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MN Geography Atlas Project Stephanie Hughes. Different Parts of Minnesota ATLAS PAGES USED: Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: page 47 Heartland: page 54 Southern.

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1 MN Geography Atlas Project Stephanie Hughes

2 Different Parts of Minnesota ATLAS PAGES USED: Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: page 47 Heartland: page 54 Southern Prairies: 67 Bluff Country: 77

3 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Superior National Forest This national forest was established in 1909. It is known for its northern forest ecosystem, its abundance of clean lakes, and it’s cultural history. It is home to the one million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area Common recreational activities include: camping, canoeing, fishing, swimming, skiing, hiking, hunting, and snowmobiling!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjAwhwtDDw9_AI8zPwhQoY6IeDdGCqCPO BqwDLG- AAjgb6fh75uan6BdnZaY6OiooA1tkqlQ!!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfMjAwMDAwMDBBODBPSEhWTjBNMDAwMDAwMDA!/? ss=110909&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&cid=FSE_003853&navid=091000000000000&pnavid=null&position=BROWSEBYSUBJEC T&ttype=main&pname=Superior%2520National%2520Forest-%2520Home/about/history/index.php

4 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Superior National Forest Fish species include walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout which can be found amongst the 695 square miles of surface water in the forest alone. Wildlife species include moose, deer, black bear, and grey wolf. Northern Minnesota is home to the last of the grey wolf species in most of the United States. This forest also consists of many different species of trees including fir, pine, and spruce trees.!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjAwhwtDDw9_AI8z PwhQoY6BdkOyoCAPkATlA!/?ss=110909&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&cid=FSE_003840&navid=17000000 0000000&pnavid=null&position=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&ttype=main&pname=Superior%20National%20Forest- %20About%20the%20Forest

5 Boundary Waters Canoe Area

6 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Cloquet Valley State Forest This pine forest was logged in the late 1800s- early 1900s. Before the horses and railroad were used to transport the logs to mills in Cloquet, oxen were used. In 1931, the state forest was established by the Minnesota Legislature. The forests initial boundaries included 12 townships but was later expanded to 327,000 acres.

7 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Cloquet Valley State Forest Recreation: –Camping, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, hunting –Hiking trails, A.T.V. trails, off-highway motorcycing, snowmobiling –North Shore, Gooseberry Falls, Split-rock lighthouse –

8 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth How Duluth got its name: –Original inhabitants, Ojibwe and Sioux, settled near Lake Superior. –A French explorer, Daniel Greysolon, a.k.a. Sieur du Lhut, made peace with the tribes and they named the city after him. –

9 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: The Depot Arts and Culture –Duluth Art Institute: This institution holds art exhibitions and art directive programs. –Minnesota Ballet stages: This ballet has 3 performances every year ranging from classical ballet shows to contemporary dance shows. –Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra: Ever since it was founded in 1932, this orchestra puts on 28 concerts a year, plus additional holiday concerts and other performances. –Matinee Musicale: This cultural organization is duluth’s oldest; they search for talented young musicians in Minnesota and promote them. –

10 Duluth Depot

11 Duluth Art Institute

12 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: The Depot –Duluth Playhouse: This community theater is one of the oldest in the nation; it was founded in 1914. artists from nearby towns hold theatrical performances here They also have a theater for little ones, they refer to it as Children’s Theatre Arts program On top of that they have a satellite theatre called the Play Ground. –Another performing arts place that offers organized shows that include theatre, dance, music, poetry, art, and film. –This place is a great place to catch performances by your favorite local emerging and experienced artists

13 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: The Depot –Tweed Museum of Art: This museum is on the UMD campus. They have 9 historical and contemporary exhibitions as well as the Sax Sculpture Conservatory. Over the years, they have collected over 6,000 objects that represent different cultures and historical art time periods. This museum has become a huge cultural and educational resource for the North Eastern Minnesota community on the UMD capus. They aim to inspire visitors of any age to come view and appreciate their handcrafted and unique merchandise.

