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MISSION: VALOR Veterans Achieving Culinary & Hospitality Careers.

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1 MISSION: VALOR Veterans Achieving Culinary & Hospitality Careers

2 Veteran Employment A bad situation about to get worse Drawdown may affect more than estimated Estimated number already too high → Culinary/Hospitality Industry stable & of interest Mission: VALOR

3 ●No scholarships or training programs ●Instead partner with those already providing those programs and other support ●Focus on providing practical experience and support Mission: VALOR We Will Not Reinvent the Wheel

4 → Place Veterans with training in practicums & internships at appropriate businesses → Match Veterans with Mentors, particularly those with entrepreneurial plans → Provide Veterans lodging & stipend during low-pay/unpaid time → Offer Veterans additional support & structure during this period Mission: VALOR Practical Focus The culinary/ hospitality industry looks for real-world experience

5 → Fitness & related → Stress relief → Nutrition → Classes & training for family members, as well as Wounded Warriors Mission: VALOR Practical Support Partner with other organizations to provide whole-life wellness & wellness training

6 Pat Gualtieri, Executive Director, United War Veterans Council Marleen Levi, Communications Director, United War Veterans Council Carl Churchill, CEO, Lock-N-Load Java Chris Page, CEO, Army Week Association Michael Z. Williamson, Author and Business Owner C. Blake Powers, Consultant, former CEO Cooking with the Troops Robin Wallace, Social, Video & Digital Content Strategy, Hearst Digital Media Bill Biggar, Founder, SudokuPDQ LLC Alexander Pournelle, Vice President, Business Development, Location Connect Mission: VALOR Executive Leadership Committee

7 → Incorporate & file for 501(c)(3) → Place interns with partners → Locate building for NYC operations & secure property donation → Gain funding to begin renovations, stipends & other support Mission: VALOR 2014 Plans We’re completing Phase I, and will initiate Phase II operation plans

8 → $10K minimum for filings & start-up costs → Donated office space → Committed Partners: Culinary, Hospitality, VSO & Other → Pro-bono legal service/representation → Pro-bono financial advice & oversight Mission: VALOR Immediate Needs Here’s what it’s going to take, right now:

9 → Funding → Board and advisory board members → Volunteers → Introductions & more introductions Mission: VALOR Urgent Needs What’ll be needed almost immediately:

10 CONTACT: C. Blake Powers 765-409-5646 PARTNERS: Mission: VALOR With Your Help ‘Mission: Valor’ will not just reach goals, but exceed them by orders of magnitude

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