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Oakland EMA Patricia LaBrie Calloway, R.N., P.H.N.

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1 Oakland EMA Patricia LaBrie Calloway, R.N., P.H.N.
Quality Program Manager

2 Oakland EMA Alameda/Contra Costa Counties Population: 2,464,668
Alameda County-the third most ethnically diverse county in the U.S. Epidemics of HIV young AA MSM, people of color,women and substance users Median household income $59,810

3 Quality Activities-starting out
Participated in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Reviewed HRSA QM Technical Assistance Tools and Reviewed other EMA QM materials

4 Developing the Quality Management Plan
Grantee Quality staff Input from key stakeholders Approval- CQI committee/Planning Council Approved by the Office of AIDS Director

5 Structure of QM Plan Mission statement Purpose
Goals and Objectives Accountability

6 Goals Strengthen participants understanding of Continuous Quality Improvement Improve data accuracy and integrity To impact decision-making processes through quality improvement data To focus CQI activities on substance abuse and mental health

7 Other Elements of the QM Plan
Resources Data Collection Evaluation Annual updates

8 Success!!! Cross Title Client Satisfaction
Grants for cross title data collection Conducted QM assessments for all Title I and II agencies Developed QM language for RFP and contracts Conducted QM 101 for staff and providers (care and prevention) Measuring indicators across the EMA Collecting baseline data CQI committee focused Published standards for core services

9 Barriers Implementation Staff turnover Clarity on common language
Knowledge and use of the plan Changing focus

10 Process to update the QM plan
Involve-CQI members, cross title staff, council, senior leaders; Agree on common language; Evaluate current activities; Look for additional resources; Keep the goals realistic!

11 Next Steps!!!! Correlate with the Comprehensive Plan
Improve evaluation process Provide additional opportunities for sharing outcome data Focus on small improvement projects

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