14 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Attractions The Edge: Resort and Waterpark –This resort has been compared to a Polynesian indoor waterpark –The waterpark’s theme is tropical island It consists of an exploding volcano Other polynesian themed water attractions There are two 4 story high waterslides with splash pools at the bottom of each There is also a wet and wild play area designated for the little ones –Tiki Tom’s Oasis and Grill is the place to hang out and grab some grub. –

15 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Attractions Great Lakes Aquarium –Guests can explore the animals and ecosystems from the Great Lakes in this hands-on center. –Guests can personally experience the geology that formed Lake Superior –Watch the aquarium’s divers feed fish in a 2 story tank –Move locks up and down on a fit-to-scale model of the Great Lakes –Be the pilot of a virtual ore boat going underneath the Lift Bridge –Pet sturgeon and other freshwater stingrays –Look around at 70 different numerous species of fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals –Watch seahorses, river otters, and other residents of the Amazon River swim, play, and eat –They also host birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, and business events

16 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Attractions Lake Superior Zoo –Located on 16 acres of rocky hills as well as containing pines and the Kingsbury Creek in Spirit Valley –This zoo is home to: Siberian tigers Snow leopards Cougars Polar bears Alaskan grizzly and kodiak bears African lions Harbor seals Kangaroos Bats Reptiles monkeys –You can watch zookeepers feed the animals –Ride on zoo train –Visit gift shop or café

17 Duluth Zoo

18 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Recreation Spirit Mountain –175 acres of skiing available –22 runs –Big Air Terrain Park with Super Pipe –22km of trails for cross- country skiing –There is now not one, but TWO beginner areas –And another conveyor lift – eral_attractions

19 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Recreation Walking –Lake Superior waterfront has a gorgeous overview of the Lake –Shops and restaurants are located on the neighboring streets and along the boardwalk –The sculptures along the waterfront represent social, cultural, and historical values of Duluth – eral_attractions

20 Bogs-Iron Range- Arrowhead: Duluth: Recreation White Water Rafting –Rafting areas are on the St. Louis River in Carlton –Lasts about 2-3 hours Lutsen –Mountain Tram is a 2 mile ride in a gondola up to Moose Mountain –While riding, you can view the scenery of Lake Superior and the North Shore mountains –Hiking trails available and a mountain-top restaurant –Horseback Riding trails through the Sawtooth mountains are available –Mountain Bike Park: 30 miles of designated bike trails –

21 White Water Rafting and Lutsen

22 Heartland: Pine River Pine River –In 1983,this town became the birthplace of the Paul Bunyan multi- use trail as well as Paul Bunyan’s baby boots, and the Babe Green Recycling Ox –History behind trail: Burlington Northern Railroad decided to vacate the rail line from Brainerd to Bemidji. The President of the Pine River Chamber of Commerce requested a solution from the Chamber of Commerce and they passed the request. This city was the first along the trail to pass a resolution and stick with it for 15 years which eventually became the Paul Bunyan Trail !

23 Heartland: Pine River –Railroad Depot recently moved its location and went under renovation –It is located along the Paul Bunyan trail It had been restored and repainted The fire department added a 1919 horse drawn fire engine exhibit as well as adding a red caboose !

24 Heartland: Pine River Pine River –New this year, this city has added a historic walking/bicycling tour of the history of the city! –This city has a college called Pine River Backus Central Lakes College –

25 Heartland: Crow Wing State Forest Crow Wing consists of 33,713 acres of diverse forests –Pines –conifer bogs –Wet prairies –Pelican beach

26 Heartland: Crow Wing State Forest Hiking –1.7 Miles Hiking –17.3 Miles Class I ATV –17.3 Miles Class II ATV –17.3 Miles Off-Highway Motorcycling –Pine River State Water Trail –Mississippi River State Water Trail –

27 Heartland: Crow Wing State Forest Recreation –Camping at Greer Lake Campground Swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and hunting Boat ramps available for lake use Canoeing and kayaking are common activities Picnic and swimming areas available –

28 Heartland: Crosby History –This town’s purpose was for mining –In 1932, the city elected the first communist mayor in the history of the United States –Location of worst mining incident in MN in 1924 –In 1957, Dr. David Simons was apart of the Man High Project which was basically baby steps into the United States space exploration –,_Minnesot a viewed on 6-26-11,_Minnesot a

29 Heartland: Crosby The Cuyuna Range once rich in red iron ore, is now closed off and filled with crystal-clear water Now-a-days, their major industry is the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center. This Medical Center is one of the finest in the region. Serpent Lake is great for fishing and has a giant serpent statue on the lakeshore that greets visitors when entering the city{195A7D60-67C9-4FC8-BFD0-CC92E619A7EF}{195A7D60-67C9-4FC8-BFD0-CC92E619A7EF

