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Introduction to QI Culture © Management and Performance Systems 2010.

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1 Introduction to QI Culture © Management and Performance Systems 2010

2 What is Culture? an organization’s DNA “glue” Organization’s personality and performance “It is how we do things around here” 2

3 3 What Creates a Culture? patterns of human activity systems of symbols and meanings that lack fixed boundaries constantly in flux interact and compete with one another Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4 4 The Ingredients of a Quality Culture Commitment Capability Understanding of Customer Expectations Empowerment Process Focus Institutionalization

5 5 Definitions of Quality & Quality Improvement One definition of Quality: "Degree to which the inherent characteristics of a product or service meet customer requirements.“ One Definition of Quality Improvement (QI): “the organized creation of beneficial change; the attainment of unprecedented levels of performance.”

6 The LEAN QI Approach: Focuses on maximizing process effectiveness across all parts of the organization Provides tools for analyzing process flow and or delays at each activity in a process Combined with the Six Sigma** QI Approach: Emphasizes the need to recognize opportunities and eliminate defects as defined by customers Requires data-driven decisions for effective problem solving 6 ** Six Sigma is a process improvement approach that strives for near-perfection in organizational processes.

7 Lean Six Sigma Methodology 1. Define the issue 2. Measure current performance 3. Analyze the data for defects or opportunities 4. Improve the process 5. Control performance of improved process Organizational Performance

8 Lean Six Sigma reduces disruption 8 From fighting the waves… To sailing on smooth flowing waters

9 One PHD to Achieve Our Goals 9 PHD Dept 1 Dept 2 Dept 3 Dept 4 Dept 6 Dept 5 O n ePHD

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