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New Hampshire Soccer July 28, 2012 NH Soccer Officials Association.

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1 New Hampshire Soccer July 28, 2012 NH Soccer Officials Association

2 Sportsmanship Data Sportsmanship Follow Up Tournament Assignment Process Officials Feedback Form Contact Information Agenda

3 Sportsmanship Data DISQUALIFICATIONS BOY'SGirls 3 YCSVVCoachTotal3 YCSVVCoachTotal 201111 2214500213 201013930254216110 200916112355512317 2008 520025 2518 2007 617023 1506 2006 1032143 2406 2005 2027249 1528 2004 333440 0516 2003 838046 0415 2002 1637255 1416

4 Sportsmanship Data Yellow Cards BoysGirlsTotal 201133080410 201033186417 200933288420 200832769396 2007451114565 2006676142818

5 Sportsmanship Follow-Up Tier 1: Schools with 8+ cards (yellow and/or red) for boy’s soccer and 4+ cards (yellow and/or red) for girl’s soccer will receive a sportsmanship letter. Any school with 2+ red cards will receive a sportsmanship letter.

6 Sportsmanship Follow-Up Tier 2: Schools with both a boy’s and girl’s program which meet the criteria for Tier 1 will receive a sportsmanship letter addressing the concern for both programs. Tier 3: Schools having a 3 year history meeting the criteria for Tier 1 will receive a letter to schedule a meeting with the Sportsmanship Committee to discuss corrective action.

7 Tournament Assignment Process The Supervisor of Officials chooses tournament officials for the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds of the state soccer tournament. The Soccer Committee Chair solicits recommendations for the semifinal and final rounds of the state soccer tournament from the NHSOA Executive Board. All recommendations are then reviewed by the Soccer Committee as a whole with final assignments determined by the Committee Chair. The criteria used in selecting tournament officials includes (not in prioritized order): Communication Skills Fitness Game Control/Flow Rules Knowledge/Application

8 Soccer Officials Feedback Form

9 Communication Skills - Communicates well with both players & coaches. Is approachable to players /coaches. Fitness - Always keeps up with play, good field positioning, in position to make calls. Game Control /Flow- Calls Fouls, Allowed Game Flow, In Charge Understands Advantage/Disadvantage and uses “Play on” appropriately. Works cooperatively with partner(s). Rules Knowledge/Application - Applied rules fairly, understands intent of rules, makes correct calls. Tournament Qualified Level - 1= Regular season varsity 2= Preliminary or Quarterfinal Tournament Level (specify in comments) 3= Semifinal or Final Tournament Level (3 person AR1 or AR2) 4 = Semifinal Tournament Level (3 person Referee) 5 = Final Tournament Level (3 person Referee)

10 SOCCER COMMITTEE MEMBERS Steve Beals, Chair Cell: (603) 809-7998 Office: (603) 524-3350 x 2509 Steve Beals, Alvirne; Glenn Ahrens, Pinkerton; Kerry Boles, Pinkerton; Tony Drapeau, Lin-Wood; Jon Hall, Con-Val; Joshua Hils, Coe-Brown; Chris Kelley, Hopkinton; Mike Kelley, Profile; Peter Perich, Manchester Memorial; Dave Pinkham, Gilford

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