30 Heartland: Crosby Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is undergoing construction but will eventually be 22 miles of world class, IMBA certified bike trails Croft Mine Historical Park is a 17-acre park used to be an active underground iron ore mine up until 1934. It was originally 630 feet in depth. –There are now guided simulation tours of the underground mine –The museum has mining artifacts from the once active mine{095CA009-3144-45E1-AAB6-D268F28AEB3A}&DE={467982E9-C4D9-47FE-B5EC- 04552B3B0DCC}

31 Heartland: Crosby Cuyuna Lakes Trail is a multi- purpose state trail that winds through the 5,000 acres of Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Activities along the trail include: –Biking –Mountain Biking –In-Line Skating (or Roller Blading) –Running –Walking –Skiing –Hiking –Fishing –

32 Heartland: Brainerd Historical Events: –Northern Pacific railroad strike of 1922 that lasted for decades before finally coming to an end. –20 years later, Brainerd’s National Guard was caught by Japanese invasion in Philippines. This event resulted in imprisonment, injury, and even death. –In 1872, two indians were lynched on Front Street because they were thought to be involved in murdering a missing girl. –

33 Heartland: Brainerd Historical Events: –In 1876, Brainerd “elected” Thomas Lanihan as a joke –A branch of Brainerd’s First National Bank lost about $32,000 when they were held up in 1933 –North Pacific railroad bridge collapsed in 1875 resulting in 4 fatalities –In 1929, a fire destroyed the old Washington High School building. –

34 Heartland: Brainerd Brainerd is one of the largest cities in Central Minnesota One of five medevac helicopter flight stations is located in Brainerd Brainerd International Raceway hosts races throughout the year and an annual national drag racing meet in August,_Minnesota –Viewed 6/27/11

35 Heartland: Brainerd Culture –Brainerd is home to “native” Paul Bunyan. –They have the world’s largest animated statue of Paul which was recently moved to a few miles east of the town after the Paul Bunyan amusement center had closed down in 2003 –,_Minnesota,_Minnesota –Viewed 6/27/11

36 Heartland: Brainerd Culture –In 1999, 21 year old Farrah Slad won (what used to be) Minnesota’s largest lottery prize of $150 million from a Powerball ticket –A fictional version of Brainerd was apart of the 1996 movie Fargo –,_Minneso ta viewed: 6/27/11,_Minneso ta

37 Heartland: Camp Ripley Military Reservation History –This camp is state-owned by the military –53,000 acres –This camp is the primary field training site for the Minnesota Army National Guard. –It got its name from the remains of Fort Ripley – stCR.htm

38 Heartland: Camp Ripley Military Reservation In the 1970’s, Camp Ripley underwent renovation to build a heated year-round barracks to transform the camp from summer training to year-round training They also added education for all branches of the military as well as law enforcement personnel SpecFeatures/HistCR.htm

39 Southern Prairies: Benson History –The first white settler arrived in 1866 –Early development was linked to the use of the railroad –Benson got its name in memory of a politician from Anoka –{184CBC31-B865-4F0E-B396-8E45B507A398}

40 Southern Prairies: Benson History –1893 first telephone operated by Dr. C.L. Scofield –1895 waterworks were constructed –1901 cement sidewalks were constructed –1902 Power and light plant built and was purchased by the City of Benson –{184CBC31-B865-4F0E-B396-8E45B507A398}

41 Southern Prairies: Benson The city has a total of 2.5 sq miles The entire city is land. There are no lakes or Rivers. U.S. Route 12 and Minnesota State highways 9 and 29 are the main routes in this city In 2007, Benson opened the United States' first biomass powerplant referred to as Fibrominn. Home to the Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC), which produces E85.,_Minnesota viewed: 6/27/11,_Minnesota

42 Southern Prairies: Benson

43 Southern Prairies: Montevideo During 18 th century areas around Montevideo were fur trading posts. Later, Montevideo became an agricultural center Montevideo was involved in the Dakota Conflict of 1862 The Camp Release monument was dedicated in 1894

44 Southern Prairies: Montevideo Montevideo is surrounded by farmlands, prairies, scenic overlooks, and bluffs 4.5 sq miles with.1 sq mile of Montevideo being water –Montevideo is where the Minnesota River and Chippewa Rivers come together

45 Southern Prairies: Montevideo In 2005, the movie Sweetland was filmed in Montevideo –It took 24 days to film –Locals served as extras and contributed cars and farm implements for the film –,_Minnesota,_Minnesota –

