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2011-2012 Soccer Rules & Editorial Changes NH Technical Institute Concord, NH July 30, 2011 National Federation of State High School.

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1 Soccer Rules & Editorial Changes NH Technical Institute Concord, NH July 30, 2011 National Federation of State High School

2 7/30/20112 Introduction 2011 NHSOA Soccer Rules Interpretation Ted Kitsis, NHSOA Rules Interpreter –Contact Information Phone : Cell : No calls at work please!

3 7/30/20113 Topics of Discussion Soccer Rule Changes for Major Editorial Changes for NFHS Points of Emphasis –Handling Video –New Referee Questions Video Q & A Session?

4 7/30/20114 Soccer Rule Changes

5 7/30/20115 Soccer Rule Changes : Team Rosters –Now must include first and last name and numbers of all players, all bench personnel and all coaches on rosters –Goalkeepers may have two numbers listed on the roster Goalkeeper’s number Field player’s number –Still required at least five minutes prior to start –Players, bench personnel, and coaches can still be added to the roster after the start of play

6 7/30/20116 Soccer Rule Changes i3: Goalkeeper’s Uniform –The jersey of the goalkeeper shall be distinctly different from that of any teammate or opponent, except the other goalkeeper –The shorts or pants and socks of the goalkeeper are not required to be the same color as his/her teammates –Goalkeeper’s uniform must comply with 4-1-1f (manufacture’s logo/trademark)

7 7/30/20117 Soccer Rule Changes (new): Substitute Attire – It is recommended that substitutes wear distinguishing pinnies when warming up outside of the team area.

8 7/30/20118 Soccer Rule Changes : Each head coach shall be responsible for ensuring that each of his/her players is properly and legally equipped. –The head coach shall receive the first caution issued for an illegally equipped player. –All subsequent cautions for illegally equipped player(s) shall be issued directly to the player(s) and not to the head coach. –Illegally equipped player(s) shall be instructed to leave the field of play when the ball next ceases to be in play.

9 7/30/20119 Soccer Rule Changes : Con’t –The player(s) must be removed and may be replaced at the time of the caution to the coach or player(s). –The removed player(s) may re-enter at the next legal substitution opportunity only after reporting to an official who shall be satisfied the player’s equipment and uniform are in order.

10 7/30/ Soccer Rule Changes f(10,11,12) (new): Misconduct –10. player who displays reckless play –11. illegally equipped player, per 4.3 –12. any delayed, excessive or prolonged act(s) by which a player(s) attempts to focus attention upon himself/herself and/or prohibits a timely restart of the game PENALTY: An official shall administer a caution (yellow card) for unsporting conduct

11 7/30/ Soccer Rule Changes ff (new): RECKLESS PLAY –the player has acted with complete disregard of the danger to, or consequences for, the opponent. A player who displays reckless play shall be cautioned.

12 7/30/ Soccer Rule Changes NFHS Official Soccer Signals: –Added a ninth Official Soccer Signal – Goal (the number 20 signal in the rule book) –Signal #8 – Corner Kick editorial change from “Point to Spot” to “Point to Corner”

13 7/31/201013

14 7/30/ Soccer Rule Changes b: Implementation Delayed –Beginning with the 2013 fall season, the home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks, and the visiting team shall wear dark jerseys and socks. Delayed by the NFHS Board of Directors for one year (was due to go into effect in 2012)

15 7/31/201015

16 16 Illegal Home Team Uniforms Starting Fall 2013 Color Side Panels and Color Piping

17 7/30/ Legal Home Team Uniforms Starting Fall 2013

18 7/30/ Major Editorial Changes for can be found on (pages 5-6) Major Editorial Changes

19 1-4-1: If used on a football field, the front of the portable goals should be, at least 2 yards in front of the base of the existing football goalposts c2: A player, including the goalkeeper, who is injured and attended to on the field or who is deemed injured by the referee shall leave the field and may be replaced : Change Section 6 title to “Excessive Player Changes” 7/30/201119


21 Major Editorial Changes 4-2-1: Illegal Equipment –4-2-1(f): Now states that unaltered knee braces are legal and do not require additional padding –4-2-1(g) (new): Non-metal ankle braces that are unaltered are legal and may be worn outside a sock. Ankle braces of metal or unyielding material that are unaltered are legal if covered by a sock. 7/30/201121

22 Major Editorial Changes 4-2-5: Artificial Limbs –Complete re-write of this rule –Now allows each State Association to authorize exceptions to the NFHS rules to accommodate individuals with: Disabilities, Special needs, or Unique and extenuating circumstances 7/30/201122

23 7/30/ Points of Emphasis for (Refer to page 69 of Rule Book)

24 7/30/ Points of Emphasis Concussion Management: –If the player is determined to be unconscious or apparently unconscious by game officials, the player cannot return to the game until they are medically cleared by medical professionals. Common symptoms of concussions include: –headache, fogginess, confusion, difficult with memory, nausea, tired, dizziness, blurred vision, mood changes Please see NFHS Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion on page 106 and

25 7/30/ Points of Emphasis Elbows: –Need to monitor dangerous and illegal use of elbows if Striking opponents –Using the elbow could lead to serious injury –If allowed, could threaten the integrity of the game

26 7/30/ Points of Emphasis Player Equipment: –Coaches need to work with players and officials to ensure player equipment is safe and legal –Officials must emphasize player safety and legal equipment through out the match

27 7/30/ Points of Emphasis Online Education: –Visit for online educational opportunities for both coaches and officials –These include: Rule changes Situational videos Tactical and technical instructions, and Management skills

28 7/30/ Points of Emphasis Handling :Handling –Inadvertent Handling, No Intent; no foul –Hand or arm in natural position; no foul even if player gains possession of the ball –Hand or arm not in a natural position; foul Regardless of where it happened on the field Be consistent (midfield vs. penalty area) –Moving hand to protect one’s self; foul –Don’t allow coach’s or player’s actions to influence your call or non-call

29 7/30/ Questions? Coaches or Officials ? Ted Kitsis, NHSOA Rules Interpreter –Contact Information Phone : Cell : Remember, No calls at work please

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