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Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Prof. M.M. Pant.

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1 Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Prof. M.M. Pant


3  Use of simple machines (changing direction of forces)  Potential energy, kinetic energy transformers (mainly mechanical)  Steam, petrol and diesel (external and internal combustion engines)  Electricity, Magnetism and electro- magnetism (motors, generators, relays and switches)  Electronic Valves, Transistors, Integrated circuits, VLSI  Computing Devices

4  Understanding in detail and special contexts  Improvement in efficiency of processes  Breakthrough, Transformational and Disruptive Processes or Systems  Application of new concepts, such as Fuzzy sets and Mathematics  Building upon new ideas from an apparently unconnected field (Bio- mimetics)

5  Research publications (Papers, Thesis, Monographs, Books)  Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademark, Trade secrets)  Better compliance to prescribed standards (Sustainability, Greener)  Innovation with emphasis on reverse innovation or frugal innovation, one earth living  New design (not acknowledged as research traditionally, but very important and significant)  Abundance (massification in access of a technology because of cost reduction)

6  Rapid large-scale construction ( China making a 15 storey hotel building in 6 days)  Bullet trains  Flying Cars  New Technology as creator and driver of new businesses

7  Big Data (need for data scientists and information engineers)  Cloud Computing  Voice Technologies  Superior Machine Intelligence  Quantum Computing

8  Continuously becoming affordable  Transforming Prototyping  May emerge as a method of customised manufacturing (on-demand)  Very significant for artificial body parts

9  De-forestation to find space for factories  Industrially caused environmental Pollution  Resource Depletion (Limits to Growth)  Waste disposal (radio-active waste, e-waste, heat)  De-humanisation, privacy concerns, information warfare

10  Tablets and Mobiles  Educational Apps  Gamification of Education  Gesture based computing  Internet of Things  Learner Analytics

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