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TITLE: Misspelled Words DO NOW Take out your homework!!

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1 TITLE: Misspelled Words DO NOW Take out your homework!!
-Imagine you are planning a trip to the future. It is a one way trip, and all you can bring with you is one suitcase. What do you pack? Why do you take these things with you? Would you plan differently if you knew what was in the future?

2 Agenda Correct homework on Compound Sentences Quiz on sentences!
Misspelled Words Notes Practice, Practice, Practice Spelling Stations Read Class Novel

3 Compound Sentences Homework Correction
I want to see everyone’s homework in front of them. Please take out a red pen (or any color that is different from your pencil) I will need volunteers to help me as we correct on the board!

4 QUIZ: LC 1.1- put everything away except for a pencil and half sheet of paper
QUIZ: LC Name: Date: Period: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ashley: I am going to have them peer-correct this quiz!

5 Spelling!! Today, we will be focusing on how to correct frequently misspelled words. Incorrect spelling not only is difficult to read, but can often times change the meaning of your sentences!! We will concentrate on the following items to better our spelling: Homophones Words with vowel combinations Words with suffixes Words ending in the f sound Difference between commonly misused words!

6 Review on Homophones!! What are homophones again??
Right!! They are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Why would knowing about homophones be important for spelling correctly?? Is it important?? You must make sure that you choose the spelling of the word that matches the meaning you want.

7 Let me show you before you do it!!
FOLDABLE I am going to pass out a piece of paper. You must do the following before we get started: Fold it HOT DOG STYLE!! Cut THREE slits…making FOUR flaps. Only cut on one side of the paper. Label each flap in the following manner: Flap one: -ie and -ei Flap two: -f Flap three: suffixes Flap four: their, they’re, there and it’s, its Let me show you before you do it!!

8 First Flap: -ie and -ei The vowel combinations ie or ei are often misspelled. ***Remember the saying: i before e except after c, or when sounded like ay as in neighbor and weigh. Examples: receive and believe Help me with these examples: (They will go in your foldable): 1.) br____f 2.) fr____ght 3.) rec____ver 4.) w____gh 5.) dec____ve 6.) p____rce 7.) p____r 8.) r____ndeer 1.) brief 2.) freight 3.) receiver 4.) weigh 5.) deceive 6.) pierce 7.) pier 8.) reindeer

9 Second Flap: -f The f sound at the end of words can be spelled –ff or –ough. Examples: Stuff, enough; gruff, bluff; rough, tough

10 Third Flap: Suffixes (write small)
A suffix is something added to the end of something else. Examples: Funnyfunnier. Heavyheaviest. Loselosing. 1.) When a word ends in a consonant plus –y, change y to i when adding a suffix. Example: lazy + -ly = lazily. Happy + ness = happiness EXCEPTION: Most suffixes beginning with –i. Example: try + ing = trying. cry + ing = crying 2.) When a word ends in –e, drop the e when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel. Example: move + able = moveable. drive + ing = driving. 3.) When a word ends in –e, make no change when adding a suffix beginning with a consonant. Example: peace + ful = peaceful. brave + ly = bravely.

11 Practice Time!! 1.) cry (-ing) 2.) try (-ed) 3.) beauty (-fy)
Can you help me? In your notebook, spend 5 minutes writing the correct spelling for the following words using what you just learned about suffixes: 1.) cry (-ing) 2.) try (-ed) 3.) beauty (-fy) 4.) move (-able) 5.) late (-ly) 6.) mystery (-ous)

12 Answers Can someone explain why these are spelled this way??
1.) crying 2.) tried 3.) beautify 4.) moveable 5.) lately 6.) mysterious Can someone explain why these are spelled this way??

13 Fourth Flap: Their, they’re, there and it’s, its
They’re means they are Example: They’re studying English There refers to a place Example: My car is parked over there Their is a possessive adjective Example: Their jacket is in the closet Its is the possessive pronoun; it modifies a noun Example: The mother cat carried its kitten in its mouth. It's is a contraction of it is or it has. Example: I think it's going to rain today. (Contraction of it is)

14 A Quick Lesson on Their, There, They’re
What’s the difference between their, there, and they’re?

15 Affect vs Effect (in your notebook)
The words affect and effect are often misspelled and misused. The majority of the time you use affect with an a as a verb and effect with an e as a noun. Affect with an a means "to influence," as in, "The arrows affected Ardvark," or "The rain affected Amy's hairdo.“ Effect with an e has a lot of subtle meanings as a noun, the meaning "a result" seems to be at the core of all the definitions. For example, you can say, "The effect was eye-popping," or "The sound effects were amazing," or "The rain had no effect on Amy's hairdo."

16 Let’s look at more commonly misspelled words
Can you explain why words like these would be misspelled often?? To, too, two Your, you’re Tough Rough Friends Believe Receive deceive

17 Before we move on… We will need to know the difference between consonants and vowels. Can someone explain what the difference is?? Consonants are letters such as: b, c, d, p, w, v, r, s, etc. Vowels include: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y

18 Spelling Stations Each table is going to receive a packet with several worksheets YOU DO NOT WRITE on these worksheets!! Please write the answers in your notebook (label the worksheet you are completing) Use your foldable and notes from today to help you on completing the exercises and misspelled words! Do your best. You have 25 minutes to work on these If you finish before time is up, please read silently or study your foldable

19 Answer Check! Station 2: Station 1: b - Wednesday a- grammar
a - schedule a - sincerely a – there b – their Station 1: a- grammar b- definitely a- separate a- through c - develop

20 Answer Check! Station 4: Station 3: b - straight b - gauge a - except
a - incident a - knew b – there Station 3: b - gauge c - accommodate c - dilemma c – maneuver b – embarrassed

21 Answer Check! Station 5: It’s Its It’s Its

22 Homework Study your foldable and notes for a quiz on Wednesday!

23 DO NOW Take out half a sheet of paper and clear everything else off your desk. Name: Date: Period: QUIZ: LC 1.5- Misspelled Words 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ashley: I’m going to peer correct the quiz when they are finished to save time on grading.

24 #1 In which answer can you make a correctly spelled word by adding the letters ie? A. Br___fly B. W__ght C. Rec___ve

25 #2 Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly? A. Weight
B. Receive C. Neighbor D. Beleive

26 #3 Which of the following sentences has all the words spelled correctly? A. They’re going to consider you’re application. B. There going to consider your application. C. Their going to consider your application. D. They’re going to consider your application.

27 #4 Rewrite each of the following words adding –er and –est. Scary Ugly

28 #5 Rewrite the following sentences so that all the words are spelled correctly. We recieved a shipment of t-shirts today. There all different sizes.

29 Class Novel We will spend the rest of the period reading from our class novel. During the last 10 minutes of class, you will write a summary and complete a graphic organizer for what we read today!


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