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W.H. Chapter 11 Review The Muslim World.

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1 W.H. Chapter 11 Review The Muslim World

2 Potential Vocabulary arabesque hajj millet minaret sultan Akbar
al-Khwarizmi Muhammad Sinan Tamerlane

3 Slender tower of a mosque

4 Pilgrimage to Mecca required of all Muslims who are able

5 Intricate design of curved lines that suggests floral shapes

6 Muslim mathematician who pioneered the study of algebra

7 Turkish ruler sultan

8 Religious communities of non-Muslims in the Ottoman empire

9 Mongol leader who conquered Persia and Mesopotamia

10 Prophet of Islam Muhammad

11 Chief builder of the Mughal dynasty

12 Ottoman architect who designed the Selimiye Mosque

13 Main Ideas:

14 A belief held in common by Muslims, Jews, and Christians?
belief in one God

15 True or false? Muslim trade was extensive (far-reaching).

16 The split between Sunni and Shiite Muslims began over ____.
the choice of a caliph

17 A religion that blended Muslim and Hindu beliefs was _____.

18 Following the Muslim invasions of India, ____.
sultans introduced Muslim traditions of government

19 The Ottoman and Safavid empires shared (Muslim law).
the Sharia

20 Be prepared to discuss the following:

21 Why is the Quran important to Muslims?
Muslims believe that the Quran contains the word of God as revealed to Muhammad. They consider it the final authority on all matters and a complete guide to life.

22 How did Hindu and Muslim beliefs differ?
Hindus recognized many sacred texts and worshiped many gods. They divided people based on the caste system and honored Brahmans as a priestly group. They also celebrated religious occasions with music and dance. Muslims believed in one God and one sacred text. They taught the equality of all believers. They had no priests and condemned music and dance in religious celebrations.

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