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A Snap Shot of Westfield’s School Improvement Process.

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1 A Snap Shot of Westfield’s School Improvement Process

2 Goals 2010-2011 Affective: By the end of school year 2010-2011, WF Students will demonstrate an overall 3% decrease in bullying and harassment as measured by office referrals. Cognitive: At the end of 2010-2011 school year, WF Students will maintain scores that meet or exceed in Math and Reading as measured on the Measures of Academic Progress Assessments and ISAT.

3 Action Plans 2010-2011 MAP Scores –Goal Setting/RIT band Work Curriculum Mapping –Gaps –Math drop in unit Z-Scores –Bubble Kid Program/Accelerated Extended Response –Math/Reading


5 Interventions Students identified in team meetings that were at the 30 th percentile and below based on Z scores from primarily MAP scores, in addition to ISAT, OLSAT, and teacher recommendation. Rocket Math: –Math fact program On average, students have improved 4 levels in first quarter. Reading Plus: –Structured silent reading program designed to improve reading comprehension skills. Students have averaged a two level gain on the reading program for 1 st quarter.

6 Interventions Continued Bubble Groups: –Students are provided with additional instructional time focused on math and/or reading depending on the students need. Students also focus on test taking strategies. 6 th grade Reading: 100% improved, 6 th grade math:100%, 7 th grade read: 80%, 7 th grade math: 100%, 8 th grade reading: 92% and 8 th grade math: 100% RIT Band Work: –Students work on writing goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and build skills in areas of weakness based on their MAP scores.

7 Interventions Continued Supportive Reading: –Students are provided with additional instructional time focused on building their reading comprehension skills. Study Skills Group: –Students receive instruction on building study skills such as organization, time management, and test taking skills. Quiet Lunch: –Students receive extra time to complete work with supervision.


9 Training Monitoring Reading Plus: –Special Education Teachers, Parapros, Grade level teachers, Support Staff, and Administration –Summer session and a half day inservice –Ongoing contact with Reading plus coordinator Rocket Math: –Parapros and Special Education Teachers AIMSweb: –Special Education teachers, Supportive Reading, Support staff, and Parapros –Natsuki provides ongoing training and serves as a consultant to staff Book Studies: –BLT: Ahead of the Curve –All staff: Rethinking Homework –Select Staff: Trouble with Boys Reading Plus: –Special Education Staff, Natsuki, Parapros and Support Staff –Monitored through student conferences, program built in data collection, direct teaching lessons of weak areas, and AIMSweb (Maze and RCBM) Rocket Math: –Parapros and Special Education teachers –Chart in which students progress is collected AIMSweb: –Progress monitoring tool for reading, writing and math Book Studies: –Ongoing discussions in team meetings

10 Specific Goals/Plans for May 1.ISAT Bubble Groups 2.M.A.P. Testing 3.RTI Interventions – may need to know AIMS Web 4.Rocket Math – need background 5.Reading Plus – need background 6.Building Goal Setting Sheets

11 Curriculum Mapping Continue to examine maps to see gaps, overlaps, and needs.

12 Our Plans for the Future ISAT Bubble Groups Set up a time to train our paraprofessionals to teach the program. Analyze our ISAT data. Identify students who could be part of the Bubble Groups. (below-to-meets) Schedule intervention times to determine when students are pulled out of class.

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