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JSPAC Meeting Presentation

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1 JSPAC Meeting Presentation
Elizabeth Wallner September 24, 2012 Sheraton Grand Hotel Sacramento, CA

2 Conference Speakers Workshops Pre-conference Movie Night --
Confirmed May have a Dept. of Ed. Speaker – recruited us!! Workshops Need more!!! Pre-conference Russ Weikle – Standards Mimi Lufkin – CTE/Perkins/Advocacy Counseling - ?? Movie Night -- Networking evening Just for my own clarification are we saying the administration is basically in charge of awareness, counseling recruitment, etc? YES! Not responsible for it entirely but they should lead the charge!! 

3 Workshops PowerPoint Schedule OTHERS??
Being sent around – please comment and return to me! Schedule Mt. San Antonio College – September 7 Solano COE – September 25 Bakersfield CC -- October 11 CCCAOE – October 19 San Diego CC – October 25 JSPAC – December 4-5 Educating For Careers -- March CITEA Conference – April OTHERS??

4 Send them to me at:
News You Can Use First Copy ready to go Lots of interest from those that I contact about inclusion: NAPE US Dept. of Ed., Perkins Collaborative Resource Network, Div. Of Academic and Technical Ed. PPIC RP Group Etc… Suggestions? Links Topics Studies Send them to me at:

5 E-Seminars Special Populations 101 Nontraditional
Nontraditional Text being sent around – please edit! I may want to revise/refine this slide a bit but basically it's fine.

6 Thank you!

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