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The Presidency of Bill Clinton & George W. Bush. Bill Clinton (1993-2001) Success in his 1 st term Born in 1946 Married to Hillary Rodman New Democrat.

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1 The Presidency of Bill Clinton & George W. Bush

2 Bill Clinton (1993-2001) Success in his 1 st term Born in 1946 Married to Hillary Rodman New Democrat –He and Al Gore convinced public they were Moderates (in- between conservative and liberal) Served as governor of Arkansas prior to running for presidential election He became the 42 nd President of the U.S. when he defeated George H.W. Bush His Vice President was Al Gore During his administration the U.S. saw more peace & economic stability Lowest unemployment in modern times Lowest inflation in 30 yrs. Highest home ownership in U.S. History Lowering crime in cities Reduce welfare roles He also proposed the 1 st balanced budget in decades & achieved a budget surplus. 2

3 Clinton’s Proposals Domestic Policy Foreign Policy He wanted legislation to: –Reform Health Care Provide Government-controlled healthcare to every citizen –Upgrade Education –Protect jobs of parents who were caring for a sick child –Restrict hand gun sales –Strengthen environmental rules –Welfare Reform Gave power to states to decide how to run welfare Put a cap on how much aid a family could receive Put more conditions on receiving food stamps North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)- the agreement calling for the removal of trade restrictions among the U.S., Canada & Mexico. –Benefit business sector since in that businesses have relocated to Mexico where costs of production and labor are much cheaper Nuclear Accords w/ North Korea WMD 3

4 Scandal in his 2 nd term: Impeached Other events while in office 1993- Whitewater Affair and Investigation –Clinton was accused of having taken part in fraudulent loans & land dealing in Arkansas and using position as governor to cover it up Allegations of Mrs. Clinton’s wrongdoing at her former law firm Some Clinton associates convicted of crimes, but the President and 1 st lady were never linked to wrongdoing 1998, Monica Lewinsky scandal. Clinton denied sexual relations with the intern, but later admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” with her. Clinton would become the 2 nd president to be impeached. He wouldn’t have to leave office World Trade Center Bombing (1993) Janet Reno is named as first female U.S. attorney general (1993) Investigation into death of White House advisor Vincent Foster (1993) Trial of O.J. Simpson (1994-95) OK City Federal building Terrorist Bombing (1995) Pathfinder sends back pictures from Mars (1997) War in Bosnia (1991-96) 4

5 George W. Bush (2001-2009) Election of 2000 Born in 1946 Married to Laura Welch A Republican Followed in the foot steps of his Father George H. W. Bush He became the 43 rd President of the U.S. (2 terms) His VP Dick Cheney Decided by 537 votes in the state of Florida Al Gore/Joe Lieberman vs. Bush/Cheney Confusion on butterfly ballot caused several votes to be cast for 3 rd party candidate Pat Buchanan that were meant for Al Gore A recount issued December 12, 2000 the US Supreme Court voted to end future recounts Gore conceded election; Bush became 43 rd President First time since election of 1876 (Rutherford B. Hayes) that winner of popular vote lost the electoral vote 5

6 “Main Focus” Domestic Policy Worked to extend freedom, opportunity & Security at home and abroad. Tax cut to jumpstart the economy Education Vouchers –Students could attend any school they wanted and the school they chose could use voucher to obtain money from federal government –Saw a rise in enrollment at private schools “No Child Left Behind” –Raise standards in schools –Increase accountability for student performance, flexible funding @ state & local levels & targeted funds for improving schools & teacher quality. 6

7 Foreign Policy Major Events while in Office implemented free trade agreements with more than a dozen nations expanded the NATO alliance Provided aid to struggling countries –Russia and Eastern Europe- promote move toward Western-style democracy –South Africa- help in rejection of apartheid (separation of people of different racial backgrounds) and aid work of Nelson Mandela –Israel –The Balkans Contested Election 2000 September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks –NYC World Trade Center (Twin Towers) & the Pentagon War in Afghanistan 2001 War in Iraq 2003 7

8 After 9/11 War in Afghanistan Established Department of Homeland Security –New government department for the purpose of preparing and protecting against future terrorist attacks Increased Airline Security Enacted color-coded terrorist alert system for public Patriot Act –Increased authority of US law enforcement and gave them more latitude in obtaining information (aka wiretaps on phones, reading emails, searching private files, etc.) –Criticized for violating civil liberties, but has continually been renewed by Congress 2001- Operation Enduring Freedom After Soviet removal from Afghanistan, Taliban came to power in mid 90s Believed to be protection Osama bin Laden and refused to hand him over to US Within weeks, US led forces toppled Taliban gov. and made Al-Qaeda training and planning impossible US then focused on Iraq 8

9 War in Iraq 2003- War in Iraq Bush believed in pre-emptive strikes –Attack first rather than sit back and wait for terrorist attacks Believed that Saddam Hussein had Al-Qaeda ties and was hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) –Supported by intelligence reports –Saddam had history of using chemical weapons –Saddam would not allow UN inspectors to investigate allegations of having WMDs US invades, took 21 days to overthrow gov. of Saddam Found Saddam hiding in a hole New (democratic) gov. tried Saddam for crimes committed and sentenced him to execution Problem: WMDs never found 9

10 Campaign Slogans: In your groups create slogans for each of the candidate of the elections of 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996 & 2000. You should have at least two slogans per year. Examples: (You may not use these.) 1980: I can at least act like a President 1984: 4 More Oscars! Vote Reagan! 1996: Down with the Texan, Bring on the Arkansan!

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