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5 Themes of Geography.

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1 5 Themes of Geography

2 5 Themes of Geography Location Region/ Physical characteristics Human-
Environment Interaction Movement/ change Place/ Uniqueness

3 Absolute Location: Exact (address)
Relative Location: Not Exact (What is it near?)

4 #2- Region A large area of the world with similar features
Climate, physical features

5 #3- Place Physical Place: Plants, Animals, Soil, Water
Human Place: Languages, Jobs, Religions, Transportation

6 #4- Human Environment Interaction
How have people changed the environment? Dams, Railroads, Bridges, Irrigation, Pollution, Graffiti

7 #5- Movement Trade Imports/ Exports Goods Ideas Religion

8 Five themes of YOU! Location-your home & family
Region-California & the U.S. Place-what it is like physically and socially Environment-impact by people Movement-ideas, goods, etc. Include a photo of yourself

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