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WA State Transportation Brokerage Services – Model for Mobility Management Christie Scheffer, EVP/COO Paratransit Services.

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1 WA State Transportation Brokerage Services – Model for Mobility Management Christie Scheffer, EVP/COO Paratransit Services

2 PARATRANSIT SERVICES  Private, Non-profit since 1980 – specializes in transportation call centers, Medicaid brokerages, and public transit operations in California, Washington and Oregon.  Piloting Broker in WA State – Currently provide brokerage services for 9 counties, brokering over 1 million trips per year.

3 What Is A Transportation Broker  A firm that specializes in: – arranging and monitoring transportation services for individuals with special needs while ensuring funders regulatory requirements are being met.

4 The WA State Brokerage System  The system was established in 1988 by DSHS to Broker Non-Emergency Medical Transportation  The Brokerage System is a state-wide system with 6 Brokerages providing services to 13 regions.  In 2002, DSHS added Interpreter Services  Subcontracts with an established network of providers.  Provides Rural and Urban transportation.

5 WA State - Persons/Sq. Mile

6 Medical Assistance Administration Transportation Brokers Garfield Pend Oreille Spokane Walla Asotin Columbia Stevens Whitma n Ferry Lincoln Franklin Adams Douglas Grant Benton Yakima Klickitat Chelan Whatcom Okanogan Skagit King Kittitas Snohomish Lewis Pierce Skamania Clallam Clar k Cowlitz Thurston Maso n Pacific Jefferson Grays Harbor Island San Juan Wahkiakum Kitsap Note: Mason County is divided, with the Northern half in Region 5 and the Southern half in Region 6. Region 3A Region 6A Region 1A Region 1D Region 1B Region 1D Region 1C Region 2 Region 3B Region 4 Region 6C Region 5 Region 6B As of January 1, 2011

7 NEMT Pyramid 4 Full-Time DSHS/MAA Managers Average “Internal” Cost: Less Than $0.25/Trip 6 Independent Brokers Serve 13 Regions Statewide Average “Administrative” Contract Cost: About $3.05/Trip 165+ Subcontractors & 26 Transit Agencies Provide Trips Using 6,000 Vehicles Average “Service” Contract Cost: About $17.01/Trip Clients currently receiving 2.9 Million Trips/Year: That’s About 11,155 Trips/Day – EVERY DAY! Total Contract Cost: About $20/Trip

8 What Does A Transportation Broker Provide  Ensures adequate resources are available  Matches client need with lowest cost, most appropriate resource  Ensures cost efficiency  Ensures system safety  Ensures Regulatory Compliance (local, state, federal, etc.)

9 Call/Contact Center: Eligibility screening, Reservations, Scheduling and Dispatch Contract Administration Quality Assurance Billing and Auditing Driver Training and Drug & Alcohol Consortium services Brokerage services include:

10 Matches client need with available resources  Available resources include but not limited to: –Bus passes –Mileage Reimbursement and Fuel Cards –Sedans and Vans –Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles –Volunteer Networks –Lodging and Meals; Commercial bus, air, train

11 Ensures Cost Efficiency  Finds lowest cost most appropriate mode of service  Share rides to eliminate duplication of services  Creates competition between transportation companies to ensure best cost solutions  Fraud prevention protocols

12 Ensures System Safety  Operator and Pre-Employment Standards  Training Standards  Vehicle Standards  Service Standards  Reporting Standards  Insurance Requirements  Rider Standards

13 Technological support  Online Trip Request, trip check and cancel  IVR system – calls with next day trip reminder  Online Transportation Provider Net – –Receive trip information online –Perform Billing online  Online request for Interpreter Services and other programs  Scheduling Software and phone system





18 Once the Brokerage is established, other services can now be added!  Interpreter Services  McKinney Vento Transportation  Beyond the Borders  Other types of Coordination

19 Interpreter Services  Established in 2002  Medical Providers contact Brokerage for IS  Broker contracts with IS Agencies  Projected to save $8 million in first 2 years. Real savings- $8 million in first 6 months  Currently saving $1 mil. per mo

20 McKinney Vento Transportation  The No Child Left Behind Act – unfunded mandate  Project Partners: Paratransit Services, one other WA State Brokerage, six school districts and PSESD.  The School Districts contact the Brokerage for their county, and refer students for transportation. Created significant administrative efficiencies.

21 Beyond the Borders  Project Partners: Pierce Transit, Paratransit Services, and Pierce County Community Services.  Funds: Special Needs, JARC and Community Development Block grant funds  Connect people who live outside of the transit boundary to essential services by bringing them into the transit service area, using Broker Transportation Providers to transport to the nearest Park & Ride.

22 Other Types of Coordination  Tribal connections – 2 examples –Feeder route –Tribal Transportation Providers  Major Urban Medical Center – onsite Mobility Management Kiosk  Volunteer center  Sponsor-A-Ride (donation system)

23  Veterans Project (allow Veterans to piggy-back existing DSHS trips) (goal is to turn this into a rural shuttle)  Caregiver Transport  Meal Site  Rural Medical Shuttle – Partners: DOT grant, Medicaid, Medical Partner and transit funding (gen. public may ride/min.$)  Gorge Translink- 5 counties/2 states – coordinates transport along 200 mile corridor in OR and WA

24 Brokerage Model Benefits  Provides infrastructure to coordinate a variety of services  Ensures adequate resources are available (transportation providers or Interpreters)  Matches client need with available resources  Ensures cost efficiency

25  Ensures system safety  Ensures Regulatory Compliance (local, state, federal, etc.)  Continues to expand capacity for mobility management and coordination by leveraging resources of various funders. Benefits to the Users


27 Contact: Christie Scheffer, EVP/COO Paratransit Services

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