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REALIZING THE CHOCTAW DREAM Rhonda Mize Choctaw Nation Career Development Program.

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1 REALIZING THE CHOCTAW DREAM Rhonda Mize Choctaw Nation Career Development Program

2 Choctaw Career Development  Tribal Mission Statement  To enhance the lives of all members through opportunities designed to develop healthy, successful and productive lifestyles  Tribal Vision  To achieve healthy, successful, productive, and self-sufficient lifestyles for a proud nation of Choctaws  Program Purpose  To facilitate education & training which leads to industry recognized certifications or licensures and self-sustaining employment for Choctaw tribal members We take members from point A to Z: Z = gainful employment.

3 Our Clients  Adult Choctaw Tribal Members  Provide assistance to those seeing education/training which leads to an industry recognized certification or licensure  High School Age Choctaw Tribal Members  Promote Career Readiness Certification and work with schools to provide career exploration activities  Choctaw Interlocal High School Students  Provide career class for all enrolled students

4 Key Components of Career Development  Career Guidance (KeyTrain/WorkKeys)  Relevant Academic Development (KeyTrain)  Education & Training (KeyTrain)  Credentialing (WorkKeys)  Knowledge of Employer Expectations (KeyTrain)  Success Experiences (KeyTrain /WorkKeys)  Employment Services (CRC)

5 Win- Win - Win Program!  KeyTrain  Pre-Tests  Upskilling Career Goals – preparing for successful career WorkKeys Preparation – effective preparation for testing  WorkKeys  Occupational Profiles – used for goal setting  Industry Recognized Credentials – employment tool  Career Readiness Certification (CRC)  CRC Utilization – used in competitive job searching  Incentive Awards – the motivation

6 Academic Assessment  Pre-Assessments  Step #1 – KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 Pre-tests Applied Math Locating Information Reading for Information Career Cluster-Based Assessments Requirement for Payment of Training Assistance (minimum level 3) Required for all Adult Clients and for Interlocal School Students

7 KT/WK Goals CR101’s KeyTrain pretests are an indicator of your current skills as compared to the skills necessary for success in your chosen career field. It also indicates your possible achievement in WorkKeys, the Career Readiness Certification (CRC) assessment. Your essential score levels are listed below: Your Chosen Career: ______RN________ CR101-KeyTrain Goal: Applied Math: ___6___ WorkKeys Goal: Applied Math: ___5___ Locating Info: ___5___ Locating Info: ___4___ Reading for Info: ___6___ Reading for Info: ___5___ **your assessment scores in no way affect your educational funding through Career Development!

8 WorkKeys Occupational Profiles  Profiles Available in:  WK Occupation Profiles Database: /profiles/occuprof/ ml /profiles/occuprof/ ml bin/workkeys/occuprof/certifi cate/crc_lookup.cgi?SITE=crc &LETTER=a& bin/workkeys/occuprof/certifi cate/crc_lookup.cgi?SITE=crc &LETTER=a&  OKCIS – Occupations, WorkKeys  KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 Search for Occupations by CRC Scores

9 My KT/WK Spill… 1. KeyTrain Goals set by WorkKeys Occupational Profiles  The KT lessons are relevant to success in client’s chosen career field, and can help insure client has adequate skills for success on the job.  At the same time, client is preparing for success on the WorkKeys tests. 2. WorkKeys Testing/CRC  Through WK testing, client gains a credential that can be used along with the to help gain employment. 3. Choctaw Nation CRC Initiative  Award money up to $500 is available to Choctaw members who obtain a CRC.

10 Key #3 -- Relevant Academic Enhancement  Academic Guidance & Support  Relevant Academics Utilization of KeyTrain Career Cluster Based Pre-assessments Core KeyTrain Lessons  Other KeyTrain Lessons  KeyTrain Career Skills Work Habits & Workplace Effectiveness (for CRC+) Job Search Communication Skills Business Etiquette  Writing, Applied Technology, Listening, Observation, Teamwork, etc.  Financial Literacy  Tutoring Services  Additional Web-Based Lessons/Practice  WorkKeys Testing

11 Relevant Academic Enhancement  Nursing Entrance Prep Program  Potential Nursing Students  Focus on Academic Skill Building  Nursing Entrance Application  Nursing Entrance Prep Success! Joe – low grades in H.S. courses, out of school for over 5 years, worried about academics and ability to succeed KeyTrain Assessment & Enhancement 3 rd Highest NET Scores in KTC Nursing Programs

12 KeyTrain Pre-tests Preparation Remediation WorkKeys Assessment Career Readiness Certification Documented Skills Certification Used for Employment

13 Meeting Academic Goals  Clients obtain Oklahoma CRC and/or CRC+  CRC obtained should match WK Profile for chosen career field  Basic academic skills for success in the workplace  National CRC

14 WorkKeys Initiative Process  Individual must be an approved CNCD client  Tribal Membership  Provide copy of Oklahoma CRC  National CRCs may also be submitted  Sign W-9 form  Checks are made payable to client Glenda earned her NCRC at Paris Jr. College.

