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What does Quality Assurance Mean to Sakai?

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1 What does Quality Assurance Mean to Sakai?
Megan May Sakai Quality Assurance Director

2 Role of QA Director Coordination!
Help bring parties interested in the same testing efforts together Foster initiatives that support quality throughout the community Assist in bridging the gap between test and design & development teams Ensure release activities are transparent

3 WG Membership 2.2.1 23 People 10 Institutions 4 Countries 2.2.0
2.3.0 44 People 17 Institutions 5 Countries 2.4.0 93 People 37 Institutions 11 Countries 253 members on collab. Close to 100 participants for However, there is typically a core group in the WG testing (~20)

4 QA Participants for 2.4 Vincent Siveton, Steve Swinsburg

5 QA Network Amsterdam Boston Cambridge Cape Town Columbia Indiana
rSmart There are 8 QA servers hosted at 7 institutions. Coming soon . . An oracle backend configured for spanish.

6 Where does QA fit in? What kinds of activities occur?
Focus on Functional Testing Partners with accessibility WG At end of the cycle. Usually other two cycle are beginning to occur while we’re still testing and preparing for the release. How we’ve been releasing back to back A lot of the release/product management is blurring into the QA process

7 Information Gathering
Integration Week/Integration Meetings “Code Freeze” Selective Merging Communication Weekly Tags Stealth Provisional Tools Documentation Finalized Release!

8 Collab How to be in the know!

9 Jira

10 Confluence
Highlight resources available to WG members during cycle and before.

11 Year in Review 6 Releases 2.2.0 (5/12-7/19) 2.2.1 (7/15-8/15)
2.2.2 (9/18) 2.3.0 (9/15-11/3) 2.3.1 & 2.2.3 2.4.0 (3/17-5/21)

12 Summary - JIRA Activity
2.2.0 – 85% Verification (504 JIRA Tickets) 2.2.1 – 85% Verification (119 JIRA Tickets) 2.2.2– NA/Security Release 2.3.0 – 85% Verification 1345 (611 JIRA Tickets) 2.3.1 & – NA/Security Release 2.4.0 – 82% Verification (1,345 JIRA Tickets)

13 Strides Forward Deployment testing on wider variety of platforms
Data retention & conversion script testing Integration of Accessibility WG activities in general QA cycle Push out testing earlier Automated testing tools Static code review Selenium usage Site Profiles

14 Reflection on Release process
Speak about the idea to have a phased release process. Maintenance Branches - deliver Foundation endorsed maintenance releases every 4-6 week

15 Proposed Kernel + Bundle Release Timing
Dev Kernel QA Bundle Development Patch Week Bundle QA Contrib X Development QA Contrib Y Development QA Contrib Z Development QA going to be more conservative about releases and freezes. Can use post-branches to get functionality out post freeze/release. Key is that we want community QA to run smoothly so our released products are nice and solid - while at the same time skilled sites can have the good stuff year-round :) Nov Release UI Freeze API Freeze Code Freeze May Release

16 Perceived Quality Level
Various stakeholders in the community were polled. Data came from a pool of roughly 200 individuals. Mostly it’s equally

17 Quality, like beauty, is clearly in the eyes of the beholder.

18 Perceived Quality Poll

19 What we can do! Infiltration of entire development process
Formulate Working Groups Refine processes & grow WG Areas where QA is needed Move more of the testing outside of the official QA cycle

20 Pledge Resources Why? Easy point of entry into Sakai
What happens in the community has a direct local impact Easy point of entry into Sakai One of the easier ways for people to contribute into Sakai -- Takes time to learn the software - a good tester is an informed tester Only 86% issue verification - and this is of BUGS What happens in the community has a direct local impact

21 Questions

22 Other Sessions of Interest
Expanding Community: Student Involvement in QA Testing (today, immediately following) Toward Further Automation of the Quality Assurance cycle (Thursday, 9:35-10:05 in Matterhorn 2) Sakai Accessibility Update (Thursday, 2:05-2:35 in Zurich 1)

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