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DRENIK N.D. Drenik ND Deligradska Beograd Srbija

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1 DRENIK N.D. Drenik ND Deligradska 19 11000 Beograd Srbija
Tel e.: Web.:

2 About Drenik The company was founded On 23 October 1996
basic activity – production of lady sanitary napkins. Legal predecessor of «DRENIK ND» was the trade company«Drenik» (established in 1990.) which, as the new company «DRENIK ND» was born, has ceased with business and transferred the complete capital and organization in the new established company.

3 About Drenik Since 2000, company’s business strategy was realized through permanent enhancement of product range and, at the same time, through investments in up-to-dated equipment, accomplishing in that way breakthrough in selected market segment.

4 About Drenik Broadly speaking, the activity of the company is defined as production based on cellulose. The following groups of products are developed within this basic production concept: Lady sanitary napkins Baby diapers Toilet paper

5 Toilet Paper Basic producer from cellulose to final product
Capacity of production Tons per year Market leader in Srbija appr. 50 % Market Share Export markets: Bosnia , Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria PL production for Delta System( owner of Pikadili.)

6 Products Toilet paper Boni Perfex Toilet paper Boni Classic
Toilet paper Perfex „Soft“ Toilet paper Perfex three plies Toilet paper Perfex Delux three plies Kitchen Towel Perfex Napkins Perfex

7 Toilet Papier Perfex

8 Sanitary Napkins Lady sanitary napkins production begun with classic cellulose lady sanitary napkins. in we have started a new program of ultrathin lady sanitary napkins. Sanitary Napkins has appr % market share in Serbia Classic lady sanitary napkins BONI Classic lady sanitary napkins with wings BONI Ultrathin lady sanitary napkins BONI YUP Ultrathin cotton lady sanitary napkins BONI FEEL FINE COTTON

9 Sanitary Napkins Yup Feel Fine Bony

10 Baby Diappers In 2001 we have launched with success several other products fom the program, namely, baby diapers named BONI Supprims. 4-9-72/1 /1 /1

11 DRENIK N.D. Reliable producer Brand Leader Innovative partner

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