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MS4 Annual meeting Spring, 2011 Brief History of the ACPWQ Partnership.

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1 MS4 Annual meeting Spring, 2011 Brief History of the ACPWQ Partnership

2 ACPWQ Partners Allen County Soil and Water Conservation District Allen County Surveyors Office Fort Wayne/Allen County Health Dept. Fort Wayne Water Resources Maumee River Basin Commission New Haven Utility Saint Joseph River Watershed Initiative

3 MS4 Partners Allen County Surveyors Office* City of Fort Wayne* City of New Haven* Co-permits: Leo-Cedarville* Huntertown* Indiana Institute of Technology Indiana-Purdue University, Ft. Wayne Ivy Tech University of St. Francis (* denotes funding partners)

4 660 sq. miles of land 3 sq. miles of water 2000 mi. of drainage Location –Largest county in Indiana –3rd largest county (pop) –Headwaters of rivers Eastern Sub-continental Divide Primarily agricultural Photo courtesy of wikicommons

5 Education: Available to all types of education environments Awareness of stormwater issues for agricultural and urban land Point-of-contact for all water-users Outreach: Coordination with other watershed groups for presentations or cleanups What makes the ACPWQ relevant?

6 Strategy Survey Conduct at beginning of each new permit term Educate Stakeholders on “Hot Topics” Stormwater Website Media Written Articles Newspaper Newsletters: “Conservation chALLENge” “Water Spout” and “Water Views and News” Giveaways and Handouts Multimedia presentations “Dr. I.C. Coldwater” -1840s scientist/geographer character

7 Strategy Continued… Local MS4 joint educational campaigns Allen Co. SWCD joint education Allen Co. Solid Waste District Develop county-wide educational materials Sharing/borrowing education materials State-wide to ensure a higher degree of message consistency “A Watershed Mentality” National PBS documentary on stormwater pollution/erosion Public Event participation Reassess Message and Delivery throughout permit

8 Strategy continued Storm Drain Stenciling (referral-only) 2008 Univ. St. Francis, IPFW & Harvester Neighborhood ACPWQ assists local grassroots efforts in cleanup through education, contacts and logistics Targeted audiences: Children Homeowners Service groups Elected Officials Business owners City employees

9 Material Tools: Project WET Brochures Enviroscape Speakers Bureau Water Quality Library Storm Water Activity Book (SWAB) “A Watershed Mentality” DVD/PBS programA Watershed Mentality “Green Sells” DVD “Dr. I.C. Coldwater”

10 Brochures Stormwater Pollution Household Hazardous Waste Green Landscaping Combined Sewer Overflows So Now You Own a Septic System West Nile Virus Proper Disposal of Pet Waste Please Don’t Feed the Storm Drain What is the Partnership?

11 Needed website to: educate offer outreach opportunities give geographical context be a “ready resource” offer access to other resources reach a range of audience needs Website Review

12 2004 Logo Contest 2004 Storm Water Activity Book 2005 Governor’s Award (v1.0) 2006 “Dr. I.C. Coldwater” 2007 “A Watershed Mentality”2007 “A Watershed Mentality” 2008 Governor’s Award 2008 Project WET Facilitator Early Successes Where My River Runs

13 Accomplishments Full-Time Educator hired 2002 Many local partnerships for educational programs Interlocal agreements between MS4s throughout permit River Clean-up Assistance – ACPWQ assisted and presented at Save Maumee! (local grassroots river group) clean-ups since 2006 ACPWQ assisted with Upper Maumee River and St. Mary’s River Watershed Project Clean-ups ACPWQ participation with various community clean-ups scheduled as needed throughout next permit cycle

14 Accomplishments Con’t. Targeted audiences: Children, Homeowners, Service groups, Elected Officials, business owners, City employees Development community: Contractor’s workshops, Storm water BMPs/Phasing DVD, Topical LID/Stormwater BMPS library Targeted events: School presentations; Allen Co. 4-H Fair-Kids Day, Three Rivers Festival–Kids Day, Earth Day Fairs, Johnny Appleseed Festival, Canal Days-Kids Day, Grabill Days, Ft. Wayne Home and Garden Show, Allen County Farm Show, Watershed Tours, Soil & Water Conservation District Annual Meeting, Builders and Contractors Assoc. Expo Construction Training Workshops 2008, 2009, 2010

15 “A Watershed Mentality” Premieres Allen County (230 attended + media) Toledo (120 attended + media) 2008 IN Governor’s Award; AVI award; runner-up Regional Emmy “Sentinel video on erosion and sedimentation…” (GLC) Distribution by National PBS 10 Google pages Eco-Film Fest Storm Water Activity Books (SWABS) Local, State, Regional and Distribution Accomplishments Con’t.

16 (2.0)

17 Hello, Your web page,, was very helpful for a project I'm working on. I also like the resource you provide, I found an informative resource about water, which you might like to add to your page: html html I hope you find my suggestion constructive! Best Regards, Samantha R.

18 “Water Spout” Newsletter Vol. 1; Issue 1; June 5, 2009 Dr. I.C. Coldwater presenting at the annual Johnny Appleseed Festival The Historic Old Fort, Inc. held it’s second annual Education Day on Friday, May 15th. Through the coincidental meeting of Dr. I. C. Coldwater (Matt Jones, Water Resource Education Specialist) and one of the coordinators of this event, the ACPWQ was invited to participate in this event. Over 524 5th grade students were brought in from throughout Fort Wayne, New Haven and Allen County. Dr. Coldwater used his usual medicine bag of Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) activities with information on watersheds, regional water resource awareness and non point-source pollution. Dr. I.C. Coldwater visits the Old Fort Use the contact information to bring Dr. I.C. Coldwater to your school, church or service group SPOUT! water

19 “Water Spout” Newsletter and “Water Matters” articles “We have a 16-page monthly newspaper that circulates to 1100 families, approximately 5000 members. Much of the information that you and your office provide is passed along via our newspaper, links on our website and facebook. We appreciate the helpful education in keeping our planet green.” Executive Director, Arlington Neighborhood

20 2010 Community Events Festivals/Kids Events PAC meetings Wetland/Preserve Open Houses Neighborhood Events Summer Camps Library Reading Programs Farmer's Market Literature Related Industry Events Church Groups River Cleanups Regional Farm Show Home and Garden Show IN Libraries/PWET Training SWCD Annual Meeting School Education Days SJRWI Board/Media Float Collegiate outreach events SWCD Tree Sale Earth Day Fairs Professional Workshops Master Naturalist Workshops 2010 Total = 10,756

21 2010 Community Events Media Radio - WBNI/ACRES “Nature Trust” -WOWO “House Calls” -WBOI (NPR) TV -Allen Co. 4-H Fair commercial WGTE/American Rivers (PBS) -WANE/IPFW River Fest -WANE/3RF Kids Fest Newspaper -News Sentinel -Journal Gazette Periodical -Business Weekly 2010 Totals = 271,000 (based on market shares)

22 Public Screening Liquid Assets Education of Local Officials Continued Official workshops with changes in administrations Future Goals

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