15 CNCD WorkKeys Initiative CRC Incentive Awards  Platinum = $400  Gold = $300  Silver = $200  Bronze = $100  CRC+ = $100

16 CRC Success Stories  Added confidence for previously not-so- successful students Disadvantaged Students  Incarcerated Tribal Members Award $ (held pending their release) Employment Opportunities  Success Experiences

17 Education & Training  Leads to Industry Recognized Licensure or Certification  Short-term & Long-term Technology Centers Community/Junior College Career Centers Universities  Individuals in Training  CNA, LPN, RN, Truck Drivers, Teachers, Welders, HVAC Technicians, Automotive Technicians, Cosmetologists, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, etc.  900+ Individuals Placed in Jobs  750+ CRC Initiative Awards Paid

18 Choctaw Nation Interlocal – (alternative program for 8 county schools) Assessments – Interests, Values, Abilities OKCIS (or Discover): Career Quest (Occ. Sort) IDEAS Assessment O’NET Interest Profiler SKILLS O’NET Work Importance Locator Academics & Skill Building KeyTrain: Applied Mathematics Locating Information Reading for Information Career Clusters Clusters Overview Career Planning Bridges Career Planning Career Skills / Employer Expectations Employer Expectations : Employment & Separation Information KeyTrain: The Job Search Resume, Cover Letter Preparation Employment Application s Work Habits Communication Skills Networking Workplace Effectiveness Business Etiquette Personal Development: Decision Making Skills Oral Presentation Mock Interview Portfolio Development Career Readiness Certificate WorkKeys Assessments / CRC 2010 Class Theme: Preparing for Success!

19 High School Age Tribal Members  CNCD Career Counselors visit schools to provide program information and assist with school activities  Partnerships with JOM Programs to provide career exploration activities  Provide WorkKeys Testing & CRC’s  Provide WorkKeys testing for Alternative EOI’s  CRC Award Incentives  Career Expo  450+ high school students currently planning to attend Career Expo on April 7 th

20 Employment Services  Employability Skill Development  Resume & Cover Letter Development Training Resume Critiquing  Interviewing Skills Training  Job Search Tips  Employment Application Completion Training  College Central Job Board  Employer Relations  Cost Benefit Analysis  LPN ($22k) to RN ($45k), Training Costs: $7k  Table Busser ($3.50/hr) to Diesel Tech ($14.00/hr), Training Costs: $4000

21 CNCD’s Annual Career Expo  Traditional Opening Ceremonies  Motivational Speaker  Employment & Educational Opportunities  190 Employers & Schools/Training Facilities  Job Seekers & Students  Lunch Provided for All  Transportation for Tribal Members  Employment Application Lab  Breakout Sessions/Workshops

22 Career Expo 2010 Join us on April 7 th ! Everyone is Welcome

23 Certification Ceremony – November 10 th, 2009 Kiamichi Technology Center, Idabel, OK  Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce & Governor’s Council for Workforce & Economic Development Initiative  Certified Work Ready Communities have a competitive advantage because they can qualify a skilled workforce to an existing employer or a new business considering Oklahoma for a new location.  The Work Ready Community project expands the Career Readiness Certification efforts and verifies that certified communities or regions have a sustainable, reliable pipeline that delivers the right workers with the right skills at the right time. “Oklahoma’s Premier Work Ready Region”

24  13 Counties included: Choctaw Atoka HaskellBryan LatimerCoal Leflore Johnston McCurtainMcIntosh Pittsburg Hughes Pushmataha The nation’s largest Work Ready Community!

25 Celebration Ceremony Governor’s Commendation by Sec. of State, Susan Savage Certification Presentation by: Norma Noble, Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development


27 Additional Keys to Success–  Choctaw Asset Building (CAB) Program  CAB provides Choctaw tribal members with: Financial Independence Financial Literacy Training Matching Funds (IDA) “The Choctaw Nation is keenly aware of the challenges our tribal members face…This IDA savings program will provide the training and support they need to help them establish good financial habits, as well as, a high-quality asset and a path toward a brighter future.” --Chief Gregory E. Pyle

28 Utilizing KeyTrain and WorkKeys Achieve to Success  Effective Career Counseling  Academic Assessment & Enhancement  Training  Credentialing  Employment Services  Economic & Workforce Development Choctaw tribal members achieving healthy, successful, productive, and self-sufficient lifestyles

29 Thank you! Rhonda Mize, Academic Coordinator – – Questions?

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