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Geography challenge Ancient Egypt

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1 Geography challenge Ancient Egypt

2 Question One What are the names of the two large seas?
Which large river runs through ancient Egypt? Label them and color blue.

3 Question 2 How many cataracts does the Nile River contain?
Label at least three.

4 Question 3 Identify the three deserts that surrounded
much of ancient Egypt. Label these deserts and color them yellow.

5 Question 4 On which continent is ancient Egypt located?
Label this continent on your map.

6 Question 5 Locate the fertile area on your map.
Then label this area on your Map and color it green. Locate and label Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt on your map.

7 Question 6 How many pyramids, temples, or monuments are indicated on your map? Count the number. Where are the most number of temples, moments, or pyramids located? Find the city they are nearest and label this area on your map.

8 Question 7 Egypt had many natural resources
List the 6 natural resources.

9 Question 8 Using what you know label the two rivers in Mesopotamia.
Label the body of water that the two rivers empty into. Label the two mountain ranges and the Arabian Peninsula. Color the Fertile Crescent area green.



12 Locate dry, barren land in Idaho.
*At the bottom of your answer sheet* Locate dry, barren land in Idaho. How do the deserts of Idaho today differ from the great Sahara desert in Africa?

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