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5, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 4 WORLD MEMORIAL

6, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 5 WORLD MEMORIAL Vision Mission & Drive Projects: –Release of Souls –Gear Up –Survivor’s Corner Volunteers Corporate Sponsors

7, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 6 Vision Create beauty and inspiration out of the ashes... Let us unite to protect and reconstruct the surviving WTC facade, into a memorial where the world can kneel and remember Surround and contrast this international treasure with a skyline of modern brilliance It is our duty and vision for future generations: Dedicate the lives, dreams and resolution of September 11th, for a thousand years... The mission of the WORLD MEMORIAL is to honor the sacrifice of our fallen heroes; to serve as an educational facility disseminating information, promoting tolerance and truth among all nations and peoples, and finally; to design a lasting monument, to preserve for all generations that moment in time, September 11, 2001, which is forever seared into our collective memory.

8, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 7 Mission Honor our fallen, protect history, and above all, healing The mission of the WORLD MEMORIAL is to honor those killed from all corners of the globe September Eleven, by touring the RELEASE OF SOULS Memorial in concert with the dedication of GEAR-UP to continue saving lives in remembrance of our fallen heroes, and establishing the “Wings of Peace” educational program promoting tolerance and truth among all nations and peoples. World Trade Center; 2,835 killed (Executives, employees, visitors, NYFD, Port Authority, NYPD and rescue workers) Aviation Tribute; first victims of 9/11 Flight 93 Heroes 125 killed in Washington and support for the 9/11 Survivors

9, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 8 Dedication & Drive Colleagues killed: “Windows of the World, WTC South Tower, Flight 11 and Pentagon One of the first organizations to promote a permanent WTC Memorial @ Ground Zero F irst to incorporate an onsite Museum & Education Center A warded citations from community leaders around the country R eceived suggestions from 9/11 families and supporters around the world Collection of 3,000 photographs, 700 sketches/ideas, and 7,000 E-mails f rom 25 countries Received two dozen original songs and multi-media presentations from around the world 30 domain names registered and 3 websites, including UK and Australia Board Member of 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial, designing an 9/11 aviation memorial Reserve Officer, former USCG Rescue; activated for Enduring Freedom overseas General Contractor and Construction experience Several hundred volunteers of varied professions Nonprofit incorporation Network with dozens of WTC organizations, designers, song writers, and artists Closely worked with EMS, FD, Law Enforcement Officers, Customs and politicians. Received two dozen written endorsements from community leaders and US Congress

10, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 9 Projects 1.Release of Souls Touring Memorial 2.Survivor’s Corner Memorial & Museum 3.Gear Up 4.Wings of Peace

11, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 10 Release of Souls Sculpture and oil paintings by Katon, Dave Rouleau and Louis Louw British Columbia, CANADA

12, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 11 Release of Souls Release of Souls (ROS) Memorial, created by Canadian artists Louis Louw, Dave Rouleau and Kathleen Tonnesen will tour across America and in 2007, launch a WORLD TOUR. The ROS memorial promotes peace in all corners of the earth; honoring the many walks of life and cultures represented by the World Trade Center.

13, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 12 Release of Souls The sculpture is symbolic of the Twin Towers that vaporized to nothing. Close your eyes and visualize the release of three thousand souls, all at once breaking free, filling the sky with a brilliance of color and resolution. The Surviving WTC Steel stands as testament to all heroes of that infamous morning. The names of 343 Fire Fighters, 72 Port Authority/Police Officers, 125 Military members, EMS and K-9 rescue dogs are engraved on the touring memorial. Many lost their own lives in the quest to save others. We will never forget their laughter, color and light that brightened our lives. The Pentagon foundation represents the tragic events in Washington and the Pennsylvania “keystone” cutout represents those killed aboard flight 93.

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15, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 14 Gear Up A recent addition to the WORLD MEMORIAL cause is the GEAR-UP program, founded by decorated Ground Zero Firefighter Vincent Forras. In addition to working the WTC tragedy, Mr. Forras and hundreds of fellow “brothers” have become ill due to the GZ toxins. Several friends have since perish in the three years following 9/11. Today, Vinny carries on the life saving mission in the name of his friends, and all those taken from us September 11, by offering to help fire fighters and provide safety education to children.

16, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 15 Gear Up Collection of Equipment: The United States Fire-fighting industry saves lives and property by constant improvement of equipment and fire training, required at all levels due to government regulations. Thus, there is a natural surplus of equipment available for donation from manufacturers and “obsolete” storage.

17, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 16 Gear Up

18, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 17 Gear Up At present GEAR UP has donated several trucks and tons of equipment to Ecuador. Last September, WORLD MEMORIAL, Air Ambassador, New Freedom Partners and Gear Up have cooperated together to provide a donated modular ambulance to the impoverished town of La Mission, Baja, Mexico. And most recently those efforts have yielded a Class-A fire truck to the tsunami victims of Phuket, Thailand. We are currently waiting for airlift/sealift of the donated items.

