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2 E-Commerce Definition of E-commerce Features Types of E-commerce

3 Digitally enabled commercial transaction between and among organization and individual each termed as E-Commerce i.e. all tranasaction mediated by digital technology commercial transaction involved exchange of value eg. Money across organization and individual boundaries in return for products and services. Exchange value is important for understanding the limits of E- Commerce.

4 Difference Between E-Commerce and E-Business:
In E-commerce there is commercial transaction involving exchange of value(money). E-business E-Business is digital enablement of transaction and processes within a firm involving information system under the control of the firm does not include commercial transaction.

5 Features of E-commerce
Ubiquity i.e. it’s available just about anywhere at all the times. It liberates the market from being restricted to physical space and make seat possible to shop from your desktop. Global reach the potential size of E-commerce is roughly equal to the size of worlds population. E- commerce technology permits the commercial transaction cultural and natural boundaries for more conveniently and cost effectively. Universal standards : Technical standards for conducting ecommerce are universal standards wich are technical standards of internet.

6 Features of E-commerce
Richness Inter activity Information density Personalization customization. Types of E-commerce B2C : eg. Transaction broker Market creator, service provider, community provider. B2B : eg. B2B service provider match makers etc., C2C : eg. The consumer prepare the product for market the product for auction for a sale and realize on market maker to provide catalogue search engine transaction clearing so that the product can be easily displayed discovered and paid for.

7 P2P: The Gnutella is peer to peer freeware software that permits user to directly exchange musical tracks . M-Commerce: Mobile commerce use of wireless digital devices to enable transaction on the web.

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