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R10 Annual General Meeting Name: Ruey-Beei Wu Committee: NEWSLETTER 2 March 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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1 R10 Annual General Meeting Name: Ruey-Beei Wu Committee: NEWSLETTER 2 March 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand

2 The R10 Newsletter Objectives 1. Facilitate exchange of information in R Publicity of R10 Sponsored Activities 3. Capture R10 history as it happens 4. Promote networking and harmony in R Encourage joint efforts for humanity Projects / Tasks 1.Maintain regular publication per quarter 2.New sections on emerging humanitarian issues Project / Task Measurable Project 1: Regular publications quarterly a.Recruit assistants to help regular editor job. b.Professional proof reader and editing software. Project 2: Sections on humanitarian a.There are emerging issues widely concerned, e.g., youth employment, brain mobility b.There are cross-country ICT projects for humanity in R10. c.Invited authors for related efforts kindly recommended by EXCOM wanted, especially the humanitarian committee Committee Structure 1.Chair: Ruey-Beei Wu 2.Executive Secretary: Catherin Hsiang 3.Assistant Editor: Erica Chai 4.Board: Gowtham Prasad, Deepak Mather, Zia Ahmed Budget 1.Project 1: $4,000 over-time subsidy for assistant 2.Project 2: $2,000 income from advertisement Total Proposed Budget: $2,000 Timeline 1.Project 1: Completion by March 2.Project 2: Completion by June

3 Project 1 – Regular Publications o Major revisions since March Salute to Zia Ahmed, & Janina, Yong Jin, Lawrence o Procedures o Send a request for articles to R10 EXCOM, all Council, Section and Student Branches chairs with closing date about three weeks ahead of publication. o Read and accept/reject articles as they come in. Send explanation notice if reject or modify an article. o Forward final PDF to R10 web-master for uploading. Also send an eNotice to all informing the availability. o R10 Director, EXCOM, Section/Council Chairs, please submit the articles enthusiastically and promptly.

4 Help Wanted o Instruction from Director and comments/suggestions from EXCOM fellows on contents, format, layout,.. o Timely submissions of articles from R10, EXCOM, Section/ Council Chairs, Student Branch Chairs. Please avoid past-due submissions. o New sections on humanitarian issues, e.g., youth employment, brain mobility, and cross-country ICT projects for humanity in R10. Kindly provide invited authors for special sessions. o Need subsidy for over-time compensation to assistant. For sustainability, encourage income from advertisement and the above sections. (US$800 for half page)

5 Project 2 – Special Sections 1) Brain Mobility o To present excellent research programs/exciting research projects, so as to encourage youngsters for abroad graduate study/visiting research. R10 Newsletter can provide an effective way to reach your talents around the Region 10. o Target: universities/research institutes pursuing world leading position, e.g., NTU, KAIST, NUS, etc …. o Help wanted: promotion and referral o Donation to IEEE R10 of US$800 for half-page per issue is estimated.

6 2) Youth Employment o To build up an eco-system aiming to pair rigorous young jobseekers with successful enterprises. R10 Newsletter can become a perfect bridge and optimize for youth career development. o Target: world leading industry or institutes which like to hire international talents, e.g., TSMC, III, ITRI o Help wanted: promotion and referral o Advertisement charge of US$800 per half-page per issue will be required.

7 3) Cross-Country ICT for Humanity o To raise awareness for bridging digital divide and transforming it into digital opportunities in leveraging connections of ICT humanitarian issues. o Cordially welcome one-page reports on cross-country programs to share touching stories with precious practice experience, and encourage further efforts in more countries. o Typical examples: o ADOC projects to help the poor into rich by digital learning, and many others … o Help wanted: encourage report on such activities o Free, but editorial review will be enforced.

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