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R10 Annual General Meeting Name: Ruey-Beei Wu Committee: NEWSLETTER 2 March 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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1 R10 Annual General Meeting Name: Ruey-Beei Wu Committee: NEWSLETTER 2 March 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand

2 The R10 Newsletter Objectives 1. Facilitate exchange of information in R10. 2. Publicity of R10 Sponsored Activities 3. Capture R10 history as it happens 4. Promote networking and harmony in R10. 5. Encourage joint efforts for humanity Projects / Tasks 1.Maintain regular publication per quarter 2.New sections on emerging humanitarian issues Project / Task Measurable Project 1: Regular publications quarterly a.Recruit assistants to help regular editor job. b.Professional proof reader and editing software. Project 2: Sections on humanitarian a.There are emerging issues widely concerned, e.g., youth employment, brain mobility b.There are cross-country ICT projects for humanity in R10. c.Invited authors for related efforts kindly recommended by EXCOM wanted, especially the humanitarian committee Committee Structure 1.Chair: Ruey-Beei Wu 2.Executive Secretary: Catherin Hsiang 3.Assistant Editor: Erica Chai 4.Board: Gowtham Prasad, Deepak Mather, Zia Ahmed Budget 1.Project 1: $4,000 over-time subsidy for assistant 2.Project 2: $2,000 income from advertisement Total Proposed Budget: $2,000 Timeline 1.Project 1: Completion by March 2.Project 2: Completion by June

3 Project 1 – Regular Publications o Major revisions since March 2007. Salute to Zia Ahmed, & Janina, Yong Jin, Lawrence o Procedures o Send a request for articles to R10 EXCOM, all Council, Section and Student Branches chairs with closing date about three weeks ahead of publication. o Read and accept/reject articles as they come in. Send explanation notice if reject or modify an article. o Forward final PDF to R10 web-master for uploading. Also send an eNotice to all informing the availability. o R10 Director, EXCOM, Section/Council Chairs, please submit the articles enthusiastically and promptly.

4 Help Wanted o Instruction from Director and comments/suggestions from EXCOM fellows on contents, format, layout,.. o Timely submissions of articles from R10, EXCOM, Section/ Council Chairs, Student Branch Chairs. Please avoid past-due submissions. o New sections on humanitarian issues, e.g., youth employment, brain mobility, and cross-country ICT projects for humanity in R10. Kindly provide invited authors for special sessions. o Need subsidy for over-time compensation to assistant. For sustainability, encourage income from advertisement and the above sections. (US$800 for half page)

5 Project 2 – Special Sections 1) Brain Mobility o To present excellent research programs/exciting research projects, so as to encourage youngsters for abroad graduate study/visiting research. R10 Newsletter can provide an effective way to reach your talents around the Region 10. o Target: universities/research institutes pursuing world leading position, e.g., NTU, KAIST, NUS, etc …. o Help wanted: promotion and referral o Donation to IEEE R10 of US$800 for half-page per issue is estimated.

6 2) Youth Employment o To build up an eco-system aiming to pair rigorous young jobseekers with successful enterprises. R10 Newsletter can become a perfect bridge and optimize for youth career development. o Target: world leading industry or institutes which like to hire international talents, e.g., TSMC, III, ITRI o Help wanted: promotion and referral o Advertisement charge of US$800 per half-page per issue will be required.

7 3) Cross-Country ICT for Humanity o To raise awareness for bridging digital divide and transforming it into digital opportunities in leveraging connections of ICT humanitarian issues. o Cordially welcome one-page reports on cross-country programs to share touching stories with precious practice experience, and encourage further efforts in more countries. o Typical examples: o ADOC projects to help the poor into rich by digital learning, and many others … o Help wanted: encourage report on such activities o Free, but editorial review will be enforced.

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