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QAGAN TAYAGUNGIN TRIBE CULTURE CAMP July 15, 2013 – July 25, 2013.

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1 QAGAN TAYAGUNGIN TRIBE CULTURE CAMP July 15, 2013 – July 25, 2013

2 Instructors Carla Chebetnoy – Camp Director Sally Swetzof – Regalia & Language Sharon Kay – Basket Weaving Shalene Jackson - Bering Sea Headdress Karis Porcincula – Dance and Full Crown Headdress Elizabeth Chebetnoy – Dance Patricia Gregory – Bentwood Hat Peter Devine Jr. – Bentwood Hat and Traditional Foods Teresa Smith – Traditional Foods and Fish Racks

3 Instructors Anne Morris – Traditional Foods Lydia Vincler– Drums Carla Chebetnoy – Beading Josephine Shangin– Language James Kaiser – Stained Glass Eileen Dushkin– Elementary Head Teacher Kim Johansen– Elementary Class Assistant Ingrid Harold– Fish and Wildlife Instructor Bona Robinson – FWS Volunteer

4 Apprentice Instructors Alania KuchenoffKeomi Chrim

5 Apprentice Instructors Bobbie DushkinApprentices in action…

6 FWS/Youth Conservation Corp and the Rose Urban Rural Exchange 1 FWS instructor 1 FWS Volunteer 4 YCC Workers 4 Exchange Teachers

7 Regalia 6 Started 5 Completed, 3 started in a previous year 4 had weaves and panels added

8 Regalia – FWS Pelt donation

9 Basket Weaving 12 New baskets started 6 completed 4 baskets started in previous years were completed

10 Dance 4 Groups Group 4: third and fourth grade Group 3: new all day camp students Group 2: intermediate Group 1: advanced

11 Dance

12 Bering Sea Headdress 15 New headdresses started

13 Full Crown Headdress 10 New headdresses started 8 worked on from previous years 17 completed

14 Bentwood Hats 73 Hats completed

15 Bentwood Hats

16 Traditional Foods Expanded this year: Smokehouse construction, smoked salmon, ukla, drying rack construction, octopus, bidarkies, sea eggs, kelp, seal butchering and preparation, salted salmon, pickled salmon, geese plucking/cooking, jelly, aladax

17 Traditional Foods

18 Fish Racks & Smokehouse 29 drying racks completed & donated to local elders

19 Drum Making 61 drums completed of various sizes

20 Stained Glass 60 projects started and completed

21 Beading 31 beaded glass balls completed

22 Elementary Classes 31 students Kindergarten through fourth grade

23 Adult Classes 40 adults

24 Adult Classes

25 The Cooks Anne Morris and Jamal Berntsen

26 Final Potluck All students perform Instructors and students donate artwork Auction done to raise funds for camp, $6,300

27 Instructor Survey – What was good?  Classes went well and students seemed to learn a lot  Things were planned well, well organized  The food was awesome!  Very pleased with all the different classes offered  Camp is maintained well, operates smoothly

28 Instructor Survey – What Could We Improve ?  More space  Better storage  More equipment  More time  More traditional foods  More history of culture wrapped into projects  Use of language in all classes

29 Thank you Sand Point! Many parents and volunteers provided salads, desserts, and side dishes to supplement lunch and dinner Some community members brought dry fish and smoked fish to share with camp The School District let instructors borrow the district vehicle Trident Seafoods provided meat for the meals cooked during camp Sergio Porcincula, Max Chebetnoy, and Brett Stokes for setup and taking down of the weather ports, and loading/packing up equipment for camp.

30 Thank you Sponsors! U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Aleutians East Borough NAHASDA Crime Prevention Grant The Aleut Corporation The Unga Tribe Shumagin Corporation City of Sand Point Rose Urban Rural Exchange Sand Point Silver Salmon Derby Aleutian Housing Authority Trident Seafood’s Eastern Aleutian Tribes Peter Pan Seafood’s Aleutian Pribilof Island Association Alaska Commercial FV Buldaro

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