) Regional programmes (Cross-border dialogue, contents exchange and peace keeping) Thematic programmes (local acces to culture, creative production and distribution) Trade agreements (EPA) favoring better acces to the interanational markets for Cultural products and services External dimension of Community programmes (Media Mundus, Culture 2007, Erasmus Mundus) (Inter-cultural exchange)

12 Available Programmes in support of cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue EURO MED Heritage EURO MED Audiovisual EURO MED Youth Anna Lindh Foundation Investing in People- Culture INTRA-ACP Culture Eastern partnership Culture MERCOSUR Audiovisual

13 Global: ‘Investing in People’  €50mio for  Objective: promote acces to culture through  Strengthening of local capacities  Promotion of Public-Private Partnership  Support to intercultural dialogue  Promotion of South-South cooperation  Preservation of immaterial and material cultural heritage  Creation of platforms and networks for the exchange of expertise and best practices  Training and professional development of the sector

14 Investing in People programme Modalities of execution: -Calls for proposals open for external initiatives -Direct agreements with partners (eg. UN, international organisations…) -Jointly managed programs with our partners(ex GTZ,..) Calls for proposals 1st October 2010: Theme: Cultural governance Focus: network of non-state actors and professionals Amount available: € 7M Call ongoing, deadline: 19th November 2010

15 African, Caribbean, Pacific countries European Development Fund (EDF) – All ACP (intra-regional): support programmes to cultural industries and to cinema and audiovisual (until 2010); As from 2011, new programme for culture – Regional level: support programme to cultural industries in West Africa and the PALOP programme (for lusophone countries) – National level (indicative national programmes: Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Haiti, etc)

16 Candidate Countries and European Neighbourhood Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) EUROMED/UfM and Eastern Partnership European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) – Bilateral programmes (based on action plans) – EUROMED Heritage, EUROMED Audiovisual, EUROMED Media, EUROMED MEDIA, – Anna Lindh Foundation – Eastern Partnership programme on culture – Inter-regional cultural action programme – Cross-border cooperation – TAIEX, twinning – Local calls

17 The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures Institution jointly created and co-financed by all member countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. – Coordinates 43 networks and has over 3,000 member organisations. – Grants financial support to cultural initiatives through calls for proposals in education, culture, science and communication. – Promotes cultural dialogue through the EuroMed Award for Dialogue between Cultures. – Has created a journalism award. – Launched a three-year children’s literature programme to promote reading in Arab countries.

18 Industrialised and emerging countries MERCOSUR Audiovisual Programme ASEF, EU LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean countries) Foundation to be created Cultural EU-Mexico Fund Policy dialogues support facility (Brazil, China)

19 Action Lines for the Future Communication on the Mid-Term Review of the European Agenda for Culture (3 rd pillar) 2010 To incorporate the Cultural Dimension of Development within the debate on the MDG: common EU position (New York, Sept 2010) and UN resolution on “Culture and Development” EU-Africa strategy: culture as enabling factor of change and for deepening dialogue and partnership on key issues EU experts meeting in Brussels in Dec Launching of the new generation of programme : INTRA-ACP Culture (30M€) A new Communication on Culture and Development ? (2011/2012)

20 Merci pour votre attention! For more information: EuropeAid webpage: General info on our regional programmes: Euromed audiovisual: Euromed Heritage: Anna Lindh Foundation:

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