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A COLLABORATIVE JOURNEY Wisconsin Cross Sector Professional Development Initiative Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg and Ann Ramminger.

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1 A COLLABORATIVE JOURNEY Wisconsin Cross Sector Professional Development Initiative Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg and Ann Ramminger

2 History of Cross System Collaboration

3 State Structure: Cross System Collaboration

4 Why Have We Taken This Journey? “Start anywhere, follow it everywhere" ~Myron Rogers Beliefs Curiosity Opportunities Commitments Tenacity Persistence

5 1990-95 The Beginning of PDI 1995-99 Moving Forward 2000-05 Steady Progress 2006-09 System Building 2010 More Pieces to the Puzzle 2011 Linking State Systems 2012 The Path Ahead

6 1990 - 1995 – The Beginning of PDI Building the Structure  WI Team attended Wheelock event in Los Angeles  WI Early Childhood Collaborating Partners formed New Initiatives  The Registry received grant from Center for Career Development, Wheelock College and WI became a Partners In Change state  26 focus groups statewide to define “professional development” and learn needs of profession  1 st Intersecting Interests - Higher Education Forum 1990-95 The Beginning of PDI

7 1995 - 1999: Moving Forward Building the Structure  Collaborative leadership of PDI  UW/WTCS Systems Articulation Work Group met for 1 st time (10 faculty & administrators from each system)  Supplemental Head Start Collaboration funds support statewide core curriculum for AA Degree in Child Care & Development within WI Technical College System (WTCS) New Initiatives  WI Infant/Toddler Credential and T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Wisconsin scholarships initiated 1995-1999 Moving Forward

8 2000 - 2005: Steady Progress Building the Structure  WI Dept of Public Instruction awarded State Improvement Grant (SIG) from U.S. Dept of Ed Office of Special Ed  EC Hub at UW Madison Waisman Center partners with PDI to focus on cross-sector PD  Sarah LeMoine, NCCIC facilitates cross-sector strategic planning meeting with PDI Products  WI Early Care & Education Career Guide completed and disseminated  T-Net - training network launched: 2000-05 Steady Progress

9 2006 - 2009: System Building Building the Structure  Governor’s EC Advisory Council created with PDI as key component  1 st statewide Training/Technical Assistance networking event  Revision of WI Technical College System ECE AA Degree curriculum completed with common courses New Initiatives  Implementation of WI Preschool & Inclusion Credentials  The Registry introduced PDAS training & trainer approval system National Recognition  WI featured for involvement of Head Start Collaboration Office in PD systems/partnerships: al080707.pdf (p. 15-16) al080707.pdf 2006-09 System Building

10 2010: More Pieces to the Puzzle New Professional Development Initiatives  NAEYC endorsement of WI Infant/Toddler, Preschool & Inclusion Credentials equivalent to CDA  WI Leadership Credential introduced by The Registry  Credit for Prior Learning advances in 2 & 4 year IHE  UW Infant, Early Childhood & Family Mental Health Certificate Program launched with foundations & advanced clinical pathways levels  WI Alliance for Infant Mental Health establishes endorsement process for WI, adopting Michigan endorsement 2010 More Pieces to the Puzzle

11 2011: Linking State Systems Building Structure:  Creation of Office of Early Learning at Dept. of Public Instruction  Higher Education Scan in progress  Cross-Sector PDI re-invigorated New Initiatives  Plan to support PD on evidence-based home visiting  YoungStar Quality Rating System implemented  Emphasis on Early Learning Standards Communities of Practice and Mentoring Products:  PD Policy Scan conducted for the Early Childhood Advisory Council: 2011 Linking State Systems

12 2012: The Path Ahead Do we ever arrive? Or are we always emerging? Building Blocks for Wisconsin’s Future: The Foundation for an Early Childhood System highlights cross sector PD: 2012 The Path Ahead

13 Opportunities and Challenges Commitment to the Potential of Cross-Sector PD  Cross Department Initiatives  Braided Funding  Individual and agency commitments and leadership Considerations  Specific funding deliverables and collaborative work  In fiscally tight environments, the tendency to pull in, not reach out.  Challenges in Shared leadership  From chaos to order; not control

14 Wisconsin Contacts Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg, Program Director for EC Professional Development, UW-Madison, Waisman Center: Ann Ramminger, Professional Development Specialist, UW Madison Waisman Center: Jill Haglund, DPI Early Childhood Consultant, Office of Early Learning: Linda Leonhart, WI Head Start Collaboration Director:

15 For more information… Additional resources and information are available at:

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