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THIS IS 100 200 300 400 500 Greece Rome Middle Ages Mesoamerica Misc.Vocabulary.

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3 Greece Rome Middle Ages Mesoamerica Misc.Vocabulary

4 The Greeks formed many polis as opposed to one large united nation. A 100

5 What is a city state? A 100

6 The wealthy ruling class of people, where only the wealthy could rule. A 200

7 What is an Aristocracy? A 200

8 The ideas and decisions supported by the most people. A 300

9 What is majority rule? A 300

10 This persons goal was to rule the world! (he also extended his empire through military conquest) A 400

11 Who was Alexander the Great? A 400

12 Three major Greek Philosophers. A 500

13 Who is Socrates, Plato & Aristotle? A 500

14 This area of land is shaped like a boot. B 100

15 What is the Italian Peninsula? B 100

16 Lower class citizens of Rome with little say. B 200

17 Who are the Pledeians? B 200

18 Rome is located along this river. B 300

19 What is the Tiber River? B 300

20 August Caesar. B 400

21 Who is Octavian or Rome’s first true emperor? B 400

22 Descendants of Rome’s earliest settlers. B 500

23 What is a Patrician? B 500

24 People who lived on a manor who were free (could come and go as they wished). C 100

25 What is a peasant? C 100

26 This was transmitted to humans by fleas and rats on ships coming into Europe. C 200

27 What is the Black Death? C 200

28 A series of wars that lasted about 200 years. C 300

29 What are the Crusades? C 300


31 The only church in the Middle Ages. C 400

32 What is the Catholic Church - Christianity? C 400

33 A piece of land granted on the condition of giving military & other services to the feudal lord. C 500

34 What is a fief? C 500

35 Aztecs built these to increase their farming area their capital of Tenochtitlan. D 100

36 What is a Chinapa? D 100

37 The Incas first settled in this valley around 1200 A.D. D 200

38 What is the Cuzco Valley? D 200

39 This ruling class had enough power to build large ceremonial centers. D 300

40 Who are the elite? D 300

41 This group of Mesoamericans made terraces or ledges that they could use for farm land. D 400

42 Who were the Mayas? D 400

43 Very long mountain ranges that run through Central America. D 500

44 What are the Cordilleras? D 500

45 Part of the earth that is between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn where the climate is the warmest. E 100

46 What is the Tropical Zone? E 100

47 A Government of rule by the people E 200

48 What is Democracy? E 200

49 A Roman place that looks like an amphitheater, stadium or large outdoor theater. E 300

50 What is a coliseum? E 300

51 An association of merchants and tradesman who made rules about the pricing of goods. E 400

52 What is a guild? E 400

53 A king of the Frankish Empire who promoted Christianity and education. E 500

54 Who is Charlamagne (or Charles the Great)? E 500

55 What is a thin piece of land that connects to a larger piece of land? F 100

56 What is an isthmus? F 100

57 A society based around producing and maintaining crops F 200

58 What is Agrarian? F 200

59 F 300 Cruel and oppressive government rule

60 What is Tyranny? F 300

61 F 400 Power that rests with a smaller number of people

62 What is Oligarchy? F 400

63 A pack or an agreement between 2 or more friends or parties F 500

64 What is an alliance? F 500

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