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Webinar Series : Zonta e-Clubs

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1 Webinar Series : Zonta e-Clubs
Featuring: Uruguay 1, Silicon Valley and USA1 20 February 2014 Presented by: Ragna Karlsdottir, International Membership Chair

2 Welcome – some things we will discuss
What is an e-Club? Benefits of belonging How to charter Membership Current e-Clubs What our e-Clubs are doing Questions – please use the chat function to send a message to our moderator Membership Coordinator, Brett Simon throughout the webinar. Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation.

3 What is an e-Club? Holds its meetings electronically
Supports the mission of Zonta International Performs local service and advocacy Is recognized as a Zonta club

4 Benefits of belonging to an e-Club
Time flexibility Participate in meetings in the comfort of your chosen location Build friendships and networks Accept leadership roles that promote service and advocacy Ability to leverage learning about new technology

5 Chartering Occurs in a country that has been approved by the ZI Board of Directors All clubs belong to a district/region Dues are handled in the currency of the country of chartering Currently, 25 members are needed to charter an e-Club The more e-clubs we charter, the more opportunity we may have to gain prospective members into Zonta as many are looking for a club, but the one closest to them is still too far away

6 Membership What is the same as a traditional club?
Local service and advocacy is performed Regular meetings are held Membership should be diversified – establish classifications Opportunity to build relationships Membership join criteria is the same Members are encouraged to attend district and area gatherings Don’t forget statement about personal safety….

7 Membership What is unique from a traditional club?
Meetings are held electronically Members can be from within the geographic area, state, district, region, country, or be international Members can be from non-Zonta countries, but can be no more than 1/3 of membership

8 Current e-Clubs Zonta e-Club of Uruguay-1
Zonta e-Club of Silicon Valley Zonta e-Club of USA-1

9 Zonta e-Club of Uruguay-1 Beatriz Etchechury
First e-Club in the Zonta world 30 Members in various cities in Uruguay What is working? Monthly meetings held using a closed group in Facebook. Minutes of the meetings are ed to those who could not attend. Considering Skype for group video meeting. Meet weekly for camaraderie, but not required. Service Project – Educational Campaign on Human Trafficking Working towards implementing Young Women in Public Affairs, Jane M. Klausman and Amelia Earhart awards What is not working? Nothing reported

10 Education Project "Human Trafficking in Uruguay "
Uruguay is a country of origin for trafficking victims Objective: education through television and radio interviews, talk shows and local news, conferences and workshops for young adolescents in their schools

11 Zonta e-Club of Silicon Valley Deborah Blackmore
Was formerly a traditional club 20 Members What is working? Meetings held using Facebook and Posting photos – gives a feel of “community” and is fun for the members In-person gatherings include events, speaker series and parties to focus on fellowship Done in a Day Project – bring gifts to donate to charity that helps teenage girls What is not working? Lengthy s used to communicate and long consent agendas Use of the word “meeting” as this can sound like work

12 Lunafest – Inspirational Short Films Festival
Celebrating International Women’s Day the club hosts an event featuring nine short films for, by, and about women. Prepared by a third party, club promotes it and hosts the event. Portion of proceeds go to their designated charity; remainder goes to ZIF.

13 Zonta e-Club of USA-1 Kerry Dixon
27 Members What is working? Business meetings held using – free web based video conferencing that allows recording of meetings Share information and have discussions via closed Facebook group Various services performed in local communities Currently developing additional club service and advocacy project What is not working? and long consent agendas

14 What is next? Interested in forming an e-Club? Submit an “Authorization Request for Organizing a New Zonta Club” form to Interested in your traditional club becoming an e-Club? Clubs should inform their governor, lt. governor, board liaison and HQ with this information. Club name only changes to an e-Club name that will reflect the club location E-Club guidelines are currently on page 29 of the Membership Manual on the ZI website

15 Questions? We want to hear from our audience! Please share any questions that you have

16 Contacts Zonta e-Club of Uruguay 1 – Lucy Gago at Zonta e-Club of USA-1 – Kerry Dixon at Zonta e-Club of Silicon Valley – Deb Blackmore at Interesting in forming an e-Club in your district? Contact Zonta International Membership

17 Technology for e-Clubs
Skype: Constant Contact: GoToMeeting: WebEx: Glance: Facebook: Zoom:

18 Thank you

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