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Webinars: Prepare Your Players Jennifer Peterson

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1 Webinars: Prepare Your Players Jennifer Peterson

2 The key players in a webinar: – Producers – Presenters – Participants Plan to prepare each role for success.

3 Prepare your Producers

4 Producer: Life-cycle of a Webinar Planning starts early Inviting presenters Set up and Registration Market broadly Follow up emails Archiving Reports and Evaluation

5 Producer: The Archive Page Registration link Title, description, presenters Links to archive, slides, & chat added after event Related resources Date & time

6 Producer: Live Hosting Audio checks with presenters Participant orientation (welcome ) slides !START RECORDING! Introduction of topic and presenters Engagement/Moderation Facilitate Q&A Wrap-up

7 Producer: Tech Support Prepare cheat-sheet of common issues and solutions, and links to support info Login as “WJ Support” for easy recognition Post to chat: “Please use the Q&A panel” Stay alert for rapid response Copy-and-paste answers as much as possible Personalize, if you have time: “Hi Sally, I see you’re having trouble with…”

8 Prepare your Presenters

9 Presenter: Know the Medium Presenting online *IS* different – Speak enthusiastically to your (invisible) audience – Use images and graphics to focus attention – Avoid slide animations – Avoid custom fonts Some things are the same – Practice your timing – Save time for questions – Don’t read your slides word-for-word

10 Use phone headset for best audio Be savvy with tech challenges Have a copy of presentation slides Have backup slides for live application demonstrations Breathe! Presenter: In the Moment

11 Tools for engagement: o chat o polls o whiteboard o hand-raising o yes/no buttons Build in questions for the audience Share links to additional information Presenter: Get Interactive

12 Prepare your Participants

13 Participants: Get Ready Check your technology Invest in a headset Schedule the time Eliminate distractions Plan to share learning with colleagues sarahmstewart/2870665813

14 Participants: In the Moment Join early for orientation Zone in Participate Share Stay on topic

15 Benefits of blending face-to-face with webinar: Co-workers come together as learners Learners acquire a common language about the topic Post-event discussion to find local relevance of the topic Brainstorm ways to apply learning to their work Cohort can watch a webinar archive Participants: Learn with a Cohort

16 Participants: Cohort Case Studies 1.Kansas Groupies: self-organized co-workers watching webinars together 2.Kansas State Library Online Conference Cohort: state- wide arrangement for 2-day online conference viewing 3.St. Joseph County Public Library Online Conference Cohort: staff at main library & 9 branches view portions of 2-day online conference


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