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The European e-Justice Portal « Justice at a click »

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1 The European e-Justice Portal « Justice at a click »
Bogdan Dumitriu IT Project Manger Unit B2 - DG Justice European Commission

2 Agenda European e-Justice European e-Justice Portal
Interconnection Projects E-Services Challenges

3 European e-Justice – WHAT
Focal point for access to justice information Implements citizens’ right of “Access to Justice”

4 European e-Justice – WHAT
Raise awareness of existing cross-border instruments and facilitate their use Accelerate procedures and reduce costs

5 European e-Justice – HOW
Multilingual information provided by the European Commission the Member States partner organisations

6 European e-Justice – HOW
Interconnection of national registers and databases Provision of various e-Services to the benefit of citizens businesses legal professionals members of the judiciary




10 General Philosophy Single point for Justice e-Services
Step by step approach Multilingual from day one Decentralised as much as possible Ambitious!

11 European e-Justice does not…
Replace existing national solutions Centralise more than necessary Modify existing offline procedures and practises

12 European e-Justice Portal
Facts and Figures over 20,000 content pages in 22 EU of the official EU languages 78,662 visits in May 2013 – upward trend 17 April 2012 European e-Justice Portal

13 Interconnection Projects
Insolvency Registers Find a Lawyer Find a Notary European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) Business Registers Land Registers Registers of Translators/Interpreters

14 Insolvency Registers Interconnection of the registers of: Austria
The Czech Republic Estonia Germany The Netherlands Romania Slovenia

15 Insolvency Registers Simple search: query all interconnected registers


17 Insolvency Registers Advance search: search interface built dynamically for each register


19 E-Services E-CODEX integration ECLI search Competent court database
file claims to courts in MS online project of 14 MS, Turkey, CCBE and CNUE overall budget: €14 million e-Identification, secure electronic transfer, electronic signature ECLI search Competent court database

20 Challenges Data protection Interoperability Translation
Different national approaches E-Identification, E-Authorisation Stakeholder diversity

21 Thanks for your attention!

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