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What does Quality Assurance Mean to Sakai? Megan May Sakai Quality Assurance Director.

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1 What does Quality Assurance Mean to Sakai? Megan May Sakai Quality Assurance Director

2 Role of QA Director Coordination! –Help bring parties interested in the same testing efforts together –Foster initiatives that support quality throughout the community –Assist in bridging the gap between test and design & development teams –Ensure release activities are transparent

3 WG Membership 2.4.0 93 People 37 Institutions 11 Countries 2.2.0 82 People 28 Institutions 6 Countries 2.2.1 23 People 10 Institutions 4 Countries 2.3.0 44 People 17 Institutions 5 Countries

4 QA Participants for 2.4 Mark Lowe Marc Zaldivar, Jeff Navid, Kevin Chan, Bob Conroy, Kathleen E Moore, Soo Kim, Daniel Perry, Harriet Truscott, Steven Githens, Tim Archer, Melissa Zhuo Seth Theriault, Kin Wang, Andrew Poland, Chris Maurer, Derek Ramsey, James Moyer, John Dunn, John Gosney, Kate Ellis, Kevin Brokamp, Kevin Deckard, Lorie Shuck, Lynn Ward, Mark Lowe, Sandy Zimmerman, Steve Smail, Michael Lockett, Mark Notess, Tony Camilli, Sam Ottenhoff, Earle Nietzel, Sravanthi Tipirneni, Venkatesh Subramanian, Vidhya Rajan, Jeff Ziegler, Steve Lonn, Angela Rabuck, Anand Mehta, Corey McGarrahan, Ernie Souhrada, Hannah Reeves, Jan Smith, Kara Stiles, Jesse Schibilia, Robert Long, Huong Nguyen, Laura Burchard, Jim Pease, Salwa Khan, UC Berkeley Training & Support Team, Lisa Wilson, Thomas Amsler, Jim Williamson, Nuno Fernandes, John Leasia, Ivy Tech Students, Gaurav Bhatnagar, Gonzalo Silverio, Jeff Ziegler, Jean-François Lévêque, David Horwitz, Greg Doyle, Stephen Marquard, David Haines, Linda Place, Pramod Prabhu, Sean DeMonner, Sheeba Gandhi, Anastasia Cheetham, Peter Thiessen, Alan Berg, Bas Toeter, Dawn Eckert, Ann Paterson, Cheryl Wogahn, Adam Price, Clay Fenlason, Dave Ross, Deborah Bracken, Diego Luis Del Blanco Orobitg, Jack HC LEE, Karen Miles, Onur Sirin, Ratana Lim, Ronald Chik, Shoji Kajita, Vincent Siveton, Steve Swinsburg

5 QA Network Amsterdam Boston Cambridge Cape Town Columbia Indiana rSmart

6 Where does QA fit in? What kinds of activities occur? Development Testing & Software Release Requirement Gathering and Design Focus on Functional Testing Partners with accessibility WG

7 Integration Week/Integration Meetings “Code Freeze” Selective Merging Stealth Provisional Tools Documentation Finalized Release! Weekly Tags Communication Information Gathering

8 Collab How to be in the know!

9 Jira

10 Confluence

11 Year in Review 6 Releases –2.2.0 (5/12-7/19) –2.2.1 (7/15-8/15) –2.2.2 (9/18) –2.3.0 (9/15-11/3) –2.3.1 & 2.2.3 –2.4.0 (3/17-5/21)

12 Summary - JIRA Activity 2.3.0 – 85% Verification 2.2.0 – 85% Verification 2.2.1 – 85% Verification 2.3.1 & 2.2.3 – NA/Security Release 2.2.2– NA/Security Release (1,345 JIRA Tickets) (611 JIRA Tickets) (504 JIRA Tickets) (119 JIRA Tickets) 2.4.0 – 82% Verification

13 Strides Forward Deployment testing on wider variety of platforms Data retention & conversion script testing Integration of Accessibility WG activities in general QA cycle Push out testing earlier Automated testing tools Static code review Selenium usage Site Profiles

14 Reflection on Release process

15 Proposed Kernel + Bundle Release Timing Nov Release KernelQAKernelDev UI Freeze API Freeze Bundle Development PatchWeek Code Freeze Bundle QA May Release Contrib X Development QA Contrib Y Development QA Contrib Z Development QA

16 Perceived Quality Level

17 Quality, like beauty, is clearly in the eyes of the beholder.

18 Perceived Quality Poll

19 What we can do! Infiltration of entire development process Formulate Working Groups Refine processes & grow WG Development Testing & Software Release Requirement Gathering and Design Areas where QA is needed

20 Pledge Resources Why? –What happens in the community has a direct local impact Easy point of entry into Sakai

21 Questions

22 Other Sessions of Interest Expanding Community: Student Involvement in QA Testing (today, immediately following) Toward Further Automation of the Quality Assurance cycle (Thursday, 9:35-10:05 in Matterhorn 2) Sakai Accessibility Update (Thursday, 2:05-2:35 in Zurich 1)

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