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WM I-69 Partners Welcomes You! DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE OUTREACH EVENT October 29, 2013 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

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1 WM I-69 Partners Welcomes You! DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE OUTREACH EVENT October 29, 2013 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

2 PROJECT OVERVIEW OUTREACH AGENDA 4:00 PMDoors Open 4:00 – 4:30 PMNetworking 4:30 – 5:15 PMWM I-69 Partners Presentation Welcome Safety First Team Introductions Project Overview DBE/Workforce Opportunities Certification/Prequalification Commercially Useful Function Expectation of D-B Bidding Process Question & Answer 7:00 PM: Event Concludes


4 PROJECT OVERVIEW WHO WE ARE Concession: Construction: Design: Operations & Maintenance:


6 PROJECT OVERVIEW Project Value: $500 million Procurement: Design-Build-Finance-Operation-Maintain (DBFOM); Public-Private Partnership Owner: Indiana Department of Transportation and Indiana Finance Authority The I-69 Section 5 project consists of upgrading approximately 21 miles of existing State Route 37, a four-lane median divided highway between Bloomington and Martinsville, to an interstate highway.

7 PROJECT OVERVIEW Urban Section: 11.8 Miles of Urban 6-Lane Section

8 PROJECT OVERVIEW Urban Section: 11.8 Miles of Urban 6-Lane Section

9 PROJECT OVERVIEW ROADWAY Four New Interchanges Fullerton Pike Tapp Road Sample Road Liberty Church Road Three Modified Existing Interchanges: Walnut Street SR 45/2 nd Street SR 48/3 rd Street One Existing Interchange to Remain Unchanged: SR 46

10 PROJECT OVERVIEW ROADWAY Roadway Reconstruction and Widening: 21 miles New Mainline Alignment: 5.6 lane miles New Access Roads: 22 lane miles Local Road Reconstruction: 13 miles Noise Walls: 10,100 linear feet Retaining Walls

11 PROJECT OVERVIEW STRUCTURES Total Number of Bridges: 28 New Bridges: 14 Bridge Rehabilitations: 14 Bridge Widenings: 13 Additional Structure Elements: Superstructure Replacements, Deck Replacements, and Overlays

12 PROJECT OVERVIEW DRAINAGE/HYDRAULICS Drainage/Hydraulic Elements: Two pipe crossings to be replaced with structures Streambed Armoring – bio-engineering techniques preferred over riprap whenever possible Replace culverts with sufficiency rating less than 4 Six wildlife crossings Miles of stream survey may be required

13 PROJECT OVERVIEW GEOTECHNICAL Geotechnical Elements: Fairly extensive exploration and testing has been completed by IFA and INDOT Additional exploration and testing required after selection

14 PROJECT OVERVIEW SIGNAGE Signage Elements: All signage on the Project limits shall be new Replace/remove any signs outside of the Project limits that are no longer appropriate Existing sign structures may be used if they are in compliance with the new INDOT Standards Bridge mounted structures are prohibited No sign lighting

15 PROJECT OVERVIEW LIGHTING Lighting Elements: 5.5 miles of continuous lighting from Fullerton Pike to the SR 46 interchange Interchange lighting at Sample Road and Liberty Church Road interchanges Existing lighting at some interchanges may be retained

16 PROJECT OVERVIEW MAINTENANCE OF TRAFFIC Maintenance of Traffic Elements: One of the most critical elements of the Project In general, two lanes of traffic must be maintained at all times in each direction Detours are allowed, but must be on roadways that have the same functional classification as the detoured roadway

17 DBE/WORKFORCE OPPORTUNITIES Construction | Design | Materials

18 PROJECT OVERVIEW CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES Concrete Paving/Flatwork Piling Drilled Shafts Concrete Forming/Placing Asphalt Paving Reinforcing Steel Installation Traffic Control/Signals Flagging Fencing Earthwork Drainage Demolition Structural Steel Erection Precast Beam Erection Lighting Signing Erosion Control Landscaping Trucking Painting Pavement Markings Retaining Walls Clearing & Grubbing Guardrail

19 PROJECT OVERVIEW DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES Survey Bridge Design Retaining Wall Design Roadway Design Drainage Design Utility Relocation Plan Development Signing/Lighting Design R/W Acquisition Quantities

20 PROJECT OVERVIEW MATERIAL OPPORTUNITIES Ready Mix Concrete Reinforcing Steel Drainage Material/Pipe Piling Fence Aggregates Borrow Structural Steel Precast Concrete Beams


22 PROJECT OVERVIEW PROCUREMENT PROCESS The procurement process includes the following: Expression of interest Prequalification Match to needed scope Request for qualification Recommendation to IFA IFA Concurrence and approval Request for proposal

23 PROJECT OVERVIEW EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Key Elements: Contact information Scope of services performed DBE status Certification status Non-Disclosure Agreement Requirements

24 PROJECT OVERVIEW PREQUALIFICATION/MATCH TO SCOPE Officially listed: Current to scope Valid through the Project term Shortened Request for Qualifications Need prequalification: Full Request for Qualifications to scope OR

25 PROJECT OVERVIEW REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATION Purpose/Scope: Company information Ability, technical capacity, and resources Customers and contracts People and responsible management Quality Environment Health and safety Financial information

26 PROJECT OVERVIEW RECOMMENDATION/APPROVAL Package of information IFA review Approval (or return for additional information)

27 PROJECT OVERVIEW REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Bidding Bid Receipt Analysis Notice to Award

28 PROJECT OVERVIEW CONTACT INFORMATION Certification Contact: Derrick Casson Indiana Department of Transportation Economic Opportunity Division, DBE Certification 100 North Senate Avenue, IGCN 750 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317.233.4664 Prequalification Contact: Karen Macdonald Prequalification Engineer Indiana Department of Transportation 100 North Senate Avenue, IGCN 725 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317.232.5094


30 PROJECT OVERVIEW COMMERCIALLY USEFUL FUNCTION Commercially Useful Function is defined in 49 CFR Part 26.55 (c) as: Personal net worth Prompt payment and retainage Ownership Regular dealers Decertification



33 CONTACT INFORMATION Marvin Jackson – I-69 DBE Coordinator Walsh Construction Code of Federal Regulations – 49 CFR Part 26 Office of Federal Contract Compliance – 16 Steps Additional Project information may be found at the Project’s official website:

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