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WW I Coach White Global Studies II. Allied Powers ___________________.

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1 WW I Coach White Global Studies II

2 Allied Powers ___________________

3 1914 War Begins The Germans plan as the war starts was known as the Schiefflen Plan. The Schiefflen Plan was to invade France first then turn focus on Russia The Germans came to within 15 miles of Paris in The Battle of The Frontiers The German advance would be pushed back and stopped in the 1 st Battle of the Marne. After The First Battle of the Marne the Germans would dig in to keep the French from taken anymore land that they had gained Trench Warfare would begin from there on in and would continue until 1918 Elaborate trenches were dug and the war was stalemate from 1914 to 1918

4 Central Powers ___________________ ____________________

5 DeadlyWeapons of WW I __________________

6 1914 War Begins

7 Battle of Ypres

8 The Germans tried to break out with an offensive move at the Battle of Ypres Ypres was a port city in Belgium that the Germans badly wanted to ship out supplies The British resented the fact that the Germans had invaded neutral Belgium The Battle of Ypres would end the offensive part of the war until 1918 A famous participant in this battle was Adolf Hitler who was injured during the battle

9 Trench Warfare

10 Trench Warfare No Man’s Land and Going Over the Top

11 Trench Warfare Begins Trenches were used by both sides mainly along the Western Front The Germans used trenches out of necessity at first to keep the French and British from gaining any land that already gained in France and Belgium The Allies used trenches after they realized they couldn’t break the German lines

12 No Man’s Land and Over the Top The area between the two trench lines became known as “No Man’s Land” No Man’s Land was dangerous and many soldiers as they crossed into this area usually lost their lives Soldiers that were ordered to charge coming out of the Trenches called this “Going Over The Top”

13 Life in the Trenches Living in the trenches was very miserable for the soldiers of WW I Soldiers sloshed in cold, wet mud Lice would get into their clothes Rats would eat on the soldiers food and would chew on their clothes Dead bodies would litter the battlefield and the soldiers dealt with the idea of death on a daily basis A common medical issue was trench foot caused by being in mud and wet conditions Trench Foot if left untreated would cause infection in the feet and could lead to soldiers losing toes and even having to have their feet amputated

14 Total War Total War- when a country is totally focused on winning the war and meeting the demands of war Countries prepared for war by using conscription Conscription required that all young men be ready for military service also called The Draft 65 million men participated in WW I for both the Central Powers and The Allied Powers

15 Women in the War Women assumed new jobs involving industry Women assumed jobs that were tarditionally reserved for men They worked in ammunition factories and various other war related factories Women also served in the military as nurses, and cooks

16 Rationing People began to ration things such as gas, food, and metals Ration- Limiting the use of supplies People began to grow their own food in Victory Gardens By using victory gardens this allowed farmers to grow food for the soldiers fighting in the war

17 War Bonds People could purchase war bonds to help with the war War Bonds were purchased and citizens could turn them in when due and they could be exchanged for their money back with interest

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