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By: joel Hillyard & Chris Lawry

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1 By: joel Hillyard & Chris Lawry
Music Video By: joel Hillyard & Chris Lawry

2 Our VIDEO Our music video is of the famous song. ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ from the 80’s band The Clash. With this band running on the genre of ‘Punk Rock’ we decided to cast two people, a male and female, that portray that genre with their appearance. These two characters follow a story of love, anger, crime and music. We have used the ‘Sid and Nancy’ story for inspiration. The reason for this is because we see that their self-destructive relationship well fitting to the song. Our narrative is two people that appear to be asleep in the same room, as they wake they look at each other and the day begins. With anger, violence and drug abuse taking over their lives, this couple is emotionally tired with one another.

3 Target audience We started by finding out who the song is aimed at and found out that this song is made for people that lived in the 80’s, people that live a ‘Punk-Rock Lifestyle’ and fans of the clash. Before we began filming we took this target audience into account and gained the data we needed using primary research. Devising an audience questionnaire we got a better understanding of who will be watching our finished product which influenced our music video massively. Some of the questions we asked involved “How do you think music videos have developed over the past 30 years?” and other questions such as “What artist do you find is very influencing on people that watch their music videos”.

4 Target audience Our results shown us that the majority of the people we asked that listen to genres similar to punk rock are within a age range and that the most influencing artist in music videos today is pop-singer Rihanna. Rihanna's controversial videos have shown to have an impact on the audience and we took this on board as we found the video for her track “We Found Love” portrays a similar story line to ours.

5 Market research The genre for the song is ‘Punk Rock’. This genre was very influential in the 80’s as it shaped the way people dressed and acted. Other bands such as the Sex Pistols were also very controlling on societies way of life with their music just like the clash, using concepts and lyrics. At the time of release of the track “Should I stay or Should I Go” the clash only ever made it to number 17 in the charts, however when it was released in 1992 it made number 1 in the UK charts.

6 Mood board

7 Health and Safety

8 Recce report Before we began filming we made a recce report on the location. Our filming location was a flat in Kingsthorpe. Here is a summary of our recce report. Lighting -We will be using arri lights to attempt to create the atmosphere we want, as well as some natural light. Doors & windows - Only one door for entry and exit (In case of fire and door is inaccessible windows would have to be used which are 1 floor up from the ground floor) Transport - Everyone involved in the production can travel to the location via bus or car. Facilities - Toilet available, shops nearby for food. There is also a hospital 15 minutes away from the location, however we will check for hazards before and after setting up for filming. We will specifically be looking out for trip hazards. (As some props will be laying on the floor we will ensure everyone is aware of this) We have the use of a car to transport equipment from the college to our location and back.

9 Shooting Script

10 Project management Project was slow to start due to 3 issues.
Could not find a client Took too long to find actors Availability of location changed We also had another issue caused by a mistake. I ( Chris) was too late to book out Arri lights  While we had some issues during our project leading up to filming, we believe that shooting went smoothly and we did well with what we had. 3 issues – We could not find a client to work with, we struggled with finding actors and availability of location changed. Each of these things delayed how soon we could film. Mistake issue – Chris booked out Glidecam, two tripods and two cameras on the Thursday before the Sunday we were set to film on. Chris intended to book out tracking and Arri lights on Friday but was too late.

11 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Throughout our project we kept track of what paperwork had been completed and what was yet to be completed. While we unfortunately didn't meet all of our target deadlines, we feel that keeping close tabs on everything certainly helped pre-production greatly. Staying on track and focused during this project was largely helped by the action plan, it helped us to stay organised and complete everything to a good standard on time. Reflecting on how we worked on this project I believe there are certainly areas for improvement. Specifically communication amongst the team, while I don't believe it was too bad, it was a definitive point where we were lacking. Without the action plan and shooting script our production possibly wouldn't have gone gone smoothly at all .

12 Time management We immediately produced an Action Plan.
We filmed one week later than we had originally planned. Paperwork completed later than designated dates outlined in Action Plan. I believe that these are the only points in which our time management wasn't up to scratch. However, I think overall we performed quite well. While losing our first location that Joel found, he efficiently found another that was ready for filming just one week later. Action Plan – Our Action Plan was important, while we did not meet all our deadlines, they were quite unrealistic deadlines however it certainly helped us to keep organized. Filming - While the date we filmed on was a week later than we had originally planned, we did complete our filming on that day, which put us slightly ahead of schedule. Paperwork – We feel that if we had been more diligent in completing our paperwork earlier we could have had more time to prepare and talk over everything. This could have lead to perhaps a better idea or paperwork done to a better standard. We both like the idea that we came up with, but something could always be done better with some more time.

