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Patient Sensitive Pain Management at LUHS Team: Pain Management Committee.

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1 Patient Sensitive Pain Management at LUHS Team: Pain Management Committee

2 Opportunity Statement To improve pain management for patients at LUHS to ensure they will receive the best pain control that can safely be provided

3 Pain Management Objectives FY05 1.Improve inpatient satisfaction scores related to pain 2.Review and maintain EMR orders and guidelines 3.Formalize patient education program 4.Provide MD and staff education 5.Conduct chart audits and share results

4 Changes were made to the Pain Management Committee Co-Chairs: K. Candido MD T. Kristopaitis MD Ten Physicians: Anesthesia, Emergency, Hem/Onc, Medicine, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Surgery Twelve Nurse Leaders: Administration, Inpatient, Ambulatory, Cancer, Pain, Staff & Patient Education, Staff RN’s Others: Ethics, Pastoral Care, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, & CCE

5 Conducted Patient Focus Groups & Developed an Action Plan 1.Set appropriate expectations with patients – Involve the patient & individualize – Offer options 2.Improve PCA management – Standardize “transition” to oral medications – Consider PCA service 3.Analyze Vicodin use and identify options 4.Standardize orders to address breakthrough pain 5.Physician & Staff Education programs

6 Chartered subcommittees to address priorities Pain Resource Nurse program Pediatric Pain committee Pain Patient Education committee Order & Guideline Review committee Pain Education Newsletter committee

7 Other Activities Proposed a patient TV relaxation channel Initiated review of standard orders Documentation audits Provided PCA workshops

8 Physician pain documentation has improved 95% 83% 86% 77% 70% 78% 92% 83% 65% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Baseline n=16Re-Audit n=16Re-Audit 2 n=14Re-Audit 3 n=12Re-Audit 4 n=5 Percent Compliance H&PDaily Progress Note


10 There is a continued opportunity to improve inpatient satisfaction Pain Project Implemented Jan 00 PRN Program Implemented Jan 02

11 Next Steps Implement focus group action plan Implement relaxation TV channel Review and update all pain management orders Implement a comprehensive patient education program Distribute pain newsletter Explore documentation improvement efforts with EPIC

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