46 Southern Prairies: Montevideo

47 Southern Prairies: Granite Falls History –Granite Falls was established as a city in 1889 –It received it’s name from the outcrops of granite and gneiss in the MN river –George Daniels served as the first postmaster, county surveyor, first judge of probate for the county, and ferry owner. –Great Northern Railroad was located here. –

48 Southern Prairies: Granite Falls Granite Falls is 3.7 sq miles while.2 sq miles of its land consists of water David Smiglewski is the mayor Chippewa and Yellow Medicine are the counties located within Granite Falls

49 Southern Prairies: Granite Falls Chippewa and Yellow Medicine were hit by a tornado in July 25, 2000. It first touched down in the rural parts of town, moving into the residential areas. It was on the ground for over 9 miles from 6:10 pm to 6:25 pm. There was more than a dozen left injured, one fatality and the surrounding areas suffered millions of dollars in damages to the properties,_Minnesota viewed 6/27/11,_Minnesota

50 Southern Prairies: Granite Falls


52 Bluff Country: Hastings History –Located in Dakota County –Near conjunction of Minnesota and St. Croix rivers –It was named after their first elected governor, Henry Hastings Sibley –,_Minneso ta viewed 6/26/11,_Minneso ta

53 Bluff Country: Hastings Attractions –East Second Street Commercial Historic District –Alexis Bailly Vineyard –Hastings High School –LeDuc Historic Estate –Lock and Dam No. 2 –Ramsey Mill Ruins –Vermillion Falls Park –West Second Street Residential Historic District Hastings High Bridge –Located on Hastings busiest road, U.S. Highway 61 –,_Minnesota viewed 6/26/11,_Minnesota

54 Bluff Country: Hastings


56 Bluff Country: Farmington History –Located in Dakota County –founded at intersection of the Minnesota Central, the Hastings and Dakota railroads, and the Vermillion River –Original name was Dakota City –Popular city train station was Farmington Station –Visitors confused name of town with train station so name was officially changed to Farmington –,_Minnesota viewed 6/26/11,_Minnesota

57 Bluff Country: Farmington Farmington is the location of the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZMP) and a Marigold Kemps packing plant 12.5 square miles, none of which is water Farmington schools currently enroll about 5,000 students. The late pornographic actress Colleen Applegate, aka Shawna Grant, was from Farmington. She graduated from Farmington High School and was also a cheerleader there.,_Minnesota Viewed 6/26/11

58 Bluff Country: Farmington

59 Bluff Country: Red Wing History –Red Wing was owned by the Spanish and French until 1803 –U.S. bought it under Louisiana Purchase –Red Wing is one of the leading manufacturing cities in MN. They make products such as shoes, pottery, leather, linseed oil, safety products, and robotic products. –

60 Bluff Country: Red Wing They claim to be a cosmopolitan city bordering the “Father of Waters” It is a pleasurable place to get-away to. –It has great scenery –Many people own boats or cruisers to cruise down the Mississippi River – ml ml

61 Bluff Country: Red Wing In 1904 began the Red Wing Depot construction J.M. Netterstrom, the railroad company architect designed the Depot Other attractions: –Blodgett Memorial Gateway at Oakwood Cemetery –Gateway to Memorial Park, –both were designed by a Minnesota architect by the name of Clarence Johnson. –

62 Bluff Country: Red Wing

63 Bluff Country: Pine Island History –Goodhue and Olmstead Counties –U.S. Route 52 is the main route –Pine Island Area Historical Society was organized in 1998 –Indians referred to a beautiful spot in what is now Pine Island as Wa-zu-wee-ta This translated to Island of Pines in English –,_Minnesota viewed: 6/27/11,_Minnesota –

64 Bluff Country: Pine Island History –The first settlers: In 1854, Josiah Haggard and H. B. Powers arrived in Pine Island –1856: sawmill and Post Office established. –White pines made up about 200,000 board feet of lumber. –Chicago Northwestern,the first railroad, was built in 1878 from Rochester to Red Wing. –In 1902 the Chicago Great Western built a parallel line from Rochester to Zumbrota that is now the Douglas Trail. –

65 Bluff Country: Pine Island Pine Island is home to many parks –Main Street Park: In the center of downtown with a stage where concerts are held throughout the summer –Collins Park: In the northwest section of town containing shelters and trees for picnicking –Douglas Trail is a 13 mile, multiple use state trail developed on the abandoned Chicago Northwestern Railroad grade. One treadway is surfaced with bituminous pavement for bicyclists, hikers, and snowmobilers the other for horseback riders and cross-country skiers

66 Bluff Country: Pine Island

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