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2 Taken from the tombstone of
Respecting our dead ? Taken from the tombstone of

3 Should the cemetery be used as a play ground?
Kite flying during a funeral

4 Business is booming… Was permission granted? Who is responsible?

5 Entrepreneurship is very much alive…
Begging for money Broken wall Young and the old benefit…. Supplying water to earn money

6 ENCROACHMENTS Garbage dump

7 One of the many headless statues

8 Destruction at it’s peak
Defaced Art

9 Overgrown hedges

10 Missing cross

11 Short cut to & from CSD via the Cemetery

12 Please Help Us Make A Difference !
You can help by … Passing this on to as many people as possible so that we create awareness as to the sorry state of this important site - our final resting grounds Becoming part of the graveyard committee Raising your voice !!! Challenge and question when you see things going on when you visit the cemetery Not pretending that you cannot see Forming volunteers groups to help in operation clean – up Write letters in local newspapers, so that our elected representatives take notice and do their part We are all alive – so lets do our part and make our cemetery a place we can be proud of, a place we should not be afraid to visit ! Note: Many thanks to all of you who expressed a desire to support us financially, we really appreciate the offer, however at the moment all we want to do is create awareness and assess the situation … we want to find out what is actually going on

13 For Further Inquires Contact: Daphne Alfrey Phone: 0345 200 6942
Stephannie Rodrigues Phone:

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