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AHRC and Design Research Dr Emma Wakelin Associate Director of Programmes.

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1 AHRC and Design Research Dr Emma Wakelin Associate Director of Programmes

2 Funding Context AHRC is 1 of 7 UK Research Councils (RCUK) Funded by Dept of BIS – approx £100m each year (12% cut) 27% of research-active academics, 4% of research budget Government HE/Research agenda: ‘concentration’; ‘efficiency’; impact and public benefit; complementarity, not duplication, with other research funders

3 AHRC Delivery Plan, 2011-15 In difficult economic climate, need to use our investment strategically for maximum benefit: – Support highest quality research + PG in A+H – Maintain strategic capability in A+H disciplines – Focus resources for greatest efficiencies and value (manage demand, SSC, HEFCE/BA, focus on excellence) – Maximise benefit to society and economy (stimulating KE, supporting creative economy, culture + heritage, contributing to well-being, communities, public services)

4 Strategic Priorities 2011-15 Providing opportunities for researchers to work outside HE and outside the UK throughout their research careers Through more strategic targeting of partnerships and greater brokerage activities, developing the capacity of A&H research to: - influence public policy - have an impact internationally - have greater profile with public - engage with the creative economy

5 Strategic Priorities, 2011-15 Connected Communities Creative Economy Emerging research themes: -Digital Transformations in A+H -Translating Cultures -Care for the Future -Science in Culture National capability: -Modern Languages -Design -Heritage

6 Principal Funding Mechanisms Research Grants (up to £1m, up to 5 years) Fellowships (up to £120k, up to 9 months) Research Networking (up to £30k; up to 2 years) Studentships (BGPs, CDAs, research training) KE Hubs in Creative Economy (£4m over 4 years) Centre for Copyright & New Business Models (£5m over 4 years) Partnerships with creative/cultural bodies

7 Design in AHRC Delivery Plan Work with Design Council Support interactions with business, creative/cultural sector, social policymakers Develop capacity + leadership Demonstrate contribution of dynamic, innovative sector Build on previous initiatives: -Design for 21 st century -Design against Crime -Discussions with CABE

8 AHRC and Design Council Meetings between CEs + research directors Stop press: joint research projects proposed Work together to contribute to BIS Innovation & Research Strategy – design research and innovation in UK Initial scoping work – what does Design research offer UK, what is value to businesses, policymakers etc, what are their needs...?

9 AHRC and Design… …some examples AHRC funds many different kinds of design research: from concept and product design, to fashion and textiles, interior design and the digitally focused interaction design.

10 Design Against Crime research centre CSM Design and innovation Practice-led research Collaboration with businesses, users, Home Office & Met police to address needs ‘Grippa’ device Commercial success (Starbucks, Wetherspoons) Social success - reducing opportunities for theft

11 Product design Rapid prototyping for the creative arts Professor Stephen Hoskins, UWE (Research Grant + Follow-On grant) Researching the viability of 3D printed ceramic bodies as a design tool for ‘concept modelling’ of tableware Working in partnership with Denby Ltd to develop a new innovative material with wide domestic applications in the white ware and tableware industry 3 stages of development Photographer: David Huson

12 Benefits: successful research process; successful outcome (product), that links traditional processes with new digital technology; benefits for industry (shorter, cheaper modelling and production process) “Denby pottery are pleased to be supporting UWE in this exciting new area of development, we believe UWE in collaboration with Denby can pool their combined skills to unlock a process that pushes the boundaries of what is currently possible.” Gary Hawley, Senior Designer, Denby Pottery

13 a prototype dress to illustrate responsive fabrics interacting with human emotions invisible carriers deliver mood-enhancing chemicals around the clothing for emotional and psychological well-being Fashion design and sensory textiles Dr Jenny Tillotson, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design SmartSecondSkin: implanting smell technology into multi sensorial clothing Small Grant, Innovation Award and KT Fellowship

14 Wireless jewellery technology from the eScent(R) project Design led wearable wireless technology: a user-worn controlled delivery device, dispensing sensory effects in response to a stimulus psychological end benefits for health, wellbeing and lifestyle noise-activated sensors protecting wearers with targeted doses of insect repellent


16 Interaction design Visualising the Conflict Dr Martin Melaugh, University of Ulster CAIN screen shot. A view of the ‘Memorial Street’ displaying examples of 3D memorial models with Second Life. Image courtesy Martin Melaugh Virtual forum for discussion and analysis lead to better understanding of the Northern Ireland conflict Google maps and Earth maps improve the CAIN archive (Conflict Archive on the INternet)

17 The Game-Catcher Professor Andrew Burn, Institute of Education, with Grethe Mitchell and Andy Clarke (Beyond Text large grant) A new computer application adapted from Nintendo’s Wii software to create a low-cost motion capture system Children can record clapping games, skipping, hopscotch and dancing, and play them back in interactive mode


19 Over to you... How else can the AHRC support Design? -Developing research culture? -Developing research leaders? -Stimulating interactions/exchange outside HE? -Raising the profile of Design research?

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