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Typical Dutch!. Content Fairytale: Klaas vaak Recipe: Boerenkool met worst Music: Ilse deLange.

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1 Typical Dutch!

2 Content Fairytale: Klaas vaak Recipe: Boerenkool met worst Music: Ilse deLange

3 Fairytale: Klaas Vaak Klaas Vaak Grains of sand in the eyes of children The corners of the eyes of children Living on the moon Brother: the dead Bad raport  bad story

4 Boerenkool met worst 4 persons, 35 minutes Ingredients: 800 gram floury potatoes 400 gram curly kale 2 smoked sausages 100 gram butter 300 ml whole milk How to cook? Boil the potatoes in water with a pinch of salt, for circa 20 minutes. Make sure the potatoe is cooked by pricking the potatoe with a fork. (If the potatoe slides off, it’s cooked.) Put the curly kale in a tall pan with a little layer of water. Put a lid on the pan and let the curly kale simmer for circa 25 minutes. Put the sausages in a pan full of water. Keep the sausage over low heat close to a simmer for 20 minutes. Drain the potatoes and mash them with a pestle. Place the pan with the mashed potatoes on the stove and put the butter with it. Add hot milk to get the desired thickness. Add some salt and pepper for the taste. Drain the curly kale and mix it with the mashed potatoes. Serve the curly cale with a half sausage for each person and have a nice meal! Eet smakelijk!

5 Music: Ilse deLange Career - singing live - talent shows - Dutch Country Music Awards Break - Warner Music - Zucchero - the future

6 Breaktrough - popular singer - Genres: country, pop, and rock - Cash on Delivery - First single: I’m not so tough - Dear John, Livin’ on love and World of Hurt Highlights - Big successes: The great escape and Incredible - Much prices like Best Female Vocalist, Best live act and for the best single. - 2010: album Next to me

7 Hele Tekst Fairytale Klaas Vaak, also mentioned as the Sandman, is a name of a goblin who comes every night to children to put some grains of sand in the eyes of those children, so they fall in sleep. As evidence for the nocturnal visit of Klaas Vaak you can see that in the corners of the eyes of the children sand grains are present. In the morning the children have to wash there faces to remove the sand grains.The sandman would live on the moon and ensure all the dreams.Klaas Vaak has one famous story: the story of the boy Andersen Hjalmar. Klaas Vaak comes to his room for zeven long nights. In the first evening, the story of the sandman is rudely interrupted because the sandman mentioned the bad Marks of Andersen Hjalmar. The crooked and deformed letters in his exercise book must first be put right. The other nights the sandman goes along on several dream trips with the boy. On the seventh night sandman tells the boy about his brother, also called sandman, and he is the dead. The brother has only two stories. This one is so beautifull that no one can believe that its true. The other is so horrible that there’s no pen to describe that story. Death comes only once in life and take that person when it falls asleep with him on his horse. Than he asks them to their report. People who have a good report may sit on the front of the horse and get the best story. People who have a average or bad report may sit on the back of the horse and het the worse story.

8 Hele tekst Music Biography: Ilse Annoeska de Lange 13 may 1977, almelo, Netherlands 1985-till now Country, pop, rock Singer Career Ilse’s career began as a playback artist when she was eight years old. She won various contests. When she started singing live, people started noticing her. This all happened because she did some regional and national talent shows. Because of the talent shows she had the chance to sing on TV. In the beginning she formed a duo with guitarist Joop van Liefland, in this way, she made her first steps in the world of country music. In 1994 she did a performance for the Dutch Country Music Awards but it didn’t bring her much attention. She came in contact with a glorious record label, named Warner Music and a few years later they signed her. Break Begin 2004 Warner Music was disbanded and Ilse was left without a recording contract. In the same year she worked with the Italian singer Zucchero on a single that became a modest hit. There were problems with the management and the success around the singer fell down. But she didn’t give up and showed the world that she was very busy with the future. Unexpectedly she went on a tour through the whole country and many concerts were sold out.

9 Breakthrough Ilse is a very popular singer in Holland. She sing in English and her genres are country, pop and rock. In 1998 she sang in the group: Cash on Delivery. They went to Nashville (U.S.A), to record there album. Because they were in the country city she became famous in Holland. Her first single : I’m not so tough, came on tv in a show of Paul de Leeuw. Her album became a big success. After that there came other albums like: Dear John, Livin’on love and World of Hurt. Highlights In 2006 her album: The Great Escape came out and that was a really big success. She had a mini tour in Holland and the tickets sold out really fast. After that, the ablum Incredible came out, and that was also a big success. She won much prices like: Best female vocalist, Best live act and a price for the best single. Now in 2010 she released here album Next to me and that is like every album a success. I think we’re gonna hear in the future a lot more about Ilse de Lange!

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