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20, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 19 Survivor’s Corner

21, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 20 Survivor’s Corner WTC WALL In beautiful array, reassemble a portion of the surviving Twin Tower iron skeleton This powerful image, known around the world, speaks of history, desperation and strength 3000 Crystals, placed in the open window areas, symbolize the lives lost These prisms would paint an ever-changing rainbow onto the surrounding memorial and park, reflecting lasting beauty and memories of happier times

22, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 21 Core Principles Save and Exhibit the WTC Steel Wall The only thing that survived the inferno The WTC skeleton image, burned into the minds of 5 billion people, transcended all cultures. It tells the story of overwhelming size and devastation in every language.

23, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 22 Survivor’s Corner PARK - peaceful, solemn retreat MUSEUM - It boasts NYC & WTC in all it’s glory! bigger than a single day (9/11)... but for generations EDUCATION CENTER - promoting tolerance

24, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 23 Survivor’s Corner Compiled from over 700 sketches and ideas, donated from around the world. The WM team engineered the "Survivor's Corner" proposal for a 9/11 Museum, Education Center, Nursery, Family Sanctuary and WTC Memorial. The WM design includes a 9/11 Museum, Education Center, Nursery, Family Sanctuary and WTC Memorial.

25, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 24 Survivor’s Corner Compiled from over 700 sketches and ideas, donated from around the world. The WM design includes a 9/11 Museum, Education Center, Nursery, Family Sanctuary and WTC Memorial. 3025 crystals are placed in the WTC "Windows.” They symbolizing the faces of heroes; reflecting memories of happier times and paint a rainbow of hope. Every day will be unique with variations in seasons, weather and time.

26, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 25 Survivor’s Corner Compiled from over 700 sketches and ideas, donated from around the world. The WM design includes a 9/11 Museum, Education Center, Nursery, Family Sanctuary and WTC Memorial. Give the Victims a Voice Throughout centuries, bells have been the universal voice for freedom, celebration and loss. Let's host in true Manhattan style the world's largest manual carillon – of unprecedented Seven octaves (82-bells). Each bell represents a nation that lost a citizen in the WTC tragedy.

27, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 26 Survivor’s Corner

28, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 27 Survivor’s Corner HOPE The 19-foot polished-bronze sculpture rises out the Memorial Fountain on a 3-foot pedestal recycled from WTC materials. This centerpiece balances the starkness of the 140' surviving steel wall; presenting “Hope” for future generations. Commissioned by international artist Robert Landry.

29, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 28 Survivor’s Corner Honor Roll Three thousand names are etched on two blue- tinted glass walls facing the steel symbol of WTC. A white canopy, modeled after an airfoil, floats over the hallowed ground to protect the Names, Museum entrance and guests from the elements. By incorporating the skyscraper glass element, hundreds of flowers and thirty rows of names are visible on both sides. As we descend into the 9-11 Museum, we continue to see the names (in reverse). Shadows of people touching the names and the 140' Survivors Corner intensify this experience.

30, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 29 Survivor’s Corner The Memorial Level elevates the southern footprint two levels (43 feet) above an immaculate national Park, dotted with large trees, benches and meandering walkways. In beauty and simplicity, 3,025 names are etched on blue-tinted glass. The retreat for 9-11 Families overlooks this tribute for their loved ones and a 160-foot signature piece of WTC beams that stood in defiance to this terrorist act. Behind the glass wall, we descend within this sacred footprint to the Visitors Center. With multimedia tributes and 50 exhibits planned, the Center celebrates the 400-year history of Manhattan, American Spirit, and the World Trade Center prior to that infamous morning of 11 September. The Sealed Ashes are presented in a cylindrical sanctuary room, focusing attention upward through a dome skylight to the Memorial Fountains above. Going one step further, the WORLD MEMORIAL also represents our journey post 9-11. Appealing to our youth, the Education Center invites awareness, tolerance and hope.

31, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 30 Survivor’s Corner c

32, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 31 Survivor’s Corner

33, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 32 Survivor’s Corner

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35, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 34 Volunteer WORLD MEMORIAL & Your Talents Help us to bring the Release of Souls Memorial Concert to you community. Become a city Project Manager today.

36, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 35 Corporate Sponsors We invite you to become a WORLD MEMORIAL - CORPORATE PARTNER Please call, Fax or E-mail your interest and a WM representative will be happy to present the many benefits, to include national publicity, children's education, honoring those killed on 9/11 and saving lives. We thank you for your generosity and the opportunity to carry on this vision in concert with your company's dedication. A 30 page Corporate Partners & Underwriters (PDF) Package is available and contains mission, officers, goals, accomplishments & IRS determination, 2004 Budget, FM-990 and SCH-A and full Contributor directory. We thank you for your generosity of services, products, donations and endorsements.

37, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 36 WORLD MEMORIAL Summary Mission Vision & Drive Projects: –Release of Souls –Gear Up –Survivor’s Corner Corporate Sponsors Volunteers

38, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 37 Rubble, empty escalators and fingers of steel point skyward, pleading for justice a memorial to the horrors of terror and intolerance, surround this courtyard of sorrow, with brilliant superstructures and a carpet of green, cut only by wide walkways a quiet place, many benches, for reflection upon, death, courage, and meaning of life near these hallow grounds build a community taller, stronger, unified and more inspiring than the original let the architects of tomorrow’s reach exceed their grasp

39, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 38 WORLD MEMORIAL

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41, Feb 2, 2005, Slide 40 The End

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