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Ed Hudson, April 2008 Environment Canada Weather Support for International Polar Year Activities.

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1 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Environment Canada Weather Support for International Polar Year Activities

2 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Basic weather support to activities in the north comes from our core aviation, public and marine forecast programs for IPY there were extras

3 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Product-wise focused on providing: - custom satellite imagery - custom weather element visualizations Area-wise focused on: - Arctic Basin - southern Baffin Island - Amundsen Gulf for IPY Delivery-wise used “ftp”: - piggy-backed on Canadian Ice Service IPY web site - some products sent directly to university sites

4 Ed Hudson, April 2008 NORTH_POLE_IPY from GEM-Global only ARCTIC_EAST from GEM Regional and GEM Global ARCTIC_WEST from GEM Regional and GEM Global for IPY CMC created model visualization domain to cover “NORTH_POLE_IPY” area.

5 Ed Hudson, April 2008 for IPY Nares ARTA Amundsen To the pole Southern Baffin Custom HRPT mappings were created from Edmonton and/or Resolute systems and are made available to IPY projects in real-time Mapping re-activated June 2007 and given lat/long lines in support of research icebreaker Amundsen / the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study From April 2004, “Nares” imagery sent in real time to Institute of Ocean Sciences for Dr Humfrey Melling et al. 2007, imagery also going to Dr Kent Moore, University of Toronto and thereby colleagues in Denmark.

6 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Wind Visualizations and Animations are posted to ftp site Visualizations oAmundsen oBaffin oBeaufort oHudson Bay oKane oNorth Pole Animations oArctic Islands oBeaufort oDavis Strait oKeewatin oMackenzie oNorth Pole for IPY

7 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Blizzard potential introduced spring 2008 Product developed by Dr William Burrows for IPY

8 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Working on meaningful analysis and forecast products for IPY

9 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Alert Photo courtesy Lorita Project oWorded marine forecast extended through winter to support Canadian research icebreaker Amundsen / Circumpolar Flaw Lead Project oMSC meteorologists onsite STAR project southern Baffin Island for period November 2007 during the field data gathering stage to evaluate the utility of analysis and forecast products available to field parties and subsequently refine those analysis and forecast products found wanting oMSC Arctic Lab meteorologist onsite Polar Continental Shelf Project Resolute for period April 2008 to share his knowledge on interpreting and using weather and ice products with those staying or passing through the facility on their way to do science, to the pilots who fly the scientists to sites in the arctic, and to the Polar Continental Shelf Project Base Manager for IPY

10 Ed Hudson, April 2008 oNew HRPT (High Resolution Picture Transmission) station acquired for Resolute. Installation expected late summer. Monitoring Infrastructure for IPY

11 Ed Hudson, April 2008 oWorked with CIS IPY lead Trudy Wohllenben to have a weather ftp section on the CIS web “IPY” area. oProduct-wise, focused on satellite imagery and wind visualizations for that arctic basin area That’s what the pilots who fly “up there” use the most oTook grocery list to Informatics, Ron Goodson, HAL meteorologist scientist, and Andrew Giles PASPC/HAL meteorologist. They produce(d) or tune(d) existing products and set up delivery of products to the ftp site. oTook another grocery list to CMC with the emphasis on having them create a north pole mapping and having a full suite of products for that mapping using existing model data. The feed for the mapping is GEM-global. oKept / keep Polar Continental Shelf Project Resolute Base Managers up to date on products and where an how to access those products. oMade / make national and international science community aware of the products and how to get at them. Including those handling Rose Stancer’s trek to the North Pole last year. for IPY

12 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Resolute imagery mapping since 17 May 2007 Resolute imagery mapping prior to 17 May 2007 lost gained Remapped Resolute HRPT imagery to show more of Eurasian side of pole. for IPY

13 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Until 4 February 2008, Resolute HRPT imagery available “outside” only via weatheroffice web site. On weatheroffice, there is just a single latest “large” image! This image may not cover area needed area / may be of poor quality Resolute HRPT imagery posted to ftp site effective 4 February 2008 for IPY

14 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Sample Mapped MrSid HRPT Edmonton imagery developed and posted to ftp site The imagery was created by Ron Goodson and made operational by Informatics for IPY

15 Ed Hudson, April 2008 starBaffin starBaffinIqaluitstarBaffinClyde STAR Oct-Nov2007 Feb2008 STAR given “IPY” attention to compliment that provided by Hydrometeorology and Arctic Lab and Canadian Meteorological Centre oHRPT STAR imagery created and posted in real-time to ftp site at University of Manitoba oFrom my office in Edmonton, often in the company of Ron Goodson, and once Lewis Poulin, using “Live Meeting”, a screen full of visualizations, satellite imagery and analyses and a conference call, briefed / hooked STAR science on vizaweb and self briefing oInformatics Calgary set up surface and upper air archive oProvided supplementary / complimentary archive suite of analyses, progs, observations, etc. oParticipating in evaluation of model data. for IPY

16 Ed Hudson, April 2008 Polar Science Center, University of Washington, provides daily buoy track mappings. for IPY

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