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Oakland EMA Patricia LaBrie Calloway, R.N., P.H.N. Quality Program Manager.

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1 Oakland EMA Patricia LaBrie Calloway, R.N., P.H.N. Quality Program Manager

2 Oakland EMA  Alameda/Contra Costa Counties  Population: 2,464,668  Alameda County-the third most ethnically diverse county in the U.S.  Epidemics of HIV young AA MSM, people of color,women and substance users  Median household income $59,810

3 Quality Activities- starting out  Participated in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement  Reviewed HRSA QM Technical Assistance Tools and  Reviewed other EMA QM materials

4 Developing the Quality Management Plan  Grantee Quality staff  Input from key stakeholders  Approval- CQI committee/Planning Council  Approved by the Office of AIDS Director

5 Structure of QM Plan  Mission statement  Purpose  Goals and Objectives 2006-2007  Accountability

6 2006-2007 Goals  Strengthen participants understanding of Continuous Quality Improvement  Improve data accuracy and integrity  To impact decision-making processes through quality improvement data  To focus CQI activities on substance abuse and mental health

7 Other Elements of the QM Plan  Resources  Data Collection  Evaluation  Annual updates

8 Success!!!  Cross Title Client Satisfaction  Grants for cross title data collection  Conducted QM assessments for all Title I and II agencies  Developed QM language for RFP and contracts  Conducted QM 101 for staff and providers (care and prevention)  Measuring indicators across the EMA  Collecting baseline data  CQI committee focused  Published standards for core services

9 Barriers  Implementation  Staff turnover  Clarity on common language  Knowledge and use of the plan  Changing focus

10 Process to update the QM plan  Involve-CQI members, cross title staff, council, senior leaders;  Agree on common language;  Evaluate current activities;  Look for additional resources;  Keep the goals realistic!

11 Next Steps!!!!  Correlate with the Comprehensive Plan  Improve evaluation process  Provide additional opportunities for sharing outcome data  Focus on small improvement projects

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