We were both very capable in using most of the equipment. We could navigate, set-up the camera properly and quickly. This helped to keep filming running smoothly. As for our creative abilities I think that we worked well together to develop our ideas during pre-production. During production I think that our creative abilities also pulled through as we were liking the dark lighting and decided to go ahead and use this lighting to make our filming look more 'dirty' as this fits with the genre. I also believe that our creative abilities during post- production in our edits is also to a good standard. I found while editing that the footage for our full narrative was slightly too long for the song but I think that we have both managed to work with this and produced the best edits we can. Technical competency – We encountered some issues with the glidecam which wasted some of our filming time as we couldn’t detach the headpiece. Neither of us had any problems with operating the cameras or tripods, however our abilities in handling the cameras were average and as we had no lighting of our own to work with, I think we worked with the lighting available to us quite well while sticking to our storyboard. Creative thoughts – Joel came up with most of the original idea and we built upon this idea together.

I (Joel) was responsible for a variety of things, including coming up with the initial idea of our whole production, finding two locations due to one of them not being available, finding the female actor and props. Chris was given the duty of finding the male actoras well as transporting the actor and the equipment . The production folder was split into half for an equal amount of work to be completed. We found that our action plan was quite unrealistic due to dates not being met for most of the time as we believed we could get work done quicker than we did which left dates to be amended. Other than this we saw the story board was doable, however the plate throwing was seen as unnecessary so it was later removed.

Our story board contained a scene where a syringe was used, we saw this as achievable however it was unused. The budget that I (Joel) wrote to begin with was more than we needed when filming as a lot of props and costumes were already owned, however a late addition to the production was made when a second SD card had to be purchased on the day of filming. The schedule was followed by both of us, however we did film a week later than planned, this did not effect the production as we still left enough time to edit.

Using primary research helped us gain the needed valuable information for our production, allowing us to get a better understanding of who our video will appeal too. Our questionnaires results shown us that the majority of people who were most interested in ‘Punk-Rock’ were between the ages of 30-50, this was over half of the people we asked. (Chart of ages next slide) We took this age rating into account and incorporated it into our video but also wanted to attract a new, much younger audience and to do so we decided to use a young cast between the ages of

This pie chart shows the ages of people who participated in our questionnaire.

The advantages of working with our own creativity instead of following the brief of a client is we could work with just actors instead of having to work with the client and making sure that they appear in the video. Also, being able to follow our own creativity helped the production to be a lot less complex than needed, if we were to have a client then their demands may have been high, moulding the whole product.

The disadvantages of working with our own creativity instead of following the brief of a client are that we had to envision the final product ourselves without no creative help from a client. Also, by not having any input from a client, we found that we spent a lot of time thinking up the initial idea, wasting time we needed to get on with the production folder.

Once our video was completed we then conducted a further questionnaire for the evaluation of our music video. We let people that agreed to fill in our questionnaire watch our piece so they could tell us what they thought. Some of the questions asked included “What did you think of the colour choice?” and “Did you think the cast had the right image for the track?” We concluded by asking, “what was your opinion on the whole video overall and do you feel any need for improvement?”

Just like our previous questionnaire we asked 20 people. Our feedback was mostly positive with a few comments on how we could improve. This chart shows the results of the question, “Did you feel the cast was right for the track?”

We responded to this feedback obtained through primary research by taking on board all criticisms made by people that filled in our evaluation questionnaire. When referring back to our production we took on board all improvements suggested so we can make sure our next production will have as little faults as possible.

Due to feedback and looking over the finished music video I believe that the product is fit for purpose as it gets the hidden message across and shows the development of a bad scenario progressing. This music video portrays the Clash’s track of ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ as the relationship between the two characters is very self destructive and they have a lot of hate inside, the title of the track is what is on the characters minds throughout. This video will be effective as a promotional tool as the narrative comes across very well and the imagery of the lyrics are demonstrated throughout.

The lighting used was fit for purpose, the symbolic use of the dark lighting reflected well for the genre of Punk-rock as the clothing and attitude of the artists that originate from this music tend to be highly controversial which would be seen as a ‘dark way of life’. The costumes were researched before hand and the characters were wearing the right colour and style clothing that was needed, they fitted the genre and theme well. The variety of props used included the sugar as an illegal substance, an empty bottle with water as alcohol, empty cans, bottles and keys. These were used as well as possible and some shots that were included were just focused on the props themselves and would move from them onto the actor.

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