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IPMA-HR ER “Putting It All Together” - Highlights, Take Aways For: IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference By: Mauricio Velásquez, MBA President,

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1 IPMA-HR ER “Putting It All Together” - Highlights, Take Aways For: IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference By: Mauricio Velásquez, MBA President, CEO The Diversity Training Group

2 IPMA-HR ER Meet Mauricio Velásquez, MBA Mauricio Velásquez is the President and CEO of The Diversity Training Group (DTG) in Herndon, VA. Mauricio serves as a diversity strategy consultant, diversity and inclusion trainer, sexual harassment prevention trainer, executive coach, mentoring trainer, and expert witness. DTG’s clients include small and large organizations and public and private entities. SSA, OMB, NIST, NTIA, USCIS, HHS, and USPS are just some of our current federal clients. White House, DOI, USIA, USDA, DHS, US Navy, US Coast Guard are some of our past clients. Mauricio has trained over a half million participants in every state but North Dakota and his work and life have taken him to more than seventy countries. Mauricio holds a BA from UVA and an MBA from GWU. Married to Kelly with 3 kids.

3 IPMA-HR ER Mauricio’s Mission  Provoke Thought  Facilitate Discussion & Learning  Add Value  Provide Subject Matter Expertise  Have Fun  Influence what you will be talking about tomorrow (Recency Effect)  Tie it all together

4 IPMA-HR ER You came here…. … to learn … to grow … to take back “gems” or “best practices” … to compare where you are, where your organization is, in respect to other individuals and organizations present How did you gauge this? - Listening to questions your peers asked?

5 IPMA-HR ER You went to sessions where… What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know (DKDK) What You Don’t Know (DK) What You Know (K)

6 IPMA-HR ER We are going to be….. ….. thinking ….. talking … about what “spoke to each us – what will be applicable, practical” in our own organizations.

7 IPMA-HR ER Highlights – “Take Aways”  What spoke to you?  What came across as very applicable in your organization?  Reflect on the whole conference  Write down your top three “gems or nuggets”  Key concept, tool, possibly a quote  Share with your colleague(s) – between the two or three of you - pick your top two or three

8 IPMA-HR ER One of my favorite quotes…. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

9 IPMA-HR ER Your Highlights YOUR TOP THREE  Session Name:  Major Take Away:  Session Name:  Major Take Away:  Session Name:  Major Take Away:

10 IPMA-HR ER I came here looking for …  Solutions  Ideas  Alternatives  Options  Inspiration  Best Practices  What is Already Working

11 IPMA-HR ER 1 Tip From My Work StepActionExample Identify and agree on the problem (consensus) Ask the right questions.  Ask for the facts  Verify the information  Decide what else you need to know  “Help me understand exactly”  “Let me make sure this is recorded correctly”  “I will be able to help you better if I know…” Conduct problem- cause analysis to identify a specific problem and its cause  Restate the problem in simple terms  Get agreement on the problem and its importance/impact  “So, the basic issue is…”  “It seems we agree it is important to fix this because…” Identify solutions/alternative s  Ask what can be done to solve the problem  Suggest other options for consideration  Tell them what you can do  “What ideas do you have on how this can be fixed?”  “In similar situations we have..”  “I really wish we could do exactly what you suggested. However, according to…, we must…” ?

12 IPMA-HR ER Every Problem/Opportunity has a RC and Solutions StepActionExample Implement solutions/take action with the help of the customer  Ask for their cooperation  Tell them what you will do  Suggest how they can help, now and the next time  “I’ll need your help to…”  “Here is what I can do…”  “To get this resolved quickly, I’ll need you to…, and if this should happen again, please…” End with an agreement and a thank you. Monitor and follow up on the situation  Summarize what will be done, and by whom  Thank the customer for cooperation and help  Promise to follow up to ensure the solution really worked  “Can I assume that we agree on…?”  “Thank you for being so cooperative in helping us to solve this problem.”  “I will call you in a week to be sure the situation is resolved.”

13 IPMA-HR ER Trust is the “secret sauce”  Do you trust your management?  Do you trust your leadership?  Do you trust your boss?  Do you trust your peers?  Do your trust your subordinates?  Without trust – there is no way you or your organization can be World Class?

14 IPMA-HR ER TRUST is the critical success ingredient often missing in organizations Stephen M. R. Covey – in his book: The Speed of Trust talks about Trust - Taxes and Dividends When there is high trust – there is an actual dividend for this trust – tasks, work, progress, cooperation, collaboration - success is easier When there is low or nonexistent trust – there is an actual tax – tasks, work, is harder, indifference, bogged down, sabotage I highly recommend you read this book for your community, for your kids, for your families and jobs, of course…

15 IPMA-HR ER Trust Defined “Trust means confidence. The opposite of trust is suspicion. When you trust people, you have confidence in them – in their integrity, and in their abilities. When you distrust people, you are suspicious of them – of their integrity, their agenda, their capabilities or their track record.”S.M.R. Covey “It is behind, and at the root, at the center of all of my work. Harassment – bias, prejudice, favoritism, disrespect, poor treatment, discrimination, etc.”M.V.

16 IPMA-HR ER S.M.R. Covey says…. “The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders – customers/clients, business partners, coworkers – is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.” “Leadership is getting results in a way that inspires trust.”

17 IPMA-HR ER Engaging Your Employees – Building Trust 1)Find out what motivates your direct reports 2)Hire and keep people who are good at their work 3)Get people working on what’s important 4)Explain and train 5)Let people work 6)Be generous with praise and show it 7)Expect excellence 8)Care about people and show it 9)Treat employees with respect 10)Lead by example

18 IPMA-HR ER In Closing…. “In your every action – do you inspire trust, are you leading by example?”

19 IPMA-HR ER For more information… CONTACT: The Diversity Training Group 692 Pine Street Herndon, VA 20170 Tel.703.478.9191 Fax 703.709.0591 Mauricio Velásquez, MBA - President

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