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The Planets of Our Solar System

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1 The Planets of Our Solar System
by Mrs. Campbell’s and Miss Lopez’ Class

2 Mercury Mercury has craters. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
Mercury is the smallest planet. Mercury is very hot. There is little air on Mercury.

3 Venus Venus has yellow clouds. It is the brightest planet.
No life is on it.

4 Earth Earth is the only planet with living things.
Earth has clouds made of water vapor. Earth has land and water.

5 Mars Mars is called the “red planet” because it has rust.
Mars has canyons, channels, craters and volcanoes. The biggest volcano in the solar system is on Mars. Mars has 2 moons. Mars has polar ice caps.

6 Jupiter The great red spot is a giant storm that has lasted 300 years. Jupiter's nickname is the king of all planets. Jupiter is way bigger than the sun!

7 Saturn 1. Saturn has rocks, dust and rings. 2. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. 3. Saturn is the second largest planet.

8 Uranus Uranus was hit by an asteroid and spins on it’s side.
Uranus is a blue-green gas planet. Uranus’ rings are made of ice and graphite. Uranus has really strong winds.

9 Neptune Neptune orbits the sun from 2.79 billion years away.
It is 30,601 miles wide. Neptune has 4 rings and 13 know moons.

10 The Planets of Our Solar System
Andrew Logan Billy Tyler Elizabeth Anthony

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